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Easy to useUsing Revo Uninstaller is very simple. As soon as its installed, the main interface displays which programs are Mac Windows Mac. AppCleaner 3. Download Alternatives to AppCleaner.

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How to Uninstall Programs on Mac

Download Alternatives to AppZapper. AppTrap 1. Download Alternatives to AppTrap. CleanApp 4.

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Download Alternatives to CleanApp. AppDelete 4. Download Alternatives to AppDelete. These can be in the Library folder, or in an associated folder in an entirely different partition. To completely uninstall the app, you need to delete associated junk files as well. This will help you save storage space on your Mac and will also help your system run more smoothly. AppCleaner is a free utility which helps you delete all associated files from an app.

You can also use AppCleaner to delete unwanted apps that shipped with your Mac. It can easily remove apps like iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, and more. Click on the List button in the toolbar to see a list of all your installed apps.

From the top, you can search for an app as well. The best part about AppCleaner is the transparency it brings to the uninstallation process. The app will automatically select related files that are safe to delete. You can still go through the list and select other files that you think are no longer crucial.

Top 5 Best App Uninstaller for macOS High Sierra 2018

Then just click on the Remove button to delete the app and its related files. Download : AppCleaner Free. When you download apps from certain companies, they come with their own installers. They install their own helper and update utilities which makes it much harder to completely uninstall them. Adobe, in particular, makes the process unnecessarily complex. Even if you delete an Adobe app, the helper utility and menu bar app will still say put.

The only way to get rid of apps like this is to use their own uninstaller. Some apps will let you download an app-specific uninstaller to remove them. Application resources are stored in the Library folder. These are files that an app requires to function properly. When you delete an app, the related files in the Library folder stay put. Messing around with Library files can be dangerous.

Read More. This is where AppTrap comes in. It integrates the features of AppCleaner directly into the macOS operating system. You can click on the dropdown button to view a list of all associated files. Click on Move Files to move associated files to the Trash. Terminal is a powerful tool for taking matters into your own hands. Instead of downloading and trusting a third-party app, you can get the job done with just a command. Next, drag the application icon to the Terminal window and it will automatically enter the path of the app. Like so:.