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6 Ways to Recover Unsaved or Lost Word Document on Mac

It is not a big deal for not being able to save Word document, because solutions available for you to recover unsaved Word document on Mac. First, please note that Microsoft Office has arranged the recover Word document Mac solution in case of any the up mentioned scenarios happen. It comes with 2 built-in features: AutoRecover and AutoSave.

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AutoRecover allows you to retrieve an unsaved Word document on Mac which you have edited for more than once. AutoSave is a built-in tool that automatically saves a new document that you have created but not saved yet. It is enabled by default on your Microsoft Word on Mac. Here are the steps for how to use AutoSave to recover unsaved Word document on Mac. If you accidentally close Excel or PowerPoint without saving on Mac? Don't worry, You can also use the above method to recover unsaved excel file on Mac and recover PowerPoint on Mac. However, if you have deleted or lost the Word documents on Mac, then you should try the following ways to recover Word document on Mac.

If you have deleted the Word document, you should know that it is first put into Trash Can. And the validated period for it to stay is 30 days.

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Word Documents on Mac (3 Ways)

You can open the trash can, find and select it, and click "Restore" to save it to the original place. You can also try the spotlight on the very top right if you have remembered its name, search there, find it and drag it to the desktop. If you empty the Mac recycle bin or completely delete, formatted drive or other reasons due to a lost word document on Mac, you can try using Word recovery Mac tool. It is a Mac document recovery software.

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Here are the simple steps for how to recover Word document on Mac. Security Verified, 2,, people have downloaded it. Download the latest version of iBeesoft Data Recovery for Mac by clicking the download button below. Install it as the way you install other software on your Mac. Your last version of the document might still be available somewhere.

Here is what you can do to retrieve the document on macOS Mojave:.

macOS Mojave Tutorials: Recover unsaved word document on Mac

With a bit of luck, your unsaved word document should be in there. The upcoming Mojave OS will include this crucial option that should save your progress in a document and retrieve it even if your file was frozen and you had to close the application. If you cannot find your lost word document with the Terminal function in the temporary folder, you still have a few ways of recovering the file. One of the most used methods of retrieval involves using Microsoft Word to look through the previously written documents.

Recover Unsaved Word Documents on Mac (3 Ways)

The application has an Auto Recovery option that may very well be your savior for lost word files. You can try locating the AutoRecovery function for your lost word document on macOS Mojave with these easy steps:. Now that you have recovered your lost document, you can continue your progress while having a secure backup version.

Mac OS X Tutorial: Finding Lost Files on Your Apple Mac (iMac, MacBook or MacBook Pro)

Remember to save the word file often, so if you lose it again, you will not have to redo too much of your work. Time Machine is one feature guaranteed to be part of the upcoming macOS Mojave. Time Machine makes a backup copy of everything on your Mac for the past 24 hours.

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  5. Therefore, if you have been working on a word document, you will have 24 different copies of it made every hour for the past day. If your word file freezes, and you cannot save it, you can easily go back and restore one of the previous version of it to continue your work. Clicking the wrong button or exiting the file before saving can make you lose precious work in a word document. Even if you avoid these mishaps, a power outage is always bound to happen when you least expect it.

    For all these situations there is a safe and easy way of recovering your lost word document on a macOS Mojave. By using a third party software like Disk Drill, you have a good chance of retrieving almost all your progress in a word document. Disk Drill has user-friendly features that are self-explanatory and simple to follow.

    How to Recover Unsaved Word Document on Mac (Office 2011 & 2016 &12222)

    You can discover the process of recovering a word document on macOS Mojave safely in just a matter of minutes. This app is an excellent way of keeping an easily accessible backup for your files, and to avoid losing your work progress on a file. Fortunately, there are safe and effective ways of retrieving your progress without too much hassle.