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This is a great hint. It makes watching those small videos online that don't themselves zoom that much easier. As has already been pointed out, you can change how the focus moves. I prefer the continuous movement though except for when I'm watching something so my solution is to use the screenshot functionality in the OS. Dude, awesome!

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It's a much easier method than the original hint above, and works flawlessly! Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. The zoom tool Control and mouse wheel scroll is normally set to follow the mouse, but sometimes I want both a zoomed-in Flash window and no cursor in the way.

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In addition to the methods noted this hint that basically hide the cursor, I came across one probably bug-borne trick which allows one to move the cursor without shifting the screen. First, you zoom in just a little bit, then wait. After a brief delay, the zoom feature will give up and pop back to regular full-screen mode. The keyboard zoom shortcut, Command-Option-plus, zooms too coarsely to do this -- you must use Control and the mouse wheel. After that, zoom back in heartily, and the screen will not doggedly track the mouse anymore!

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Zooming in and out is still biased by the mouse position, so you can walk the screen a little bit, if need be. Zooming fully back out returns you to normal behavior. On any mouse with more than three buttons, you can hold down an extra button, and move the cursor without shifting the zoom display.

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The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Move cursor without moving zoomed-in screen Authored by: pwsloss on Aug 11, '08 AM. Move cursor without moving zoomed-in screen Authored by: asmeurer on Aug 11, '08 PM. Often rendered as arrows pointing left and right with a vertical bar separating them.

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Often rendered as arrows pointing up and down with a horizontal bar separating them. Some edge is to be moved. For example, the se-resize cursor is used when the movement starts from the south-east corner of the box. In some environments, an equivalent bidirectional resize cursor is shown. For example, n-resize and s-resize are the same as ns-resize. Chrome Full support 1. Edge Full support Firefox Full support 1 Notes Full support 1 Notes Notes Starting in Firefox 67, the maximum size allowed for custom cursors is 32x32 pixels due to cursors being misused by certain malicious sites.

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Firefox Full support 1. IE Full support 4. Opera Android? IE Full support 8. Opera Full support 9. Chrome Full support 5.

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