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The code for this option is processed between Steps 2 and 3. How can you tell if cloc correctly identifies comments? One way to convince yourself cloc is doing the right thing is to use its --strip-comments option to remove comments and blank lines from files, then compare the stripped-down files to originals. The extention argument given to --strip-comments is arbitrary; here nc was used as an abbreviation for "no comments". We can now compare the orignial file, sqlite3. A rigorous proof that the stripped-down file contains the same C code as the original is to compile these files and compare checksums of the resulting object files.

How to Count Lines of a File by Command Line

Versions of cloc before v1. Beginning with v1. At the moment the automatic extraction method works reasonably well on Unix-type OS's for the following file types:. While not especially helpful when dealing with a single compressed archive after all, if you're going to type the extraction command anyway why not just manually expand the archive?

NANY 2012: Source Code Line Counter

The command would be. The --diff switch allows one to measure the relative change in source code and comments between two versions of a file, directory, or archive. Differences reveal much more than absolute code counts of two file versions. For example, say a source file has lines and its developer delivers a newer version with lines. Did he add two comment lines, or delete seventeen source lines and add fourteen source lines and five comment lines, or did he do a complete rewrite, discarding all original lines and adding lines of all new source?

How to count lines of piped output data with wc

The diff option tells how many lines of source were added, removed, modified or stayed the same, and how many lines of comments were added, removed, modified or stayed the same. In addition to file pairs, one can give cloc pairs of directories, or pairs of file archives, or a file archive and a directory. For example, to see what changed between GCC 4.

Project description

This can be useful when you want to use cloc to count lines of a language not yet included, to change association of file extensions to languages, or to modify the way existing languages are counted. The easiest way to create a custom language definition file is to make cloc write its definitions to a file, then modify that file:. A more complete discussion of the different filter options may appear here in the future. The output of cloc's --write-lang-def option should provide enough examples for motivated individuals to modify or extend cloc's language definitions.

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  7. If you manage multiple software projects you might be interested in seeing line counts by project, not just by language. The teams responsible for each of these projects run cloc on their source code and provide you with the output. For example MySQL team does. While these three files are interesting, you also want to see the combined counts from all projects. Report files themselves can be summed together.

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    Say you also manage development of Perl and Python and you want to keep track of those line counts separately from your database projects. First create reports for Perl and Python separately:. Once the code count information is in a database, the information can be interrogated and displayed in interesting ways. The metadata table contains information about when the cloc run was made. The maintainability index is calculated as a factored formula consisting of Lines Of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity and Halstead volume. From Wikipedia Cyclomatic complexity is a software metric measurement , used to indicate the complexity of a program.

    It is a quantitative measure of the number of linearly independent paths through a program's source code. From MSDN blogs. Basically, class coupling is a measure of how many classes a single class uses. A high number is bad and a low number is generally good with this metric. If this was helpful for you, share it with the friends. Best regards! Almir Vuk. Microsoft MVP. Microsoft Student Partner. Microsoft Certified Professional. Regular speaker at MS Events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the. NET platform My place to write about programming and software development.

    It is available in all major Linux distributions and supports multiple programming languages and file extensions and does not have any specific requirements to be used. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to install and use cloc on your Linux system.

    Sloc Cloc and Code - What happened on the way to faster Cloc | Ben E. C. Boyter

    Installing cloc is easy and simple. Below you can see how to install cloc in different operating systems with their related package managers:. Cloc can be used to count lines in particular file or in multiple files within directory. To use cloc simply type cloc followed by the file or directory which you wish to examine.

    Here is an example from a file in bash. The file in question contains the following code in bash:. Another cool feature of cloc is that can even be used on compressed files. For example, I have downloaded the latest WordPress archive and ran cloc on it. This may take a while for projects with many files and thousands of lines of code. While the help of cloc is easily readable and understandable, I will include some of the extra options that can be used with cloc some users may find useful. Cloc is a little useful utility that is definitely good to have in your arsenal.

    While it may not be used on a daily basis, it can help you when you have to generate some report or if you are just curious how is your project going. We are thankful for your never ending support.