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Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. What do the notification light colours mean on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone? How do I change the language and keyboard used on my Samsung Galaxy Alpha? Yes No. Comments: Optional. Otherwise you can read the white label that is often found on the motherboard under the memory sticks:. The MAC address is usually listed on the laptop chassis as well.

This one will be incorrect if the motherboard was changed and the stickers were not updated. A copy of this license is found in.. Obtaining the existing MAC address [link]. But my browsers says the page is "Done, but with errors on page". Thank you. Have you tried to manually input the IP Address, subnet mask, etc? Also, try to disable the firewall of your router if it has any. Yes, I manually input the addresses in but it still failed.

Changing the MAC address

I tried to disable the router firewall but I couldn't find anything - so maybe it doesn't have one. Hi BJ, OK, so this tells me that the router isn't even getting connected at all to the router. I realize that's what you implied initially, but this cinches it. I assume it behaves like this even with encryption turned off, right? So let me ask you this: does your router have MAC address filtering enabled?

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Hi HD Tech, I have the similar problem with the similar TV, we have been using it from 2 years, all of a sudden it stopped connecting to the net. By encryption, I assume you mean the security key. Yes, I removed it and it still fails. I am at not at home now so I can't confirm about the MAC address filtering state. But as I recall, I tried leaving the router open and also limiting it to certain devices.

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Limiting it to only the TV did not work. I'm ready to give up and get a router that supports Hi Bob, Thanks for checking in. I read all of your earlier posts when trying to solve this.

What is a MAC Address?

I only posted when I couldn't find an answer. Yes, this is the router. I did as you suggested and it still doesn't connect.

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Does this TV support "g" mode? In the only other related post where someone solved this problem, it was done by replacing the router with one that supported "n" mode. But at this age, it can be problematic and why when the office tech makes such a call will carry a spare router to test with.

How to re enter my mac address on my smart tv | Tom's Guide Forum

It really can torque folk that other things connect but as you see this more and more, some gear just doesn't work with newer devices. Part of the troubleshooting is getting wired along with another router. Hope you find out what it is. It could be the channel number but I read "The channel is set to 11 also tried 6. On the outside chance the router's radio has gone wonky, try 1 as well. I tried setting the channel to 1 but it didn't work either. I can access the TV via ethernet cable but the point of buying the TV was to have wireless access to the internet.

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Oh well. It appears I need to buy a new router. Be sure you test that feature before you go much further. We know the browser is limited and some sites block TVs and then the Flash is again limited.

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Some folk go through all this and only discover the limitations later. Get wired to see if this is worth fixing. And you do need another WiFi connection to see if it's the router or the TV. It could be the TV but until that test is done, we're not sure.

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Any hope of a cell phone or PC to provide this test? I have been accessing the internet successfully with the TV via a long ethernet cable strung through the house. For testing, I moved the TV to the computer room to make sure the wireless signal was strong enough. The point of the wireless TV is that my wife doesn't want to watch movies on the computer.

We have had four other laptops access the wireless router at different times successfully for at least a couple of years. Unless anybody can think of anything else, I'll order a new router over the weekend and report next week. I missed how far it is to the router but this post gives me a clue it's a long ways away.

These TVs and other devices look to be half the range of your common laptop.