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2 Easy Ways to Install Android Apps on Bluestacks - wikiHow

User profile for user: sigina sigina. Jul 10, PM in response to karthik9 In response to karthik9 The quick and easy method is to : 1: install dropbox in your bluestacks. User profile for user: lacarito lacarito. Aug 1, AM in response to sigina In response to sigina You are a genious. User profile for user: ozfatih ozfatih.

Apktool How to: OSX Installation and Usage

May 23, AM in response to shayd3 In response to shayd3 i tried your way but it comes with " error: device not found" what should i do? User profile for user: Dr.

How to see the code of .apk file with mac?

Frostbite Dr. Jun 11, AM in response to sigina In response to sigina Wow that actually worked. Thank you so much! User profile for user: pmare.

Sep 16, AM in response to karthik9 In response to karthik9 Hi. User profile for user: WilbertVin WilbertVin. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: 0. Oct 16, AM in response to karthik9 In response to karthik9 I've installed bluestacks on the macbook air, but do not understand how to get the apt file in it. User profile for user: VascoB VascoB.

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User profile for user: jslim89 jslim Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 0. User profile for user: JonathanGranato JonathanGranato. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. User profile for user: karthik9 Question: Q: how to install an apk file in macbook pro using bluestack software? Ask a question Reset. Android has come a long way since it first launch on the market more than a decade ago.

Early versions of the operating system were critiqued for their visual design and lack of quality apps, with iOS often being considered the older, better-looking sibling. But Android has grown into its own with two distinct flavors of visual design. The first, Holo, was released with Android 4. Holo was refined over the Android 4. In , alongside the release of Android 5. BlueStacks includes a full app software store, the ability to add friends to your list to play with, and even a social network called Pika World where you can connect with other BlueStacks players around you.

Outside of the friends list and social options, the most important aspect of BlueStacks is the inclusion of the Play Store. You can find other emulators across most platforms, including Andy, a close competitor to BlueStacks. Either option is solid for gaming and will provide you with a pretty decent experience on your iMac or MacBook, though we still think that BlueStacks is the one you should focus on.

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Now you should have the ability to download and install the Android emulator without a hitch. You may also need to accept adding BlueStacks as an accepted developer in your settings in order to properly install the app. Make your way to the BlueStacks website. Your Mac prompts you to click on and accept installation of BlueStacks to your Mac, just as with any application or program you install.

To create one, open apk-signer. Now you can use this keystore to sign APK files. Not really. If your app is written on React Native, using the same apktool you can find index. And it is usual minified. Of course, you can edit it and rebuild the app, but it may be difficult to do that as is:.

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Now you can find everything that you want inside this beautified. With beautified. How to be safe? One of the possible solutions is to make all checks on the back-end side, but in some cases, it is not possible. Because front-end is almost always reverse engineerable.

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Use front-end only to validate data, obtained from the back-end. By the way, if you need more info on smali language, always visit their GitHub page. More about apktool you can read here. Sign in Get started. Archive About Submit your article. Nov 9, Never miss a story from AndroidPub , when you sign up for Medium.