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Although the metafile format can accommodate bitmap images, the metafiles created by MathType Desktop are "draw"-style graphics, and are therefore scalable and will print at full resolution. TIFF is a graphics file format originally created to be used with PostScript printing, but is also popular for use with high color depth images. This option is useful when importing EPS equations into software that either does not produce its own preview image, or produces only a low-resolution preview.

PDF is an open standard document format that is the native metafile format for macOS. Use this file format when not working with Microsoft Office or Apple Pages, unless your application requires one of the other file formats. PICT is a graphics file format for the Mac family of computers.

Place the insertion point where you want the new character to be inserted. Then insert the character by one of the following two methods:. To find a character or symbol by matching words in its character description , perform the following steps:. Each character in a MathType equation is either directly assigned a specific font and character style , or is assigned one of eleven MathType styles.

MathType Desktop 's styles are somewhat analogous to text styles in word processing and page layout applications. Each one is defined as a combination of a font and character style e. Styles save you from having to worry about fonts and character styles separately, and hence speed up your work and help you maintain consistency in your equations.

Add accents and other diacritical marks

Also, by changing the definition of a style, you can quickly change the appearance of all the characters that use it. MathType Desktop also has User 1 and User 2 styles. It will assign certain styles to certain kinds of characters automatically, based on its knowledge of mathematics and typesetting conventions. This intelligent assignment of styles is a unique feature of MathType which significantly increases your productivity and reduces typographical errors. MathType 's Euclid Math Two font contains the commonly-used blackboard bold characters. This is a style of font often used in mathematics.

MathType 's Euclid Fraktur font contains the full Fraktur alphabet e. Tiger fonts were developed by ViewPlus to be used for math braille output. By using Tiger fonts, it's possible to emboss Word documents with math on ViewPlus braille printers. The math is embossed in DotsPlus, which uses conventional math notation except for letters, numbers, and a few symbols. In order for the Tiger fonts to work properly with MathType Desktop , all styles must be set to Tiger fonts. Choose the Tiger preference file you want and click Open.

If you give someone a document that contains MathType equations, he or she will need to install all fonts used by the document and its equations in order to properly view and print the document. The same applies for individual equation files, except for GIF files which are bitmaps and therefore do not require fonts. You can send the fonts to your associate along with the document. This is OK with the MathType fonts, but be aware it may violate your license agreement for the other fonts.

If possible, refer people that want to view or print your documents to the Wiris website to download the font installers, rather than sending them in email or on disk. This will ensure that they get the latest versions. Remember, if your document or its equations use other fonts besides MathType 's, these must also be installed in order to print or view them. MathType has a database of characters, and it uses this information to make decisions like:.

How to Make Math Symbols on Your Mac (OS X): 10 Steps

MathType Desktop also contains information on what characters are present in the fonts installed on your computer, both MathType 's own fonts and any other fonts you might have. Although MathType Desktop has knowledge of many of the mathematical characters and fonts that are in common use, it can't possibly know them all as there are literally thousands of fonts in existence.

We expect to continually add to MathType Desktop 's font and character database with new releases. If you want to add information for your own fonts and their characters, please contact us for more information. You can also add information to MathType Desktop 's font and character knowledge yourself by modifying the file fontinfo. See the contents of fontinfo.

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For more information, visit the support section of our website. You can use the Equation Conversion Manager to control the kinds of equations for which MathType Desktop will be the designated editor. For example, once you have installed MathType Desktop , double-clicking an equation you created using the Equation Editor that came with Microsoft Office i. If you don't like this, Equation Conversion Manager is the tool you use to change it. A dialog will be displayed with two lists of equation types:.

Use the two Move buttons in between the lists to move selected equation types from one list to the other. This part of the dialog allows you to show just those equation types for which the editor is installed installed editors only or show all equation types even for those that are part of products you do not own all MathType -compatible editors. The latter choice allows you to decide which editor is used for equations contained in a document that an associate might give to you. Click this button to see details of each equation editor's OLE registration.

This is information that is only useful for troubleshooting OLE problems. Any selected part of an equation may be moved or copied to the toolbar or some other place in the equation by using the drag-and-drop technique:. Sometimes it is necessary to replace one template in your equation with another after you have already filled the template's slots.

To avoid having to do a lot of cutting and pasting or re-entering of the expressions, you can replace the original template by another different one from the toolbar.

What Keys Give Me What Symbols In Mac OS X?

Follow these steps:. The new template will replace the old one and the expressions in the original template's slots will be moved to the corresponding slots of the new template. MathType Desktop 's tabs work roughly the same as those found in most popular word processing applications. You choose the type of tab you want by clicking its tab well on the ruler. There are five tab wells to choose from:. Click one of the five tab wells to choose the tab stop type, then click in the Tab Stop pane to set the position of the tab stop.

Each slot in an equation has its own tab stops. If you press Enter within a slot or at the end of a line, you create a pile. The same tab stops apply to every line in the pile. The ruler shows only the tab stops belonging to the current slot or pile the one containing the selection or insertion point. To remove a tab stop, drag it downward away from the ruler.

To change the location of an existing tab stop, drag it along the ruler.

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  8. If you just press the Tab key, this moves the insertion point, so to enter tab characters you must hold down the Ctrl key. Tab characters inserted in this way divide the items in a line into several groups, called tab groups. Left, Center, and Right tabs align the characters along the left edge, center, or right edge of the group, respectively. A decimal tab will align a column of numbers at either a period or a comma, depending on your Regional and Language Options in the Windows Control Panel.

    If one of the numbers does not have a period or comma, it will align to the right of the number's units digit.

    Insert or edit an equation or expression

    The ruler pane gives you a convenient gauge to monitor the size of your equation, as well as to align multiple expressions on the same line and to align the lines in a pile. The default unit for ruler graduations is inches. If you prefer to work in centimeters, points, or picas, double-click the ruler pane to bring up the Ruler Units dialog. Make your choice of ruler units and click OK. The Status Bar is displayed along the bottom edge of every equation window. It contains four areas that show the settings that will be used for material you subsequently type:. This area shows which of MathType Desktop 's styles will be assigned to characters you enter.

    To make things easier for yourself, you should enable autocorrect for Math on Microsoft Word. Autocorrect for Math works a lot like command switches in Slack. You start with a backslash and enter the name of the symbol you want to enter. Autocorrect will then replace the name with the correct symbol. On the Options window, go to the Proofing tab, and click the Autocorrect options button. Click on the Input menu icon. The Keyboard Viewer shows key combinations such as those mentioned above, and many more.

    It can also be used to insert symbols — simply click on a symbol to insert into documents or emails. The Keyboard Viewer remains on top of other windows at all times, and even stays in position when you switch to another workspace in fullscreen mode.

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    Just like the Keyboard Viewer, the Character Viewer can be accessed via the top menu bar when the Input menu has been enabled. There are literally thousands of symbols within the Character Viewer, grouped into useful categories such as Math Symbols, Punctuation, Arrows and Latin. Simply double-click any item to insert into the current document.