How do i empty downloads folder mac

If you haven't cleaned up Download folder for a long time, there will stack up lots of useless downloads on the Mac. You have downloaded and installed a certain app from Safari, for example, and its installation package the. But all the.

Solving the mysteries of the Mail Downloads folder

Knowing how to delete downloads on Mac will surely help you manage your Mac better. If you need to not only the downloaded files, but also the download history, you may use a Mac cleanup utility. To delete downloads and download history in browsers on Mac :. Step 1 : Download, install and launch MacMaster on your Mac.

Step 2 : In the home interface, click on the "Privacy" option at the left sidebar.

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Step 3 : Click on "Scan" button. Step 4 : After the scanning, choose the specific browser you want to erase the downloads. To clear downloaded mail attachments on Mac :.

Your phone is powerful, but it’s not a Mac

On some occasions, we would download email attachments sent by our friends. And those mail attachments also occupy a lot on the Mac. With FonePaw MacMaster, you are able to remove the downloaded mail attachments to relieve some storage space. Moreover, deleting downloaded files from Mail on the Mac won't affect their original files in the mail server. You can still re-download them back if you want.

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Step 2 : Choose "Mail Trash" in the left sidebar and click "Scan". Step 3 : After scanning, select "Mail Attachments". Step 4 : Select the old or unwanted mail attachments and click "Clean".

The Mac OS X Downloads Folder (MacMost Now 439)

In addition to deleting download files and history on Mac, FonePaw MacMaster is such a quick and powerful app that can not only help you detect and monitor Mac performance , including the whole system status, disk utilization, battery usage and CPU usage, but also uninstall apps , remove duplicate or similar images and files, as well as scan out large and old junk files and clean them up. All the downloaded files will be automatically go to Downloads on Mac if you haven't changed the default settings.

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You can also remove all of the downloaded files from that Downloads folder. Click Scan.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Mac Downloads Folder

Select all download history and back to the last page. Click Clean to clear downloads history from Mac. MacClean is aimed to clear out space and private, to let your enjoy your life with more freedom. If you still have any question about MacClean or meet any problem when using MacClean, be free to contact our support team via Email , and they will reply to you within 24 hours. If you like this guide, don't forget to share it with your friends.

How to Clean up Mac?

May 26th, May 23rd, June 14th, July 12nd, Sept 28th, March 28th, As files are removed from the Downloads folder in Finder, they will also be removed from this Dock Downloads list. Aug 25, PM. Aug 26, AM. Question: Q: how to clear contents off downloads folder? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Wingbat1 Wingbat1.