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Change any of the input values and see how the value of skewness changes too: change one value or more or all of them. Once you have experimented with this feature of the function, go back to the data set above. The skewness value of Does the histogram below confirm that?

There is an Excel work book to accompany this page that is free for you to download, see the link at the bottom of the page. Take a look at that work sheet to see everything I have done there. In the end, you are presented with this graph of the data, in the form of a histogram: before you read on, try to estimate the SKEW value from this graph.

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SKEW gives us the value of 0. Again appearances are deceptive : just look at the data carefully, check the calculations to see that skewness is 0. However, the histogram appears to show a negative skewness. Take a look at the next section, general measures of skewness which helps us here. The value of 0. I have used the relationship between the mean and the median in our skewness analysis already; but here is the confirmation of that relationship. In this case the median is greater than the mean so we know we are dealing with negative skewness.

In this case the mean is greater than the median so we know we are dealing with positive skewness.

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While we are talking about the mean and the median, there is always the question of which one is the better? Here is the short answer:.

Otherwise, you should use the median as the measure of central tendency. The reason here is that extreme skewness distorts the mean and when this happens, the median is the better alternative. There is the example of what is called the King Kong Effect to illustrate the distortion of the mean: this example works as you see below.

In this case, the mean and median are Note the graph is an XY scatter graph and not a histogram so we cannot use it to predict or confirm the direction of skewness. Now, the mean and median are We begin with the mean and standard deviations of the example:.

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This simulation assumes we are dealing with the normal distribution and it generates values based on that idea together with the mean and standard deviation of our first example or sample. Since these numbers are random and volatile, every time you press the F9, calculation, key, you will generate a completely new simulation, based on the mean and standard deviation provided. I built this model specifically so that you can press the F9 key over and over again to help you to learn what different values of skewness look like.

What the above discussion tells us is that we can use skewness as a measure of symmetry.

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P , which is based on this formula:. The following two diagrams will prove useful as additional forms of presentation of skewness for anyone interested in studying this topic further:. Here is the boxplot for the larger skew example discussed above, where the skewness value is 0. This boxplot is included in the Excel spreadsheet that accompanies this page and a description of how to construct one is given in my Excel book, reference at the bottom of the page.

Using the same data as for the boxplot, the following dot plot has been constructed using the REPT function:. Right click at the X axis, and select Format Axis. In the Format Axis dialog, click Number tab, and then select Custom in the Category list, and type 0;0 into the Format Code text box, then click Add to add it to Type list, and close the dialog. Tip: Other languages are Google-Translated. You can visit the English version of this link. Log in. Forgot your password?

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