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Best 10 Data Recovery Software for Mac ( Updated)

In this review, I took three categories of tests into account:. While all apps performed about equally with quick scans, deep scans split up the field. More on that later. Each app—except Prosoft Data Rescue—was successful. This brings the result down close to the other top runners. Here are the costs of each app we mention in this Mac data recovery software review, sorted from cheapest to most expensive:.

In a deep scan, it is able to locate more recoverable files than many of its competitors. It passed all of our tests and did well in the industry tests that we consulted. You can read our full review of Stellar Data Recovery 7. Version 9. G2 Crowd rate customer satisfaction for the Windows version as a high 4. One user complained about slow scans, another about the app freezing.

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There were some extremely positive reviews as well, so the app sounds very promising, but is not perfect. Ease of Use: This is one of the easiest-to-use recovery apps out there, and when I compare my experiences using version 9. Let me demonstrate what I mean.

Top 1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

This screenshot from version 7. Version 7. That is, as long as the app was able to recover the original name of the file.

In his test of version 7. The app did offer to save the scan results for future use at the end of each scan, however. Effectiveness: Despite being easy to use, Stellar Data Recovery performs very well. In his testing of the app for our review, JP found the app powerful at recovering deleted files and identifying many types of recoverable files from his Mac.

How does it compare with R-Studio, a powerful competitor rated by many to be the most powerful? According to DigiLabs Inc, Stellar has better help and better phone and email support than R-Studio, and performed just as well in many but not all tests, though was sometimes much slower. These tests were done on the Windows versions, but are consistent with my test on the Mac versions. It seems all recovery apps perform well with quick scans on a spinning hard drive, successfully recovering recently deleted files in just seconds. But when performing a quick scan on an SD card, only Stellar and R-Studio managed to recover all of the files, and also had the fastest scan times.

Deep scans split up the field further. When attempting to recover files whose directory information had been overwritten, each app succeeded with 8 out of the 10 files. When recovering a large 7. R-Tools recovered the entire file successfully. And when recovering from a formatted Windows hard drive, R-Tools was the only app able to recover all files. The other apps did recover some files, with Stellar showing the worst results. My conclusion? Stellar Data Recovery for Mac is one of the easiest apps to use and boasts better recovery results than most of the competition.

However, if maximum data recovery is your absolute priority, R-Studio may be the better choice for you, but at the cost of ease-of-use. Get Stellar Data Recovery for Mac. R-Studio for Mac is a powerful data recovery tool developed for experienced data recovery professionals. It offers all the features an expert would expect, along with a proven track record of successful data recovery. Flexible parameter settings give absolute control over the recovery process. The Data Recovery Digest put seven leading apps through a barrage of tests last year, and R-Studio came out on top.

Their conclusion? Shows the best results in almost every category. A must-have for any data recovery professional. R-Studio is clearly designed for data recovery specialists and the interface can be confusing for inexperienced users. Features: This is a feature-filled app, and includes advanced features not offered by the competition. It supports pretty much all file systems, can recover data from local disks, removable disks, heavily corrupted disks, unbeatable disks, and network clients. The developers list a good overview of the features here. Effectiveness: In industry tests, R-Studio consistently produced the best results.

And although it has a reputation for slow scans, it often completed scans faster than the competition. Here are the results of all of their tests:. The results are consistent across tests run by independent industry experts. If you are looking for the app likely to recover the maximum amount of data, choose R-Tools.

Get R-Studio for Mac. It lacks disk imaging and a recovery disk, useful features that are offered by our winners. We have reviewed the Windows version of EaseUS here, but keep in mind that it has some differences to the Mac version. In his SoftwareHow review, Victor Corda found that the scans tended to be slow, but successful. In the tests he ran, the app was able to recover the data each time, and he concluded that this is one of the best recovery apps he has run.

Others agree, including the Computer Fixperts, who made the app their second choice for data recovery. Industry tests suggest that the app performs well. ThinkMobiles tested the free versions of seven data recovery apps, including EaseUS. It recovered all deleted files from a USB flash drive and achieved this in a medium amount of time compared with the other apps. In my own test, it was one of the best performers. MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is another easy-to-use app that produces good results. Customers report high satisfaction, and the app is available for Mac and Windows.

But these results are significantly better than those achieved by Disk Drill below.

5 Best Free Data Recovery Apps for Mac OS X in 12222

In my own test, MiniTool scanned the USB flash drive with one of the fastest speeds and outperformed much of the competition in the number of recoverable files it found. Disk Drill is the data recovery app I enjoyed using most—its interface suits me. It has a good balance between features and ease of use, and it allows you to preview and recover files before the scan is complete.

That surprised me—when I tested the app during my review, I successfully recovered every file that was lost. Read my full Disk Drill review here. Step 1: Launch Renee Undeleter. Step 2: Select the partition in which you kept your deleted data before. Step 3: Select the file types you want to scan. This will save your time. Step 4: Select the files you want to recover and the destination which you want to restore the data to. The interface provides the user with fast and easy service. The overall performance of this software matches the other software in this list. When my Lacie drive could not connect to my imac because of damaged files I thought I was going to lose all my work.

This is the ultimate solution to recover your lost data. There are 4 data recovery modes available in this data recovery program to retrieve lost data. Whatever is the reason for the loss of your data, this tool will for sure provide the solution. Mac OS X This article has provided you with the top 15 data recovery software for Mac and all of them are rated well by their users.

Top 5 Free File Recovery Software for Mac OS X

But it has proved that the best software is Tenorshare UltData for Mac when its features were compared to the other data recovery software. So we recommend this tool for you with heart if you want to recover the lost data for Mac. But you can choose the one that really suit for your condition.

Data Recovery. UltData - Mac 2. Disk Drill Mac 3.

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PhotoRec Mac 4. Softtote Mac Data Recovery Mac 5. Recoverit Mac 8. Data Rescue 5 for Mac 9. Cisdem DataRecovery for Mac M3 Mac Data Recovery Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery UndeleteMyFiles Pro Mac Free Any Data Recovery UltData - Mac In terms of ease of functionality and security, the best mac data recovery software we have found is Tenorshare UltData Mac. Free Download For macOS