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Unable to Start Up My Mac - How Can I Repair My Hard Drive?

In that mode, when you choose to reinstall without erasing the drive, my recollection is that Recovery looks for the current OS system installer on your startup disk in the Applications folder, and uses that. When complete, it installs it and reboots, and places the installer in the Applications folder.

There, the Mac reaches out over a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to download the relatively modest Recovery software, which then bootstraps the download of the full macOS installer. Apple says Internet-based Recovery should happen automatically on supported models, and you should see a spinning globe when that mode is invoked while the download occurs. However, if you have normal Recovery installed and it refuses to install macOS for some reason, you can manually invoke Internet Recovery.

While Command-R at startup always installs whatever the most recent version you installed on your Mac, holding down Command-Option-R brings down the very latest compatible version that can be installed. Apple also offers Shift-Command-Option-R, which installs the version of OS X or macOS with which your computer shipped, or the next oldest compatible system still available for download. Apple just changed this behavior with The pre Try to update or upgrade your Mac now.

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If this does not work, read on. So when none of that works it is time to test the partion of the volume being used as startup. This becomes critical if you are changing file systems as High Sierra introduced.

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Techtool Pro provides a partition test and repair function wbich will correct the error. Should work then! This has happened twice on my work iMac in the past two months. Every time i update high Sierra 4 x so far it breaks my mac so i have to do this long winded shitty fix. Ugh mac sucks as much as windows now.

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Thank you! Thank you…. I was so happy to find your list of possible solutions and I was even happier when the first one safe mode worked. Thank you so much!

Restarting from the installation disk worked. I tried all the propositions above and started to be desperate. Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working?

Run First Aid From Your Recovery Partition

Tips and Tricks Guides. Comments So when none of that works it is time to test the partion of the volume being used as startup.

Luis, many thanks for your suggestion. It worked!