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Data Recovery: Recover Deleted Files and Lost Data for Free with PC Inspector by Britec

We use cookies on our website to personalize your experience, like showing you prices in your local currency, or learning which parts of our site people use the most. By using our site you accept our use of cookies. Recovery from damaged disks Unlike most file recovery tools, Recuva can recover files from damaged or newly formatted drives.

PC Inspector File Recovery - Free Download Area

Deep scan for buried files For those hard to find files, Recuva has an advanced deep scan mode that scours your drives to find any traces of files you have deleted. Securely delete files Sometimes you want a file gone for good. It is important that you install the program on another disk other that the one you want to recover files from. Doing this will reduce the risk of overwriting or damaging the deleted or damaged files.

Step 2. Run PC Inspector and you should see a number of options.

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These options are divided into 3 categories: recover deleted files, find lost data and find lost drive. Choose "Find lost Data" if you lost your data due to a quick formatting or a system or drive crash. You should choose "Find lost Drive" if the entire drive is inaccessible for some reason, maybe due to a damaged partition. Click on the icon next to the category you want to select.

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  6. Step 3. For the purpose of this tutorial we are using the recover deleted files option to recover deleted files from an SD card.

    Once you have selected the option, the program will scan all of the drives that are attached to the computer and show you a list of those available those you can recover files from. Choose the appropriate drive from the list to begin. Step 4. You can check whether you selected the correct drive by clicking on the "Preview" button.

    This will show you all of the contents of the drive's root directory. This way you can make sure that it contains the folders toy expect. You can't however, browse through the contents of a folder. Once you are sure you have selected the correct folder, click on the "Green Tick" and the program will scan it for deleted files.

    Top 5 Free Data Recovery Tools of 2014/2015

    You could delete it by mistake, you could conduct an inappropriate formatting of a certain device — there are all kinds of possibilities. What is more, someone could even willingly and deliberately delete information from your computer. The sooner you take the necessary recovery steps, the better your chances of complete recovery are.

    Just on the contrary — the more you wait, the slimmer your chances get.

    Top 5 Free Data Recovery Tools of 2014/2015

    Luckily for you, there are different tools available online, for your convenience, that are going to help you out in the matter. Of course, there are both free and paid tools. However, for the sake of full disclosure is worth noting that the free tools are usually rather limited. Now, the PC inspector file recovery tool is completely free and you could easily download it from their official website.

    However, as it is with any free tool, there are limitations for you to consider.

    PC Inspector File Recovery 4.0

    The most important and restrictive one is the amount of supported file systems. What is more, your operating system is also to be accounted for. The PC inspector recovery review shows that you could only use this tool on Windows 7. Considering that the most current version of Windows is Windows 10, you can see how this could be an inconvenience. What is more, Mac users are completely cut off from access.