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Posted on Oct 31, PM.

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Nov 2, PM in response to jlw71 In response to jlw I got rid of both of them. Nov 2, PM. Page content loaded. Nov 1, AM in response to jlw71 In response to jlw I use both but if you don't use them you can delete them. If some website needs Flash it will say plugin missing and direct you to the Flash download page to reinstall it.

So you can delete it without any harm.

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Nov 1, AM. Sorry - I should have mentioned that I use FireFox. But thanks for your answer. I feel more confident about getting rid of Reader.

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Question: Q: do mac users need adobe reader or flash? More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Only the Pages application, and with some backward version limitations, can open Pages documents, and non-destructively , export them to PDF. So, having mentioned these two paragraphs, how are you destructively opening a Pages document, that automatically becomes a PDF?

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There's more to this story than what you have shared so far. What specific version of Pages? Apr 8, PM.

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Maybe the O. But it remains a mystery as to why the O. I am amazed how many people can not find and use the basic installed software that sits in the Dock. And don't look around when using a new computer. But unless you have deleted the Pages documents from which these PDFs were created, you'll find it easier to simply locate and open the Pages documents in Pages. Set Preview as the default application to open PDFs. Open PDFs only in Preview.

That said, I doubt that Adobe Acrobat Reader has done any damage. All that it should be doing is opening and displaying a PDF file that has been created, probably by Pages, from a Pages document. Possibly, although the 'could not open' file above included a preview image, which I assume is a small PDF. Screen shot from Finder set to Cover View:. Reader doesn't know that a PDF document resides within a foobar.

Reader knows better than to step in dog Misthaufen. So, Adobe application is running in background. I open a pages doc that I created last year.

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If I close the Adobe app. But if I forget to close the Adobe app. Apr 9, PM. Apr 9, PM in response to outlawmule In response to outlawmule. As I have mentioned before, the application cannot open anything but a PDF, and cannot take control of the Pages application and force it to generate a PDF. Reader is a by-stander watching a mugging, but it is not a participant.

There is something else going on to produce a PDF document from an open Pages document:.

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  • I have Pages v5. I tested by opening two Pages documents, one created in , the other in Both triggered a launch of Pages 5. Neither was converted to PDF at opening or some time after opening, although Adobe Reader was running with no document opened at the time.