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The McCulloch chainsaw is the best vintage chainsaw money can buy. A ton of these saws were sold ,so parts are still preaty easy to get. They are all metal construction and made in USA. This saw has plenty of power and handles a 20 inch bar easily. The is a little heavy and a little loud but that's what you have to love about them. It is a saw that is made to last. I've used Pro-Mac 55 and saws in disaster cleanup since These are beasts.

Ruggedly built by a sadly departed American maker yes, I know the McCulloch name is still around. It is owned by Husqvarna. McCulloch Motors filed and died in Some parts are very hard to find, but carb kits, chains, sprockets, etc.

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I always run 20 inch Oregons on mine, and have great service. Tough, reliable, very old American chainsaws. You just can't go wrong. This is a saw built in the USA back in the s. The is a 70cc saw with lots of power and was built to last. Parts are still available if you know where to look and the best part about this saw is its sound! There is nothing like cranking one or two or more of these up in a quiet neighborhood or peaceful woods.

It commands everyones attention and may tick someone off or even wake a bear up out of hybernation. Thats why people get rid of them in the first place.

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You don't want one of these old crusty saws. Go out and buy a brand new Huskvarna or Sthil and leave the old ones for me! He has got quite a bit of stuff. Wallenberg sales There's a few people who have NOS but seeings they aren't sponsors ,just Google it. For that matter flea bay has a lot. On a you can usually find a donor saw cheaper than just a few parts. Quote from: Ironwood on February 03, , PM. I bought a new back in 66, it was a right hand start. I just gave away a R-H start.

McCulloch 10-10 chainsaw with 16" Bar & Chain

Third generation logger, owner operator, 30 yrs felling experience with pole skidder. I got my neck broke back in 89, left me a quad. The wife kept the job going up to Back in the day we used to take those old 's ,righty or lefties and cover the handles with rubber pipe insulation. If you didn't most of them vibrated so bad you couldn't feel your finger tips after 10 minutes.

For reasons unknown the newer 's plus the 70 CC like the , and didn't shake rattle and roll so badly. When they came out with a PM and later PM they had anti vibe plus would cut circles around a although they were quite a bit heavier. The i bought in 66 had a MuCulloch carb.

McCulloch MAC 10-10 // technical data

They were flat and long and worthless, or maybe i didn't understand it. I know a lot of guys converted over to a Tillotson carb, they were a pretty good saw then. The one i gave away had been converter over. I was strip cutting Tamarack with the , i liked it, light, and fast compared to a XL Homey.

It was flooded all the time, and after it got hot it wouldn't start. I traded it in for a Jonsered, the was a sweet little saw back in its time.

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  5. I'm thinking most of my 10 series Macs use a Walbro of which I can never remember the model numbers. Well here she is I'm waffaling between reviving it for the challenge or sending it to you Al, no charge for all the great advice you have given us all Say the word and its yours. I guess photo won't go from phone right now but I would guess mine is newer than those pictured r.

    Thanks but I'll decline as I have I think 5 intact and Lord only knows how many in pieces. I'm kind of slow at times but after I changed the darn flywheel I have not broke a crank since. That saw is story in itself. It's an unbridged exhaust iron cylinder that uses the same triple transfers that a uses with pinned rings and a full skirt windowed piston.

    I've been fiddling with it for years to out run a Stihl,came close but haven't quite got it yet. The engine is air-cooled and, like all two-cycle engines, requires an oil-and-gas mixture rather than pure gasoline fuel.


    It is equipped with a centrifugal clutch and an automatic rewind recoil starter. The standard guide bar length for the is 16 inches, but the saw is able to accept and drive guide bars up to 28 inches. The "A" in the A model designation stands for automatic, meaning that the A is equipped with an automatic oil pump with a manual override. It also has a manual chain brake.

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    Aside from that, the is a basic workhorse, with a standard recoil starting system. It lacks the technologies that reduce engine emissions and make contemporary saws more fuel efficient, and it doesn't offer luxurious add-ons, such as reduced-effort starting systems or tool-free chain adjustment mechanisms. Compared to most current McCulloch models, the is a monster. The manufacturer did not officially rate the power output of the saw's engine, but it has no problem powering a massive inch guide bar.