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You will be glad to know about its unique photo organization abilities that allow users to share their content on popular social media platforms like Facebook without making more efforts. Besides the inbuilt Photos app, you can also use the free slideshow maker iMovie on Mac to create a slideshow. Wondershare Filmora9 is popular enough for its interactive software tools and you can expect the same elegant design for its slideshow generation capabilities.

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This platform is recommended for casual, novice users as well as for beginners. It does not demand special skills for users, rather all effects are easy to implement with amazing sound effects.

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There are numerous editing tools inside DSB application that can generate unique effects on your content but the sad part is that it does not allow users to share their content on other platforms. But, you will definitely enjoy its advanced customization tools. FotoMagico 5 is simple and interesting tool that can process your text, music, videos and photos with ease for generation of beautiful slide shows.

You will be glad to know that it allows users to create high resolution live presentations and videos. Advanced support to 4k Ultra HD resolution over this tool makes everything perfect for professionals. In the follow part, we will show you how to use this Filmora9 video editor as a mac slideshow maker.

How to control the order of images in a Photos for Mac slideshow | Macworld

Download and have a try of this mac slideshow maker and share with us your opinions about Filmora9. Creating photo slideshow on Filmora9 for Mac is easy, to be briefly, all you need to do is import your desired photos, videos and music to the media library, and then choose transitions, filters and elements, effects for the slideshow, preview if everything is fine and then export the final file.

Create HD Slideshow and Play on HDTV

Below is the detailed steps about creating slideshow on Mac with Filmora9. Step 1: Bring your desired set of photographs to the software timeline by using import option. What's more, you can import your own music for the photo slideshow or record your own voiceover. Step 3: You can edit your photographs using interactive tools to get customized results. Step 6: Go to the Filter tab and the Elements tab to apply more filters and elements for your slideshow. We've written an article about How to make slideshow video with Filmora9 on Windows and Mac, which described all the steps for creating slideshow.

Apple Photos has a built in feature to hide sensitive images from casual view. Apple Photos puts all hidden photos in a special Hidden album. Hidden images are not displayed in Photos, Memories, and several other standard locations.

How to Create iPhoto Slideshows on Your Mac

As noted above, if a slideshow project starts with a hidden image, the thumbnail for the slideshow project will be a dummy graphic rather than a thumbnail derived from the hidden image. By default, the Hidden Album is displayed in the Albums list. However, it is possible to hide the Hidden Album as well. One might wonder about an interface where a hidden album is not hidden by default.

As mentioned previously, it is probably prudent to choose an innocuous slide for the first slide in a slideshow wherever possible since the first slide is often either directly displayed or used for the thumbnail in some views. Folder names and album names tend to hang around in various open dialogs and other GUI components on the Mac, so it is best to select secure privacy-protecting names for folders and albums with slide show images.

Generally avoid personally identifiable information , confidential or proprietary information and other sensitive names.

How to Make a slideshow Video from photos with Music

In principle, the various applications that display slideshows on the Mac are supposed to block the screen saver and energy saver features while the slideshow is active. This usually works, but I have experienced a number of cases with an external display where it unpredictably failed. Either the screen saver or the display blanking happened in the middle of the slide show after the timeout was reached.

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For important slideshow presentations or similar situations it is prudent to disable the usual screen saver and energy saver timeouts or to use a third-party program that simulates activity during the slideshow to prevent the screen saver from activating or the mac going to sleep. Third party applications such as AntiSleep can emulate activity on the Mac to prevent the timeouts from the Screen Saver and Energy Saver features.

Note that AntiSleep is just one of many such third-party applications. Slideshow support is a weak area on the Mac, especially compared to the built-in slideshow features in Windows Explorer. These five methods to create and display slideshows will be more than adequate for the vast majority of users, although more awkward than possible. It would be better if one could select a group of images in Finder and then directly set playback speed, transition type, shuffle versus ordered playback, and other options from the right click menu or some other accessible method without going through Apple Photos or the Screen Saver.

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