Install mac os lion for pc

Select the Mac partition as the destination whatever you named it, Lion, or Mac HD , and let it install. It takes about minutes, depending on your configuration. Do so by clicking the restart button. Use the arrow keys to select the drive named Lion or whatever you named it and press enter. And yes, you might get a prompt to attach a keyboard at first boot, this is a one-time process.

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Attach a USB keyboard to the laptop and the prompt will disappear, then you can unplug the keyboard. Since this project of hackintoshing a ProBook was started by a member of the tonymacx86 forums, he also developed a special installer, specifically for the ProBook. But in this case, the specially designed HP ProBook installer is what you need.

Things to know before proceeding

First, register on the tonymacx86 forums and it is recommended so that you can ask for help there if you come across any problem. After registering, download the installer attached at the end of THIS post. The next step is the simplest. Download the installer and run it.

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There are a couple of selections you need to make. Then select what to install. Finally, the most essential thing, select the appropriate DSDT. First, identify which version of ProBook you have, whether it is the one with built-in graphics support HD , or one with dedicated graphics Radeon , or the S. Click the arrow besides the name to expand the items under that category. Then select the BIOS version that you noted down earlier. Also check out the Extra Tools and see if you want to install any of them.

The following screenshot shows how the selections looked like on my ProBook. Remember, you can run the installer any time again, if you need to. It means if something stops working, you can run the installer again to re-enable it. This is normal because Windows has replaced the chimera bootloader.

How to Run Mac OS X Inside Windows Using VirtualBox

Run the ProBook installer and install chimera select chimera from the list of items to install. If you have any questions after installing, check out the FAQ. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android.

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How to Clean Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Before beginning any experiment, we must emphasize the importance of backing up everything on your computer. Make a list of all hardware and drivers and search online for known problems.

Then, if you're sure you understand all the risks and liabilities, you're ready to proceed. Make sure you choose the correct destination the USB stick , or you'll end up installing it to the Mac you're working on. All this is done in the background and may take a while depending on the speed of the pen drive. Click OK to continue and the next screen will ask you to choose your motherboard model number. The exact version is preferable, but a close variant will also do. Make sure you have an Internet connection as Kakewalk will need to download the necessary drivers from its repository.

If your motherboard is not listed, you'll have to choose the closest match. Then carefully select your destination as the USB drive now renamed as Kakewalk. After completion, you can safely eject the USB stick and return the Macintosh to its owner, unscathed. Go to the BIOS where a few changes need to be made. Save and close the BIOS settings.

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  • Warning: The target hard drive will be reformatted and all data on it will be lost. If possible, install Lion on a new, blank hard drive. STEP 7 After a long process during which you'll see lines of text characters scrolling continuously, you will land at the Lion installation screen. If you have not reached here, it's possible that a compatibility issue has been discovered. Note the error lines displayed on screen and search the Internet for a specific solution. You should find specific help on the various forums dedicated to OS X fans.

    STEP 8 Follow the steps shown on screen till you arrive at the screen which asks you to choose the destination disk to install the OS to.

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    • A bootable copy of the OS X Lion installer allows you to perform a clean install!
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    • Install OS X Lion on a Hackintosh the Easy Way with UniBeast;
    • This will start the partition manager for Mac OS X. Once done, exit Disk Utility and proceed with the installation of the OS. The installation will take around 30 minutes, at the end of which your computer will reboot. Leave the USB stick plugged in, as there is no bootloader yet. Once booted, you should be welcomed to the next steps of the installation. Continue with all the necessary details that are asked on the screen.

      Congratulations, your installation has been successful! But you have still got to install the bootloader to your hard drive so that it can boot up on its own. After a few minutes, you will be asked to reboot the machine. Now your bootloader is installed on your system and you can safely boot your PC from the hard drive.

      Mac OS X Lion is ready to go!

      Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion within Windows

      STEP 14 Installing drivers is the biggest headache, but you can do it in a few steps.