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An update will be needed soon. Please authorize this update. Since this feature tends to appeal to the, er, more experienced demographic, I know that plenty of you remember the days where the most popular games were little more than text on a screen. Founded in by a group of MIT staff and students, Infocom shot to fame on the back of their Colossal Cave -inspired adventure game Zork.

They employed a number of different authors, a task made easier by their in-house programming language, ZIL. Their games were designed to be easily ported to a variety of platforms by using a sort of virtual machine wrapper, which was frankly an amazing idea for the time. The flexibility of the format allowed the publisher to handle a wide variety of themes and tones, from the ribald and humorous Leather Goddesses of Phobos to the pensive and philosophical A Mind Forever Voyaging.

Unfortunately, the market for text adventures began to evaporate as computers became more powerful and capable. In , they were acquired by Activision. Three years of butting heads later, Infocom became nothing more than a label occasionally trotted out to sell some vaguely adventure-like things. The quality of the writing was an obvious one, but there were plenty of good writers at other companies.

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Then there was the packaging. In an era where you were lucky to get a box instead of a resealable bag of disks, Infocom was delivering their games with the packaging equivalent of a gold brick. Boxes adorned with gorgeous artwork containing plump, informative manuals were just the start. Bits of fluff, scratch and sniff cards, train tickets, code wheels, telegrams, maps, buttons, and more could be found among these treats.

Activision still holds the rights to most of the Infocom library and has released collections of their classic games here and there over the years. The first such collection was in , including 20 games. Unfortunately, that was also one of the last times Activision would make the non- Zork Infocom games available for purchase. Lost Treasures of Infocom released on iOS in , collecting 26 Infocom text adventures from the s along with the throwback Zork: The Undiscovered Underground.

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The base download is free and includes the original Zork. Additional games are available a la carte or via various bundle packs. But the team in charge of developing this collection, Vancouver-based Code Mystics, really did their best to mitigate that issue. Aside from their excellent job with the interface, Code Mystics also went all-out on the extras.


The app also includes additional IAPs to unlock maps and Invisi-clues for all of the games. Invisi-clues were actual hint booklets that you would turn to if all else failed. Difficult problems were listed, along with one or more clues that could only be seen if you traced over them with a special pen. Movies for gamers. Browse all games. More GOG. GOG Galaxy. Join the team. Game technical issues. Orders and payments.

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The Lost Treasures of InfoCom: Zork I: The Underground Empire

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