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Murray Hurps Murray Co-founder. Sydney, Australia 23 years coding experience, loving every day of it. Ronald Suwandi SuwandiRonald Co-founder. Sydney, Australia Founded wearther and passionate about artificial intelligence, javascript, shoes, suits, coffee and inserting unicode art into random places. No problem. You can still add a Leap Motion gesture device to your Chrome browsing experience.

There is some strange behaviour in the preferences interface, but easy to work with once you learn it. The richness and depth of what you can do is amazing. With a particular gesture, I have it opening and logging into my gmail for me. Another one opens google news.

Endless configuration at the OS level, or as shallow as the application it self. Well done! Whats the deal with Airspace? Is there a trick you must use to download an app?

It says purchased and in fact I couldn't download anything. I love the better touch tool app it what i been waiting for. Everything works great my only complaint is that the mouse cursor has slight tracking issues and that the drag and drop isn't working no matter what i try. Just downloaded this. This is exactly what I was looking for when I bought a Leap back on May 21st.

Setting Up Leap Motion & BetterTouchTool

Lets you map gestures to specific actions. Very responsive and easy. I'm really depressed that it's not on Windows. I just have to use it at work.

BetterTouchTool Leap Motion Gesture Trainer

Scroll works better than the touchless app that was driving me crazy. You're currently running V1 software, which won't work for this app. BetterTouchTool Configure gestures to do anything on your Mac. Computer Controls. Even so, ergonomics will remain a significant concern. The best experience I had was with the free Molecules app.

The Leap is well-suited to true three-dimensional input like turning a complex molecule in space. This app used clear, simple gestures like a clenched fist to pause, and tolerated random movements without completely disrupting the display. This gives me some hope that with the right gestural algorithms and a good use case, Leap can actually provide some added benefits.

Better Touch Tool

For the most part, though, using Leap Motion was an exercise in frustration. The initial productivity apps, like photo manipulation or Powerpoint presentation, are more likely to produce rage than improved productivity. David Pogue summed up the problem nicely:. Rethink your plan.

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Leap Motion is a solution looking for a problem and has yet to find its killer app. For most enterprise applications it would be a gimmick that would quickly grow annoying and would be unsuited for daily usage. There may, however, be some niche applications which might benefit from Leap Motion or something like it. To succeed these use cases would require or at least benefit from true 3-D control, would not rely solely on the Leap to perform destructive or non-reversible actions, and could be performed from a sitting or standing position near a desk or lectern not mobile.

I could also see using other forms of this technology to supplement rather than replace current sensing systems e. We should keep our eyes out for niche use cases and continue to monitor future developments. But there is no need to toss the mouse, trackpad, or touch surfaces just yet.

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I used a velocity-based system of gesture recognition rather than position-based, as Touchless uses to ensure that users can keep their elbows resting on a flat surface at all times. Zack: Stay tuned. I used DexType a bit the other day and will include it in my Leap dump next week.

Hands-Free Leap Motion Controller Hits 1 Million App Downloads

John here. I may have been a bit too glib in my characterization of their guidance. If sitting down they do allow resting your arms on your elbows as long as you point your wrists and hands in roughly a straight line.

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