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If you know what rooting lets you do with your phone but never did much more research than that why would you? This is great. I was trying to root my phone for about a week now and stumbled across this new way to root the phone. Went flawless. Thanks for the great tech help!!!

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Quick question after rooting the phone how can i get the sense 3. I followed the instructions and the initial root went very well. I was able to install the WiFi Tether afterwards without issue. Is your device rooted? Seems that the reboot may have unrooted my device. Thanks for the advice and great guide! When I click Recovery, it loads a screen with the Google logo in the middle, and the unlock icon below it…then it just reboots the phone normally. Same for me. I flash the recovery But when I select recovery in the fastboot menu I got the google logo and the unlocked symbol and nothing else.

I do not get it to work simply because it cannot find the driver for when the phone is connected in fastboot. When I connect the phone as normal it works, but when in bootloader it calls itself Android 1. When trying it now I just get a permission denied and I even run as su. Dunno why I get it. Espen, I had the same problem. Once you have modified this file, do an update drivers and described above and use this new modified driver.

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  • How to Root Nexus S or Nexus S 4G! [NEW][Mac|Linux|Win].
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This should allow fastboot to find your phone. You can also use the android development suite to add the drivers to windows. Just make sure you point to the modified. Hope this helps and good luck. Have you figured this out? The tutorial worked on my Fido 3G Nexus S. Next question is how to reverse what we just did incase we want to go back to stock unrooted and someone forgot to do a clockwork backup of their stock ROM…?

Excellent work! Thanks a lot. Just one question : is there a way to update my newly rooted nexus S with the official Gingerbread 2. Thank you so much. Phone was useless after 2. This allowed be to get root, install SU and get a 2.

How to Root Nexus S or Nexus S 4G! [NEW][Mac|Linux|Win]

Thanks again! I just mounted, and the drive is showing up on my computer. Good news, for me at least. A Vodafone Nexus S wil be able to unlock and install super user. I was using CM7 but due to some problem I had to restore the stock rom. I was able to successfully root the nexus but now it wont boot into recovery to flash a new rom on it, I downloaded the clockwork recovery and it still wont boot into recovery? You might want to alter the settings of your windows explorer or whatever to also display the extensions of files in a folder…. I do not intend to hold your hold your hand and guide you every step of the way.

The instructions on this page, plus the video are more then enough for anybody who knows his way around a linux,mac or windows machine. I think u hv enough knowledge abt all dese… I was using CM7 on my nexus s but due to some problem I had to restore the stock rom. I am having a problem with clockworkmod staying, I turn phone off and go into fastboot and then recovery and sometimes it will go into clockworkmod and others it will give me an! Please someone help lol. I just got phone yesterday and updated to 2. Yea sometimes it will. Its weird. I always turn. Phone off and then go into recovery.

Thanks for your help by the way. T-Mo US. Same issue with recovery not sticking. Reading around nexus one and XDA forums, it seems that this script is reinstalling the stock recovery after a reboot. Thanks for your help and will update with my results.

Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9

OK I have not used stock recovery before if I experience an issue with the rom how do I use stock recovery to load stock or restore back to stock. It worked for me BUT do this at your own risk. I was already booted into android so… 1. I installed ES File Explorer from the market. Allow permissions in SuperUser. Shut off phone. Then I did: fastboot erase recovery to clean up the recovery partition.

Re-do STEP 7 from above: fastboot flash recovery recovery I got a stuck recovery as wel on a I stock rom 2. Android and the above steps worked perfectly. If you unlock and root your phone then you can use ClockworkMod to backup the current rom. And then install a new rom.

Read the clockworkmod documentation for more details. In your opinion, do you recon Cyanogen will have a gingerbread rom first for the Nexus S or am I better off waiting for Vodafone to push the update? Is there an updated gapps to flash which will allow the gtalk video chat to work? I have a small suggestion though. Just rooted my nexus 4g. Hated rooting my last phone, it was a complete nightmare and took hours of research.

That was fantastically simple and only took 5 minutes — thanks! Hi, there! Could someone be so kind to direct me where can I download stuff I need to get it work in eu? Is there a solution to this? I compared my rooted device with my daughters unrooted device, and found some missing info under mobile networks: access point names: such as username, password, server, etc. Pingback: Anyone rooted Nexus S on Ubuntu I am getting stuck at step 7. Its very annoying! I am using a mac also. Wifi is ok, but no more 3g. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!!!

All else seems to be working fine. I rooted my Nexus S using this method. Before rooting, it was working 1. So what could be the problem? How do I fix it? Forget that. Silly me was entering the wrong password… you know when you swear that it is something like mypassword12 and in fact it endup being mypassword11… sigh. Thank you for the excellent video to show how to root the Nexus S. I am a novice and was able to follow thru the process. My next challenge to load ICS.

I followed every step verbatum, and I mean every step, but after step 12 when I reboot my phone, it states on the Google screen with the unlock picture. Please help. Thank you. When I change the fastboot file to. When i open up my terminal and try to do the oem unlock command it says no such file or directory. Any ideas? So, just now I did everything except the unlock part, and all my settings are still intact. I bought I two days ago.. My SNS automatically downloaded 2. I do not want to install this update.

Is there any way of clearing the update notification and removing downloaded files? Worked, thank you! Had to lock and then unlock again to get results probably because of the previous upgrade on an unlocked phone. Does all of the rooting get undone when our phones update to ICS? I am kinda stuck. I tried to reinstall the original os and got stuck again.

I may need more coaching. OK, after I followed your 1st guide with the broken. The whole process went well but again, I only see the Google logo along with an unlock logo at the bottom of the screen. Is it OK for you to give me a solution as to how I can re-operate my phone? Note that linux users using 64bit OS may need to install the 32bit compatibility libraries to use the provided fastboot binaries. Also, as mentioned above, users will need to use chmod to indicate to their OS that the fastboot and adb files are executable binaries.

All the steps went smooth and got Superuser app in the end. But then when I use a root-only app it says my device is not rooted??! I followed all the steps mentioned by you but while copying SuperUser. So what should I do???? Those having problems with Superuser go to androidsu. Note that on Linux the fastboot commands need to be run as the ROOT user, or otherwise all you get is. I have completed steps 1 through 7 but I apparently did not flash recovery corre4ctly through my cmd on my computer. Now my phone has an android with an exclamation point. What do i do? Keep up the good work!

Awesome, it worked.

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Fortunately I did the hard part a couple months ago with the usb drivers and fastboot, unlocking the bootloader. This completed the rooting process so thank you. After following this method: I rooted my device successfully but none of my root apps are working. I have searched forums everywhere but i cant get it to work. I want to install a new custom rom but i cant install clockworkmod recovery. I have installed titanium backup as well and it cant get the root access and same is the case with busybox and setcpu. I thought i have successfully rooted my phone through this method but i was wrong.

I am very worried and want any of you to please help me. Any sort of help would be appreciated. This guide works great just follow steps and use superuser that I recommended. Also, payed attention to manually mount and unmount the sdcard from my linux before pressing any buttons on the nexus. Sean Thanks for the reply Sean, I have downloaded the new superuser file from androidsu. I tried following the same root procedure with the new superuser file but i cant go back into the recovery option in bootloader, it shows me some weird exclamation mark and then reboots after a minute.

I cannot find words to say thank you. Pingback: Spoilt for choice - Android Forums. Very easy to follow guide. Only time I got stuck was when I rebooted only to find Superuser missing. I forgot to install it. Went back and installed it. Im rooted and have installed Clockwork Recovery and am ready to install a rom. Can anyone recommend me one? Thanks in advance guys. I followed the guide great job by-the-way even an idiot like me could follow it. When trying to unlock my phone I keep getting this error from cmp. I tried turning off my phone and rebooting it with the cmp still running.

Nothing is working for me. I have installed the drivers as instructed in the video but every time my phone i connected in fastboot mode i get an error telling me i dont have the correct driver and i cannot find any online to solve this problem. Please help me.

Email me at ChristoAyala Gmail.

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Somebody have a step-by-step for doing this via mac? Hey, First off amazing tutourial!!! Once you have your phone unlock make sure you have a recovery flash like clockwork mod, and then you need to download and flash custom roms. What should i do?? I thought to have rooted my nexus S successfully unlocked indication w. What can I do? Thanks in advance. I was excited to finally unlock the phone with these easy steps! Can someone please advise? Hello Sir. Recovery not working? I think my phone is buggered.

I get error message:. Had multiple problems with it including; -Hangup while installing superuser app -No root access even with the superuser app installed -Superuser app crashing -the Nexus S just generally resisting rooting. I have done everything correctly, but cannot get the command to be accepted. Any fix for that Max? Hi, I did everything above, the phone lock state is Unlocked. Pingback: Anonymous. Please help! These instructions lock phone into recovery and will not reboot as normal therefore breaks the phone. By using instructions I have broken 5 android devices.

Root, Unlock All Google Nexus Devices On Linux & Install CWM Recovery

If anyone want to root from JB 4. After update to Jelly Bean I can no longer to reboot into the recovery mode. USB connector stopped working charging OK. I tried different cables and computers — no luck. The power button works great while the phone is ON. Reliable all the time! Out of 20 pushes it may do once. Removing and reattaching the battery is the only way I can boot it up. I have the same issue with my nexus, the way i boot into recovery is directly from the clockwork mod, it gives you an option to boot into recovery.

Thanks for your replies. I used to have one, but then I unrooted because I wanted to get over-the-air updates. Guide was so useful in rooting my phone. I did unlocked and flashed superuser. But many application says that i dont have root access!!! Do i need to flash with latest superuser. I have done everything this guide told me to but it did not root my phone. I checked with some root only applications but it says it needs root access.

I tried rooting with so many different methods and I know I done everything correctly. I tried this guide and it was flawless.

Maybe its something wrong with my phone. Any suggestions??? Windows 8 is already available and I wanted to know, whether there is a guide to root Nexus S. Specially the device is not recognized, when in bootloader modus and even I created a testmodus with Windows 8, I cant install the drivers…. Best, Rolf. I wondered if my phone was rooted so I installed 2 root checker apps from the Market, and they both said I had no root access.

I found your comment and tried it and it worked. I went through all the process and it all should work. I copied this SuperUser but cannot run any apps which require rooted phone. Did anyone have same problem? Please advice. Have tried the above with a Mac. When I try to fastboot it says there is no. What is the solution? So nice to discover somebody with unique thoughts on this topic. You can follow us on Twitter or join our Facebook fanpage to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google and Apple. Subscribe to our RSS Feed! RP on. By Ali Waqas May 24th, Follow Us On Facebook.

Subscribe To Redmond Pie. Partial support for the latest N preview builds automated root support still in progress. Elimination of the depreciated Koush superuser as an option. Extended the default wait time for adb recovery device detection and retry detection.

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General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes. If you need to, backup your important data. Unlock your device Root your device Enjoy Learn more about each option by mousing over the control, dynamic tooltips will provide you more information, also each button displays a message about what it does first. So the best way to get familiar with the toolkit is simply to press the buttons and read what it says. Please read the FAQ's.