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We are now going to remove this partition in the next step. With the following command the data on the disk your USB stick will be deleted! Now we can copy the disk image we created to the USB stick. This is done via the dd 1 command.

This command will copy the image to the disk substitute the appropriate disk name for your USB stick here, as with the re-partitioning command :. The dd command does not show any output before it has finished the copy process, so be patient and wait for it to complete.

To eject the USB stick, use the above command. After this is done, the bootable USB stick is ready to be used. While Mac OS X Please keep in mind that after you have entered the password, the dd command does not show any output. So please be patient until the dd command has finished. Overwriting your macOS partition accidentally will have dire and time-consuming consequences.

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That would make it functionally inaccessible to us. Download the disk image typically an ISO for the distro you want to install. In this example we will be using Ubuntu Bionic Beaver. The process should be the same regardless of distro. Select your USB drive in the sidebar.

AnyToISO interface is translated into most languages:

Be sure to select the correct drive. Selecting the wrong drive will lead to data loss. The drive will have the component name, while the volume will have a user-applied name. This will erase all data on the disk.

1. Create an Image with Disk Utility

If multiple attempts fail, try erasing the disk in Terminal with the diskutil command. For instructions, see the ISO Recorder website.

How to Create Windows-Compatible ISO Disc Images on a Mac

For instructions, see the DeepBurner help page. Roxio Creator. For instructions, see the EZB systems forum.

[TUTO] MacOS / OSX : créer une image disque avec l'utilitaire de disque

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