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Maybe even have the open to choose between the browser style and the link copy style, or be prompted to select which style you would like when dropping in the file for it to start uploading. I have read comments developers site of the app not opening and not being able to delete the app as the computer thinks its open but it doesnt appear in force quit items.

I have not had this issue so cannot comment. Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

How can I transfer data between Mac and iPad?

Description WeTransfer is a simple tool to send files safely and seamlessly around the world. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility OS X Languages English. Price Free. Send Anywhere functions similarly to Portal. You enter a code and the transfer begins over a Wi-Fi network. The difference is that it has a more comprehensive set of features, like the ability to quickly select images and videos, Wi-Fi Direct compatibility, and more.

Even better, you can also create links for files to share them with multiple devices. The free version of Send Anywhere comes with ad-supported design, but you can upgrade by paying a small fee.

Send large files: 12 free tools

That way, your computer files are always available to download on your phone. All of these methods will let you easily share files between Android and macOS, both on wired and wireless connections. These apps let you connect them for a universal clipboard, file management, and more. Your email address will not be published.

After struggling with android tranfer, handshaker work on my macOS mojave. Look like it's not on google play so download the apk I've made it with apkpure and you're good to go. I am using a smarter app called Sally, you just drag and drop files to the window, and use your phone to scan the QRCode, and you see all your files there, download or upload, that's so easy. You don't even need Internet connection to use it. I recently plugged my Huawei phone into my mac to charge it, and it asked me if I wanted to "allow" or "deny" access.

I just clicked "allow" without thinking anything of it. I unplugged the phone when I left the office and when I went to look in my gallery later that day, all my photos and videos were gone. They were stored on my SD card and they're gone. I've checked my mac but they're not there either. Can you help??? Be careful when transferring files by selecting the folder and moving it over, I did this and then got distracted, left and when I came back to check my computer had the photos the folder was there but it was empty.

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I always check before deleting from either device. So the drag and drop of a folder doesn't work, so I tried to select all and I cannot do that! Can someone please tell me how to select all in Android File Transfer. Currently I have to hold CMD and individually select and this is too time consuming! The usual selection options don't work for me in AFT I cant find an 'UNDO' option. Please, somebody, HELP! I had a VERY important file in there! I'm afraid I've lost all my pics I had the Android File Transfer app open on my Mac, and was deleting files, however, I accidentally deleted a file that contained ALL of my photos when I thought it only contained a few old ones I didn't want any longer.

Once I unplugged my phone Moto X 2nd gen , I realized all of my photos and vids were gone. Is there anything I can do to recover my photos??? I've tried different photo recovery tools from the google play store, but nothing from what I deleted has returned. I live so far out in the country that I can't get cable, etc.

But I can find some spots in my house where I can get a 4G network on my phone I can't add HotSpot to my plan because my dad works for Verizon and well, long story, but we'll lose our awesome plan we currently have that we're grandfathered into. In order to not lose my mind completely while way out in the middle of nowhere, I download TV shows or movies onto my phone, then I transfer them via USB and Android File Transfer onto my computer. This has been no problem for years, but just last week, it completely stopped working.

After a few seconds, it disappears, then Android File Transfer appears to open, but is immediately thwarted by an error message, rendering it inaccessible. The message claims that I need to unlock my screen, but my screen is unlocked!

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First, the computer sees that I've connected the phone it's listed in devices in the finder window , then it suddenly disappears from that list and the AFT app opens but is immediately frozen by an error message claiming my screen is locked. And again, this was working find until last week when no new changes took place on either device. Also, please keep in mind that if you're able to help with more suggestions, I may not be around any WiFi therefore my computer won't be able to be online at all if your response is not within 24 hours of my post.

I hope this was sufficient information. Thank you so, so much in advance. I am hoping for only helpful responses, no judgement on the fact that I have an S5 or a machine or that I don't have HotSpot. Just simple help with this specific issue would be so wonderful. I still do not get how to actually get my pictures from my phone on to my MacBook Air.

I have the Android file transfer and I get the screen you show above when I plug it in, however how do I make the pictures magically move over to be saved on my Mac? I have tried and failed multiple times. Please please please give me a dummies version!! Android File Transfer is pretty nifty! However, the moment your folder gets too large, the file transfer app won't access it! So whenever I tried to access that file, an error message pops up! However, it was great when I want to send files to the device. Very quick and can transfer as many GB as possible as long as your device has space.

However, it only transferred photos and I have total. I realize there is a 4gb limit so I guess I went over There doesn't seem to be any order to the ones transferred so I am wondering, shall I open up the camera and highlight the first photos and transfer and then do it again for the last ? Or do you have another suggestion? I tried Image Capture, iPhoto and Preview to try a direct transfer but they didn't see my phone.

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I'm afraid I can't help you, I don't know why that would happen. If you can browse your device and find your photos, that should be all of your photos. Sorry, when I said "Explorer" I meant "Finder". My years of Windows user cannot be left behind still evidently Very interesting article. The DroidNas workoaround gets the SD in the Explorer allright, but I had many problems copying and moving files inside the card from my Mac. One question: Finder asks for user name and password when trying to reach the "server".

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The only way I can move on is with the "guest" option. I tried inside DroidNas with "Limit access to device" setting up a name and pass with no luck. Any ideas? Thanks for your article. I'm honestly not sure about getting the password functionality to work, or if it's still even supported at this point.

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Deconnection and restart: same result. I haven't been able to use AFT since the update to 5. I've tried every USB cable I have too, no deal.

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AirDroid is my next goto on the Mac but is slow though a nice graphical interface. AFT works great for me; however, my cell phone battery needs to be replaced after 9 months.

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I'm wondering whether the battery automatically gets charged when I hook my MacBook up to my SmartPhone. I'm not sure how to avoid this, sorry. And eeek, if I use DroidNas on a public network like at my office , that means my coworkers can have access to my phone?