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A dialogue box may pop up telling you a certain app "is an application downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it? Open-source and omnipotent, the media player will play, stream, or convert just about any video format you can throw at it, while sporting a clean, minimal interface that strips away unnecessary controls and puts the focus on the content. With dozens of supported formats and drop-dead simple one-click operation, the app will dutifully extract and expand all sorts of extensions, in numerous languages and virtually any compression method.

Independent publishing has never been so accessible. What used to require months of training and an expensive suite of software can now be accomplished with a single free app. With an array of templates and tools and a breathtakingly easy interface, iBooks Author can get you from outline to upload in no time. Free to all but the most serious professionals, Alfred will supercharge your productivity with its unique system of shortcuts and keystrokes, letting you launch apps, find files, solve calculations, and control your Mac with swift precision.

Read our full review of Alfred here. And of course, everything will be presented in a beautiful stripped-down view, all without the ethical quandary of an ad blocker.

One day iCloud Drive will be able to handle all of our file storage needs, but until it arrives, Dropbox is an essential tool. But while its website is fine for quickly uploading small files, the Mac app turns the service from a simple digital locker into a seamless storage syncing solution. Launch it once and your Dropbox folder will integrate with the Finder, so adding a file is as easy as saving it to your Documents folder. No matter how or what you write, Simplenote promises to fit neatly into your workflow, with a syncing and organizational system that rivals the most powerful note-takers around.

The deceptively powerful app puts a premium on speed and efficiency, offering a clean, lightweight interface that lets you breeze in and out of your notes, organize your thoughts, and quickly find things buried under a mountain of text snippets.

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The debate over which is the better browser is one that won't be settled anytime soon, but in the meantime, every Mac user should have a copy of Chrome alongside Safari in their Dock. Fast, smart, and endlessly customizable, Google's browser is an excellent alternative to Apple's, with speedy surfing, smart syncing, and Google Assistant-style voice searches. And with a dedicated store filled with extensions and themes, finding ways to enhance it is way easier than it is on Safari. Having the date and time in our menu bar is super helpful, but if you want a little more control over your appointments, Itsycal is the clock replacement of choice for menu bar tweakers.

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As its name suggests, Itsycal adds a tiny but enormously useful calendar to your menu bar, complete with appointment dots and a list of any upcoming meetings. You can also add an event without needing to launch Calendar, but the best reason to download Itsycal is how good it looks, whether you like things light or dark. Mac maintenance might not be as vital to the day-to-day operation of your Mac as it once was, but slow-downs still happen.

And when they do, Onyx will clear them up.

The Best Mac Cleaner Software

A general-purpose utility with more tools than a Swiss Army knife, Onyx packages maintenance scripts, cache cleaning, and permissions repairers to keep your Mac in tip-top shape. Its simple interface makes it quick and painless to run all kinds of cleaning solutions, but its best feature might be the individual optimized versions Titanium Software offers, going all the way back to Jaguar.

But you'll probably still need a cup of coffee. But you can get all of the features and more in the free version of BBEdit. Even without spending anything, BBEdit is a full-featured editor in its own right, sporting powerful features such as multiple clipboards, automatic backups, live search and syntax-highlighting support for more than 20 programming languages.

Whether it's to-dos, reminders, wishes, or groceries, we all make lists. And if you make them on your Mac, Wunderlist is just as amazing as it sounds.

The 34 Best Mac Menu Bar Apps

Simple, fast, and elegant, the app will let you write, share, and assign as many lists as your life needs, with a friendly interface that keeps everything neat and organized. But it's more than the price that's wonderful; Wunderlist is one of the most powerful task managers around, seamlessly augmenting your workflow with smart lists and Calendar integration, and making sure you never forget anything that needs to get done.

We're not sure how long Microsoft plans on keeping it around, so grab a copy while you still can. So if your Mac is feeling a little run-down, make an appointment with Dr. With a simple interface and a lightweight, menu bar-based app, the good doctor will optimize your memory and clean out the hidden files that bog down your hard drive. With a click, it'll surgically remove caches, logs, and temporary files as it frees up disk space and makes sure your Mac gets a clean bill of health. You can finally satisfy your curiosity, as Count It displays the current FPS in the corner of the screen during your game.

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You can also save game settings, helping you remember what resolution you used to get the best performance. Download : Count It Free. Simply pressing Start Tests will begin the comprehensive analysis. Newer Macs can still get bogged down by excess clutter and software. Sometimes your Mac just needs a fresh start to kick it into a high-speed gear. Read More , or how to reinstall macOS to make your Mac fast and squeaky clean. Your email address will not be published.

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    • Enter your Email. Read our privacy policy. Scroll down for the next article. Deleting them manually could be a pesky affair. What Is Mac Cleaner? Mac Cleaner is a utility application which helps you remove unwanted files and optimizes your Mac. Worry not, we have listed top 10 Mac optimization apps for your help.

      These are the best mac cleaning software that will allow you to remove all unwanted apps and files in no time and free up precious disk space. This is the best Mac cleaning software. Smart Mac Care is undoubtedly one of the best optimization tools available in the market right now. Enjoy a junk and malware-free Mac alongside smooth performance and uncluttered storage.

      The Best Mac Productivity Software

      Download Smart Mac Care now on your system. Download Now. Upon launching, you need to scan the disk with this Mac cleaning software. Once you have previewed your files in each section, you can proceed to delete all unwanted ones. Get it here. This Mac optimizer is available in three versions, namely free, professional and professional plus. Successively each version adds up more features for users to analyze their disk usage. For anyone who is looking for free version, the app will only fasten your Mac and protect privacy.

      Apart from its versions, the app does fine with figuring out unwanted files from various drivers. Purchase CCleaner for Mac here. Disk Clean Pro is one of the most popular mac disk cleanup utility. It includes all essential features you need for a complete disk clean-up, without putting your important data at risk. A disk free from clutter and unwanted data not only boosts system speed but also prevents further slowdowns.

      With this amazing tool, you can achieve all this in just a few clicks. MacBooster 7 is another cleaner app that keeps your Mac machine safe from over 20 types of junk files.