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To tether your iPhone over USB, you will need to install usbmuxd and libimobiledevice. Next enable Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and plug it into your computer. At this point you will have a new ethernet device available and should be able to use any network manager to connect to the internet through the new iPhone ethernet device, just like you would any other ethernet connection. If systemd-networkd is used for network management, you can easily configure it to connect to the internet through the iPhone, as you would with any other adaptater.

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If for example enp0s26u1u2c4i2 is the name of the network device that is created from the iPhone as displayed by networkctl list , create the following. If the iPhone appears in the device list but does not connect, it is possible that you may need to connect your iPhone and pair it with your computer before connecting iPhones using a PIN unlock? Tethering over Bluetooth will drain the batteries relatively quickly, but simultaneous charging from an USB port works well.

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See the main article Bluetooth and setup the bluetooth daemon. A Bluetooth icon should appear in your notification area. Note: the icon may not appear if bluetooth was not turned on at startup. Click it, and search for nearby devices, adding your iPhone note, you may need to have the Bluetooth setting screen up on your iPhone for discovery to work. Once the iPhone has been added to the devices list, open the Device menu and select pair.

This will require the usual entering of a PIN on the computer then the iPhone. If everything goes well, blueman reports a success and the status bar on your iPhone should glow blue, indicating a successful tether. These are the underlying causes of pertinent issues such as unstable or intermittent Internet connection over Personal Hotspot, connection failure or no connection at all.

This post will tackle the common culprits as to why personal hotspot fails to work as intended on your iPhone 6s Plus.

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Potential generic solutions and applicable workarounds are also highlighted to assist you further in troubleshooting the problem. Read on to find out such problems occur when using Personal Hotspot on your iOS device and what options you have to remedy the situation. It is important to know the possible causes when troubleshooting a problem in mobile devices.

Doing so will not only help you get started on what to work on but also increases your chances of fixing the problem in no time.

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When dealing with issues on Personal Hotspot, it will help you to start checking on the service requisites. To verify this matter, you will need to contact your carrier and have them add or activate personal hotspot service on your plan. Sometimes, a pertinent problem also occurs when using an incorrect Wi-Fi network, password errors, or when exceeding the limit on the number of connections you can have.

Another major culprit to consider is a faulty update. It is typical for software updates to contain some bugs that can affect other iPhone services like Personal Hotspot once the update is implemented. You can put the blame on iOS bugs if the problem occurs right after installing an iOS update on your device.

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In this case, you may opt to try some applicable workarounds to try to remedy the issue but if the problem persists, you next best option is to escalate the problem to Apple Support for further assistance and recommendations. Before considering problem escalation, there are still some workarounds and potential solutions you can try on to fix the problem on your end.

Configure your L2TP VPN

Now that you already have the determined the possible causes, you can start working on each of the aforementioned factors to troubleshoot the problem. Highlighted below are possible solutions and workarounds you can use to deal with various issues when using Personal Hotspot on your iPhone 6s Plus. Feel free to give any of these methods a try and then see what happens. Be sure to test your device after completing each method to determine whether the problem has been fixed or not.