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CrossOver does not require an underlying Windows license and provides less CPU overhead, and therefore a much longer battery life. Join the LinkedIn Group! Domino4Wine Domino4Wine. Domino4Wine is the result of over one year of close collaboration between Prominic and Codeweavers.

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Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. Notes 8. Groupware calendar, scheduling and more. Notes has been discontinued. Lotus Notes is the premier, integrated desktop client option for accessing e-mail, calendars and applications on IBM Lotus Domino server. Business decision-making cycles are highly collaborative, and e-mail is only a small part of the technology solution.

Think outside the in-box. Join the millions of users who benefit from increased productivity through Lotus Notes client software infused with collaboration. Version 8. Arrrghhhh no!! He still gets an AccessControlException. But how can this be??

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AccessController class docs. The AccessController class is a nifty little thing. It works by you supplying an instance of the java. PrivilegedAction interface which is an interface with a single method called run.

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Inside the run-method you put the code requiring special permissions. Below is an example of using the AccessController class:. Of course the reason is quite obvious — I think — we cnanot just have developers go ahead elevating their persmissions themselves. As Paul Mooney would say — developers mus be controlled and kept down.

The code in the agent is therefor now like this change in bold :.


Now the code runs just fine as Joe is using code that knows that it might need to elevate the permissions so it provides a call doing just that doAccessiblePrivileged. Of course this can make it very difficult to just use a standard library from the web in Notes as it may not provide a way to elevate the permissions as no one ever saw that as a use case.

Skip to content. The below sections are additions to the regular steps on creating a target platform documented otherwise on this blog Main-tab Run a product: com. LoggerConfig -Dcom.

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EclipseLogHook -Dosgi. To complete a standard console app that prints the username from the current session to stdout do the following: Write the code — could be something like this: import lotus. NotesFactory; import lotus. Session; import lotus.

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This will fail as the JVM cannot load the required libraries. RCPApplication ::class.