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Download CardRescue Evaluation Version to perform a quick scan on your memory card and see the recoverable pictures.

Photos deleted unintentionally or intentionally from memory cards. Photo loss due to "Format" or "ReFormat" operation in the camera. Memory card corruption, damage, error or inaccessible state. Damage or memory card error due to turning camera off unexpectedly. Data loss due to using between different cameras or devices. CardRescue's user interface is well designed and users do not require professional skills to use the software.

Memory Card Photo Recovery Software for Mac - Card Rescue

You may need 10 to 20 minutes to complete the lost pictures rescue. Also, the program provides various file formats including raw image formats selection before lost file search and provides thumbnail view for the images that can be recovered before saving. Use CardRescue to Scan and Rescue the lost photos. Why are the lost pictures recoverable in most cases? Click on the big blue button to start. Step 3 : Now select the right drive, specify file formats, and have a scan. It may take extra time depending on your CF card size and the file types you specify in step 2.

CF Card Recovery Made Effortless

Step 4 : Preview the found files once the scan is over. If you find your lost photographs, select and save them to a different destination.

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This kind of issue usually exists with old CF cards especially when there are many write and read activities. It's unlikely that a new CF card will show such error, if it does then perhaps the card has quality issues and it's best to contact the provider for a replacement. If the sign of your CF card corruption is that you see an error similar to "the disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now", you'll need to reformat it to make it work again but you may lose some pictures.

#2 Get Disk Drill

Check out this article how to fix memory card not formatted error for the detailed troubleshooting guide. If it's a pin issue, you'll want to remove the card and the batteries out of your camera first. Take a closer look at the card slot to check if the pin is bent. If it is, then use a screwdriver to bend the pin back straight. Well, it doesn't have to be perfectly straight. Now gently insert the card back to the camera and see if it's working properly.


It's possible that your CF card can have certain errors, or you mistakenly delete something on the card. You can recover formatted SD card on Mac OS X even if it can't be read by your Mac — if it's shown as having no partitions or logical structure and you get a message saying it requires formatting, try Deep Scan.

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  5. It will drill down to the data sectors of your memory card on a binary level to search for remaining pictures, music or other recoverable data. Once you are ready to recover deleted files on SD card on Mac, download the app and install it in your Applications folder, launch it and follow these steps to complete memory card recovery with your Mac. Once your memory card is mounted to your computer, you can start to recover files from SD card on Mac.

    Remember that you have to mount your SD, compact flash, memory stick, or other card in mass storage mode. It needs to appear as a disk in your Finder window. If you can only communicate with the card via MTP-protocol, recovery will not be possible. Launch Disk Drill, find your mounted card in the list and select it.

    Mac SD Memory Card Recovery

    If you are new to memory card recovery on a Mac, the best option is to simply click the "Recover" button next to the name of your memory card. This will automatically go through each scanning method one by one.

    But if you're an experienced user, just click the drop-down arrow on the Recover button to select the specific scan method you desire. This is fast, but won't be available for memory cards formatted in other file systems or in cases where there is more serious damage to your data than mere file erasure. If all you see is Deep Scan as an option, go for it. It will take more time to scan your memory card especially if it's 32GB or bigger but it is the most comprehensive.

    First option serves to create "maps" for Disk Drill to help it locate deleted files. Second option will create an invisible copy of each file moved to Trash. Protected files are recovered in the first place. Once the scanning is complete.