Mac os x 10.58 to mountain lion

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Turns out it's not—mostly anyways. The one actual compatibility issue is that Mountain Lion is only available in the Mac App Store, which is available in Snow Leopard onwards.

How to Install OS X Mountain Lion From the Mac App Store

However, if you have an alternate machine to make the purchase on, or you have put Mountain Lion on a flash drive or DVD , there's actually no technical reason why Mountain Lion wouldn't work. One way to get this to work is to do a clean install of your Mac, backing up all of your files first, then transferring them over once you've installed the new OS.

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However, Mac World came up with a much quicker and easier method to "tricking" your Mac into thinking it already has Snow Leopard installed. However, it does involve editing a. Using a text editor that lets you edit system-level files, open SystemVersion. Locate the line with the ProductVersion key. Just below it is a string of characters indicating what OS you are running.

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Your number might look something like Lastly, shut down your Mac and restart it. You'll need to boot from a drive running Snow Leopard or later, such as the bootable Mountain Lion drive I mentioned earlier. Main photo by TechnoBuffalo. When I boot using the flash disk I created, I just get an "X" icon in a circle and it keeps loading forever When I try to do this, I get an error box saying that "You don't own this file and you don't have permission to write it.

How to install Mountain Lion over Leopard

Is there any way around this? Thanks so much for your help!

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I copied the plish and pasted it to my desktop, I opened the plish and then changed the After that I copied the changed plish into where the original plish was. You want to overwrite it!!!!! But you certainly can upgrade past Leopard.

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  5. Anyway, your first step would be to upgrade to Snow Leopard. To do that you must purchase a Snow Leopard upgrade disc. And it might be as far as you can go.

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    That will give you the Mac App store. Use that to search for Mountain Lion. I like to have 2 browsers on my machine so I can stream the BBC and do other searches….

    What to Do if Your Mac Can’t Run OS X Yosemite

    Thanx for looking at my needs. I assume you mean OS X But when Mountain Lion came out, Apple stopped selling Lion. So you just go from Snow Leopard right to Mountain Lion. But if you are using a Mac that supports Lion, but not Mountain Lion, then you are out of luck. Wish to upgrade to the latest version for imac.