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This release addresses compatibility issues in Word and PowerPoint with some third-party fonts or in mixed-language environments. This release fixes an issue with opening or saving files in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint when the first part of the file path contains spaces or certain characters. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.

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Word update package. Excel update package. PowerPoint update package. See Key Details for Your Contacts: Select a contact's name in a message or calendar event to see their photo, phone number, email, org chart, and more. Learn More. Outlook update package. OneNote update package. New Office App Icons: Redesigned app icons to reflect the simple, powerful, and intelligent experiences of Office.

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Calling All Macro Users: Record a macro using relative references. When you play it back, it works in relation the active cell, not the cells used for recording. Find them on the ribbon. Learn More Get a Faster Start: Get recommendations based on your activity and what others are working on around you. Install On Clone Feature Enhancements: For SSD devices, rolling out updates on clone for apps in use, thereby reducing the app downtime due to updates.

Installation Optimizations: The update process will use parallelized cloning, so app downtime due to updates will be reduced. Microsoft AutoUpdate update package. Fixes an issue with removal of shared or delegated calendars. Learn More Discover More About Your Data: The new Ideas button looks for patterns in your data, and uses them to create intelligent, personalized, suggestions. Better Shapeshifting: Move your finger on the trackpad and watch ink flow across the screen.

Fixed an issue with authentication for Google Accounts. Fixed an issue with calendar synchronization. Sketch with Your Trackpad: Move your finger on the trackpad and watch ink flow across the screen. Learn More Make Your Images Accessible: When you insert a picture, Office suggests captions that can be read by people with vision impairments. Apply any font color you like. Fixed an issue with Chinese localization.

Break the Language Barrier: Translate words, phrases, or the whole document to another language with Microsoft Translator.

Instructions for creating an Excel timeline

Do this from the Review tab on the ribbon. Optimize sync based on power and network status: Outlook now optimizes sync for your Exchange accounts when on battery and limited network, such as airplane wi-fi. All the Meeting Details At a Glance: Click the event in your calendar to see all the meeting details.

Check out who was invited, edit your response, or join the meeting, all in one place. Fixed a regression in character spacing when mixing unicode and non-unicode. Requires macOS Mojave. Learn More Apply sensitivity labels to your documents: Apply sensitivity labels to your documents to keep them compliant with your organization's information protection policies.

Collaborate with Comments: Keep the conversation going right in your spreadsheet with the built-in reply box. Learn More Apply sensitivity labels to your worksheets: Apply sensitivity labels to your worksheets to keep them compliant with your organization's information protection policies.

Learn More More formatting options for Histogram, Waterfall, Treemap, Sunburst, Funnel and Map charts: You have more control of the formatting options for the new chart types by using the format pane. Print slide numbers in handouts: When you print a presentation into handouts, each slide will show an accompanying slide number. Apply sensitivity labels to your presentations: Apply sensitivity labels to your presentations to keep them compliant with your organization's information protection policies.

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Learn more Embed a subset of the fonts: Embed only the characters used in the presentation. Apply sensitivity labels to your messages: Apply sensitivity labels to your messages to keep them compliant with your organization's information protection policies. No typing required. Learn More Adding Gmail Accounts Just Got Easier: Security improvements mean you no longer need to allow access for "less secure apps" or set an app password in order to add your Gmail account to Outlook. Outlook for Mac now highlights search terms: Ever tried searching for something and wished Outlook would highlight your search term in the item list and preview pane?

Well, wonder no more as it's here! The AutoUpdate daemon is now launched as part of the installation process. This eliminates confusing security dialogs that were previously shown to users. Preserve the Look of Your Text: Embed fonts to ensure that your document's text looks the same on every computer. No more surprises! Learn More View embedded fonts in documents: Allows fonts that have been embedded in a file to be rendered in Mac Word. Focus mode invokable status bar: In Focus mode, more easily see Word count and access zoom controls with invokable status bar.

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The Best Free Gantt Chart Excel Template

Now, Focus Mode opens at your set zoom level and also shows the page number while you scroll. Share your calendar: Share your calendar with family, friends, and colleagues. Open calendars shared with you in Mac, PC, or cloud versions of Outlook. Use Teams in Outlook to schedule and join online meetings. Learn More See who's coming to the meeting: Click any meeting or event in your calendar to see who plans to be there.

View three time zones: Need to schedule a meeting across time zones?

Why (and when to) use a Gantt Chart

Add multiple time zones to your calendar to easily see everyone's availability and pick a time that works for all. Plus all of the icons look great on screens of all sizes. Learn More Updated Alt Text Pane: Make your content more accessible by adding helpful captions or even mark elements as decorative. A selection of timeline templates is available for free on Microsoft's website. The downloaded template is a regular Excel worksheet that has had text boxes added to it and specific formatting options applied to it.

Customizing your Excel gantt chart template

The timeline itself is created by adding borders to specific cells in the worksheet and by typing the dates in cells below the timeline. Everything in the timeline, therefore, can be altered to suit your needs. The following sections cover the most common changes people need to make to the template. You'll want to begin by changing the default title included with the timeline template. Follow these steps to customize your own title for the timeline. The template's dates won't typically fit perfectly with the dates that you wish to use, you can go about changing them with the following steps:.

If you aren't happy with how an event's label is positioned in your Excel document, you can change its positioning with the Position setting in the data set. A larger number in the Position cell will move the label farther away from the timeline, while a smaller number will move it closer. Additionally, a negative number will place the label underneath the timeline, while a positive number will place it above the timeline.

The current number of events on your timeline might be perfect, but most likely you will need to make a few adjustments. Here is how to add additional labels to your timeline:. You might wish to make a few changes that stray away from the default template, including customizing your timeline bar's colors and bar caps.

Change to a different timeline layout. Change the colors of your timeline. Apply a SmartArt style to your timeline.

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On the SmartArt Design tab, point to the layout panel and click the down arrow. To create a timeline with pictures or photos, click Continuous Picture List. The circular shapes are designed to contain pictures. Give your timeline a professional look by using a SmartArt style to apply a combination of effects, such as line style, bevel, or 3-D perspective.

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