Youtube video downloader for mac os x 10.5.8

On the ones where it will run, it has problems, but then you don't need me to tell you that. Best I can recommend is PowerMax.

YouTube downloader for Mac OS X

It has Thank tou your advice I found a great extension for Safari that allow me to view Video great, it's name is Youtube5. I have a mac book pro so I don't need to buy new one, I just wanna to make work an old eMac that I have because I think it's still a great machine. My issues don't end here because I'm serching how to let work iCloud, another non sense from Apple.

If you have an old mac you can't sync files and stuff with other mac or devices and you must use services like Drop Box That's why they won't work with anything older than OS It's a double edged sword for Macs. The change in processors has caused problems lately for people who take care of their stuff, because Macs outlast PCs by a ratio of 4 to 1 in years, a lot of older PowerPC Macs are just now starting to see obsolescence from a software and interaction point, while they're still going strong from a hardware standpoint.

Unfortumately, for those users, Apple isn't going back to the old architecture and neither are software developers. Apple is Unix based so potentialy an open source Os so you can do it, you can do an icloud software, or a Flash player software that runs with PPC and older OS. I think you agree with this.

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That door closed years ago, and it won't be reopened. Those technologies were designed for the Intel acrhitecture regardless of the UNIX kernel , and see sentence 1 Apple isn't going to retro-design them because that basically, would mean reopening support for machines they abandoned nearly ten years ago. It's about not supporting hardware they no longer make.

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It's a G4 among cars. Still runs great 32mpg , still has the factory paint and it shines up well enough for about half a dozen car shows a year.

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But, it's a "classic car" now and it's worth six times what my grandparents paid for it in October It's not a "daily driver", and never will be. BACK Multimedia. More Products. Play video. Try It Free. Windows Mac. Great endeavours!

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    Bigasoft Video Downloader for Mac

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