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MacBook Pro and cintiq 12wx tablet

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Support Product registration Certificates Support. Product Resources Get your product drivers, manuals, and warranty information. On the high end, there's the Intuos line; at the entry level, there's the Bamboo line formerly known as Graphire. Both lines make excellent additions to the artist's tool chest. Intuos tablets are more sensitive and have more functionality than the Bamboo tablets, and they're geared more toward professionals. But any kind of Wacom pen tablet is better than none at all. I personally have several models from each line, used for various purposes--some for the kids, a couple large ones for the workstations, a couple medium-sized ones for working in smaller spaces.

I even bought a first-generation Cintiq way back when, although I don't use it anymore because it doesn't have the functionality of the newer, more advanced tablets out there, even though it is great in other ways. With the new Cintiq lineup, Wacom has brought together the best of all of these without any compromises. The latest Cintiq generation has all of the advantages of Intuos tablets--including support for pen tilt and other functions--along with the killer feature that makes the Cintiq so sought after and, until now, expensive : The tablet is, itself, an LCD display.

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In the past, this feature has come with limitations. In the distant past a few years ago , it meant you didn't get all the functionality of the regular graphics tablets less sensitivity, no tilt support. In the more recent past, it meant simply a whopping price tag, along with a form factor that limited the device to a fixed location unless you were a fan of hauling around a pound monitor.

Now, with the introduction this month of the Cintiq 12WX, that's changed.

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It fits snuggly in a laptop case measuring 16" W x And, at a total weight of 4. The screen covered in a layer of durable acrylic has a resolution of 1, x pixels WXGA. As a display designed specifically for visual artists, its quality is far superior to that of any notebook display I've seen. It has true bit color depth as opposed to the fudged "millions of colors" on standard notebook displays.

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Colors, brightness, and contrast are even across the face of the screen. And the device calibrates up nicely using a colorimeter.

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The factory settings on my review unit were a bit dark, but that was fixed easily enough. At factory settings, it does have a discernable sweet spot of very roughly 45 degrees on the vertical and maybe 70 degrees on the horizontal. Proper calibration with contrast boosted all the way up took care of this problem. In terms of tablet functionality, the Cintiq 12WX has a resolution of 5, lines per inch, 1, levels of pressure sensitivity, and support for pen tilt up to 60 degrees.

So essentially it's an Intuos with a screen. And that's pretty much all I need to know. Use the Official Purchase Advice Thread for help figuring out what tablet to buy. If you make a standalone post for this, it will be removed. If you have tech support, please include the model of tablet you have, and your computer specifications. Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 to iMac self.

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Hi does anyone know how to connect Cintiq pro 24 to iMac 4K model? I prefer not to use my MacBook pro. It says that you won't get 4k, but I've seen a ton of cases where you'll still get 4k. Depends on what port you plug into.

Hi thanks.