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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So I just bought the Sims 4 digital deluxe on Origin but I noticed some big changes in the game so I wanted to ask which is still a better game? Showing 1 - 15 of 75 comments. Simmerofinsanity View Profile View Posts.

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How do you get the sims 4? I cant find it on steam.. Hyperman6 View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by rickfig :. Sims 3 is better than Sims 4 :. Having played Sims 4 more extensively I bought the game recently after deciding to give it another try I can safely say that I like them both equally. Sims 3 has way more content and you can play as different life states, it has toddlers, etc but lacks in an emotional way that makes the Sims less realistic..

Sims 4 is better graphically and the various emotional states your Sims can reach are just Sims multitasking is effortless and makes up for where Sims 3 lacked. However, there's not so much content and the worlds aren't as big as Sims 3. I can't say anymore though that I prefer one or the other. Both make up where the other lacks. Give it a go and see what you think, you can always request a refund if you don't like 4.

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The Sims 3. Last edited by Jun-Fan ; 23 Aug, pm. I prefer Sims 3. I like both for different reasons, but to put it shortly Sims 3 is non-linear and Sims 4 is linear.

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Sims 3 is open world and there's a lot of customization to it, but the objectives are not quite set in stone and it's really up to you what you want to do. In Sims 4 it isn't open world and there's far less customization, but fulfilling your "lifetime wish" requires you to do certain objectives in a certain order, and even things like throwing a party will give you goals that you can complete to earn rewards. Personally I enjoy Sims 4 more as I'm a completionist and like to have objectives to focus on, but if you're looking for an experience with more freedom, then Sims 3 is your game.

There is the emotion system for the Sim 4 and Sim 3 does not have this and its only basic so if your into seeing how your sim react and progress because of this then Sim 4 will be good to get! Lack of cutomization options for clothes is just one thing that comes to mind Matter of taste i guess, but after trying it out, no thanks.

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But, whether or not you should buy the new installment of the series depends on certain factors. I am loyal to some game franchises and always eagerly wait for their new releases. But, that does not mean I do not get disappointed. The Sims 4 packs advanced technology, improved game engine, new game play elements and a lot more.

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But, before you buy the game, you would like to know what you stand to gain and what you might lose. In this article we take a look at the 8 major differences between The Sims 4 and its predecessor The Sims 3. Keep reading! The Sims 3 too allowed you to travel to the other neighborhoods.

Sims 4 vs Sims 3 - First Impression

You had to freeze the time for all the characters in your home neighborhood before you could set out for the other one. EA has made neighborhood travel a little easier. The other neighborhoods load quickly and you do not loose the timeline of the original. You can make multiple trips without affecting the existing neighborhood gameplay.

You can also travel to the future worlds such as Adventures and University of the World, which are being featured again in The Sims 4 after The Sims 3. Back and forth commutes from home in suburbs to work in metro cities is also easier. Create-a-Sim is probably the most exciting and handy feature that the Sims series has to offer. This tool lets you create and customize the Sims to make them look more like the people you know or have imagined. In The Sims 4, this tool is more advanced and more intuitive than what was in any of its predecessors.

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  7. While you can still choose the body features and dimensions from the set of presets, you can also manipulate them by dragging. You can alter the height, body size, eye type, cheek bones, mouth and just about everything. The latest installment of the game also offers new personalities. While The Sims 3 offered 5 personality traits, The Sims 4 has only four.

    But, the collection of traits has become bigger. The traits also are more relevant to the gameplay and lives of the characters. Yes, emotions will have a bigger role to play in the new The Sims 4.

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    The moods and state of mind of the Sims will be more perceptive in their faces. For instance, an uptight Sim will have to be worked on more before he or she could be the part of any sort of merrymaking. It seems social interactions between the Sims will be more lifelike than before and will offer greater depths. Construction and house designing rules are far more forgiving in The Sims 4 than they where in The Sims 3. Designing a house to your liking and preferences is so much easier now. If you made a mistake, do not worry.

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    You can correct it almost effortlessly. For instance, if you placed a building in the wrong spot you will have no need to bring down everything and start from the scratch; you will be able to move the entire building and place it at the desired spot. You can give an entirely new shape to your rooms or roof with a simple drag. You can also swap the positions of the rooms in the house.

    For instance, if you think you created a bathroom where your kitchen should be, with just a few clicks you will be able to interchange their positions. You also have access to prefabricated rooms too, a feature that was missing when The Sims 3 was originally released. The Sims 3 received a few expansions over the years after its release. These expansions aimed at enhancing the gameplay and patching some of the issues that bugged the game.

    Expansions sure did changed the overall gaming experience but not always necessarily in good ways. Some expansions were too advanced for the existing game engine to handle and manage. As a result, we experienced slowness, lags, and noticeable glitches. Some users also reported frequent crashes after installing the expansion packs. In fact, some of the mods that intended to solve some reported problems end up making them even worse. Nearly half a decade lapsed between the release of The Sims 3 and The Sims 4.