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Avira Optimizer does that for you with ease — and lets you delete the unneeded ones with the click of a button.

System and application folders. Browser caches and crash reports. Log and junk files. There are countless hidden folders on your computer storing redundant files that take up space. With an elegantly simple layout and easy-to-understand interface, Optimizer makes keeping your machine in perfect condition a pleasure rather than a chore. Most similar programs just do their thing, leaving you none the wiser. Optimizer clearly informs you which files to remove from your system and how much space you saved.

Download our Free Security Suite for even greater protection. Working on your Mac and browsing the internet result in lots of junk files clogging up valuable storage space. A lot of your privacy-related data will get stored as well. Get your Mac running more quickly and smoothly by using Avira Optimizer for optimized storage and privacy. Avira Optimizer for Mac is the best Mac optimization software. Use it to close unneeded programs to free up RAM on your Mac, make your applications start faster, and improve overall performance.

Keep your Mac clean and lean. Our smart Mac Optimizer performs a clean-up with a single click and removes junk files, browser caches and more. Quickly identify and delete large or old files to free up more storage space for your photos, videos, and apps. To keep your device clean and fast, schedule regular clean-ups. The Mac Optimizer includes:. Browsing online and using lots of different applications fills up storage with unnecessary junk files. With the Quick Optimizer, just one click is enough to analyze and clean your Mac.

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Remove several gigabytes of storage space in just a few seconds. You can choose and personalize the files to be deleted. Delete your history in Safari and other browsers to protect your privacy-related information more effectively.

The Best Mac Cleaner Software of Unbiased Reviews

Set an automatic notification to remind you to clean your Mac. Find out how hard your CPU is working, how much memory is being used, and how much storage space is available. The menu bar app gives you all this information at a glance. Made in Germany, our Mac optimization software is the result of 30 years of experience in developing security solutions. Our award-winning applications already protect over million devices. Avira Optimizer helps to keep your Mac storage free of clutter, and boost performance. The technology is state-of-the-art, so that your Mac is clean and optimized for more productive working and hassle-free internet surfing.

Avira Mac Optimizer cleans your system in seconds to get rid of junk files and improve the performance of your Mac.

TuneUp Utilities 2014

This is another beautiful and distinct disk space analyzer that efficiently scans the drives on your Mac. It provides a visual overview of what is eating up space on your Mac and showcases files in a pinwheel-shaped disk that helps you to locate and clean up large files. It also has a built-in Quick Look preview that shows you what you wish to get rid of. There are collection drawers that help you stage files for trashing. You only need to browse through and select things that you do not need while a single click clears them out.

Drive Genius keeps the computer running smoothly while ensuring that there is no valuable data loss. It combines data recovery, virus scanning, and cleanup process efficiently. It constantly scans for major issues before they become a problem. If you use your Mac to make money and store valuable information, you can consider Drive Genius. It offers a collection of tools that are very comprehensive but if you are a casual user of the computer, there are some basic software that can provide free data recovery.

The partitioning feature in the Disk utility provides several functions such as allowing users to resize rename and reformat partitions. Drive genius provides these features and more.

Avira Optimizer for macOS

It also allows partitions to be directly transferred to other locations on the drive that contains free space. In addition, it automatically selects new locations that are available for maximum compaction of the disk. Users will also have the opportunity of hiding or revealing partitions in order to make them accessible or inaccessible. Drive Genius run these utilities simultaneously on different drives thereby making the process of maintenance quick and easy.

The easiest way to delete an app from your Mac is to move it to trash. This however usually leaves behind some extra files. To remove all the files associated with an app when it is uninstalled, this is the Mac cleaner to use. It clears everything ensuring that the hard drive's space is only used to store data related to apps that are actually useful.

This app is very easy to use. Just drag apps you would like to uninstall and drop them in the small window of the AppCleaner. All the files associated with the app to be uninstalled are listed and you can uninstall them at once. Even widgets associated with the app to be uninstalled can be deleted.

The files deleted are sent to trash and you can confirm and be sure of what you are deleting.

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This is one of the best free Mac Cleaners. It gives its users visual and textual information about disk usage. It is easy to install and has a simple interface. When opened Disk Inventory X will show a simple disk selector dialog box. Select the disk you want and this will expand to a large Window. On the left pane, you will see the total size of files and folders in hierarchical order. On the right side, you will see a colorful graphical presentation of the file types of color coded. You can see detailed information about a certain app by selecting it. With this, you can know what is taking too much space and you can remove it to give your hard drive some breathing space.

This comes with a clean interface with two main features. Any leftover files, log files and hidden cache will be detected. The other major feature is the Duplicate Finder. AVG Cleaner for Mac is a simple yet very powerful tool and to top it all it is free of charge. This feature-packed utility is the best Mac cleaner.

There is so much you can do with this. From verifying the startup disk to structuring the system files to configuring parameters in the Finder and other Apple applications like Dock and Safari you can do it with this app.

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  6. You can even carry out disk maintenance and cleaning. You will be able to delete caches and remove apps and all they come with. Databases and indexes can be rebuilt as well. You must be thinking that you can do all these with Terminal. Well, you can but you would have to remember complex commands. With OnyX you get to do all the above activities without having to remember a single command. However be careful not to delete files or features that are important unknowingly. In summary, CleanMyMac X is the perfect mac maintenance tool that is available simply because it provides interactive features together with a good interface that depicts beauty and quality.

    If you are a power user, CleanMyMac remains your best bet when you are considering apps of this nature. CleanMyMac will speed up and manage your app like never before. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Written by John. Best Mac Cleaner Software in Cleanmymac X in macOS Mojave. Uninstaller and Updater. Malware detector. Cleanmymac Menu. CCleaner in macOS Mojave.

    Disable Startup Program in macOS. Disk Doctor. New Disk Doctor on Mac. Daisy Disk.