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You can get started now with SmartDraw for free to judge for yourself. You can also read many more reasons why we like it in our review of SmartDraw. Lucidchart is another easy to use cloud diagramming software that makes designing floor plans very easy on all platforms. Lucidchart is similar to SmartDraw although it has a Chrome extension which allows you to work offline as well. Although it has less templates than SmartDraw, it still has plenty to complete most diagramming tasks quickly and easily. There are several Floorplan templates that you an customize and adapt for your own designs.

Lucidchart also has an iPad app which allows you to create floor plans on the move see our review of the Lucidchart iPad app for more.

Floor Plan Creator

You can read more in our Lucidchart review and you can also sign-up for a free account. Homestyler was originally made by Autodesk, the makers of the industry leading AutoCAD for Mac software and was an incredibly powerful floor planning software for Mac and PC. It discontinued the product in but it has been continued as a somewhat lighter version under Chinese ownership by Easyhome. The surprising thing is that Homestyler is still completely free to use but still feels like a professional floor plan app.

The only requirement is that you sign-up for an Easyhome Homestyler account. Creating floor plans in Homestyler is simply a case of dragging and dropping elements in your web browser. You can add small details like grass, gravel and water elements to add realism to your floor plans. It even allows you to import and export DWG files.

How to Make Floor Plans with SmartDraw's Floor Plan Creator and Designer

When it was owned by Autodesk, Homestyler could even provide pricing for your mock ups although unfortunately that is no longer possible. However, the new owners have added some interesting touches such as 3D walk throughs, an enhanced furniture library and mobile apps with Augmented Reality. These allow you to take a photo of a room and then start decorating it with products immediately from the Easyhome catalog which really brings things to life. You can also share designs made in Homestyler to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. Floorplanner is a very slick dedicated online floor plan software that makes creating floor plans or redesigning your home fun.

Floorplanner is designed with beginners in mind that need help creating professional and striking floor plans on Mac. Floorplanner conveniently snaps items and objects into place to keep your designs both geometrically correct and tidy with minimal effort. There are even convex tools to help you create complex rounded walls and dividers in floor plans.

How to draw a floor plan online

Like Homestyler, you create designs in 2D but you can render them in 3D. This is a really nice touch as it allows you to better visualize what your floor plans will look like if you were standing in the room. Intuitive You can set the size of any shape or line by simply typing into the dimensions label.

Do the same to choose a specific angle between walls.

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You can easily change the scale at any time. Choose among common standard architectural scales, a metric scale, and more.

Mac Floor Plan Software

You can print to scale just as easily. And your printed scale doesn't have to match your drawing's scale. Keep track of your setting in a scale-inpendent annotation layer. Free Support Got a question about creating floor plans?

Your DIY floor plan software

Top 5 Floor Plan Software for Mac. Visio for Mac No Comment visi Edraw Max Floor Plan Software for Mac Free Download This program is one of the best floor plan software Mac , which is perfect not only for professional-looking floor plan, office layout, home plan, seating plan, but also garden design, fire and emergency plan, HVAC, elevation diagram… Features and Functions It covers a comprehensive collection of floor plan symbols in vector format. Various editable floor plan templates and examples are contained in this software and more are easily accessible online.

Capable of printing or sharing. Cloud storage and team cooperation on files supported. Pros of Edraw Floor Plan Software Drag-and-drop based interface allows for high efficiency, creating diagrams 3 times faster. Users can get started quickly by choosing from abundant floor plan templates and examples. Automatic alignment for neat, crisp drawings. Automatic connection of all shapes. An effective connection of shapes with snap and glue feature.

Features and Functions It comes with a gamut of drag-and-drop features which make you design the floor plan without any effort. This creative software makes it possible to do the 2D and 3D design. Pros of TurboFloorPlan There are many tools and features to select from. This software is extremely easy to use and this is a positive as well.

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  7. Cons of TurboFloorPlan The navigation features are very sensitive and this tends to make it slow.