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Click on the "Off" radio button in the VoiceOver section of the window. About the Author Bennett Gavrish is an I. Accessed 11 July Gavrish, Bennett.

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How to Turn Off the Voiceover on a Mac. VoiceOver will automatically speak dialogue boxes and error messages as they appear on your display. It will also speak pertinent screen elements, such as new text, icons, and field names and data as they appear or become important to your computing session. For example, use the Left Arrow key to move one space to the left in your text and VoiceOver will speak the character the cursor just passed over.

VoiceOver devotes a lot of processing power to helping you keep up with an ever-changing computer screen. But it also offers a host of additional keyboard shortcuts that enable you to review a portion of the screen, issue commands, and help you navigate your way through various software applications and text entry fields.


By default, if your Mac has a trackpad, you can use it to issue commands to VoiceOver. At the bottom of this help screen you will also find an alternate way to replay the VoiceOver Quick Start Tutorial.

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Once there, you can type in a keyword or two about the command you wish to use, and when you find it, simply press Enter to issue the command. Press Enter to move your VoiceOver cursor to the next heading.

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  8. After that you can continue to move by headings using the new keyboard shortcut you just learned. Apple maintains strict restrictions on the operating system access they allow third-party vendors to use, so at present there is only one third-party screen accessibility product available for OS X. Ai Squared offers a low-vision product called ZoomText Mac. The company offers a free, day demo version and complete documentation to help you get started.

    How to Turn Off the Voiceover on a Mac |

    As you commence your journey you will doubtless have many questions and may occasionally need a bit of help or technical support. In this section we will list just a few of the many excellent resources available. Apple maintains a special support department exclusively for users of their accessibility products. You can reach them via e-mail at accessibility apple.

    How to Stop Text to Speech on My Mac

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