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If you have the same problem, you are suggested to reset the Mac's SMC.

Turn your PC or Mac into a multi-region DVD player. - Tech Guide

Any scratch or tiny damage on the disc can prevent the DVD drive from reading discs on Mac. If so, you may try to fix the damaged DVD discs with some tips like using vaseline or Banana skin, toothpaste, candle wax to fix the surface of the DVDs, or rip the damaged DVD for digital playback. When you need to watch foreign commercial DVDs on Mac in different region code, you can change the region to 5 times only.

Or you may unlock the region code by ripping DVD with third-party software.

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At last, we recommend you two players that are expert in playing DVD on Mac computers without limits of region codes, DVD player no sound or no pictures. Pros: 1. Beautifully designed. Cons: 1. No Blu-ray playback.

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Media converter and streaming, encodes outbound streams. The DVD drives on different computers including various Macs come from diverse manufacturers, and VLC plays out-of-region discs on some, but not all of them. Unfortunately, there's no way to know if it will work on your system until you try. Fortunately, the program is free. Of course, if this sounds complicated, and you don't want to deal with it and really, why would you? And while this solution has its advantages chief among them is that watching movies off your hard drive uses far less battery life than reading them from an optical disc , it puts you in a legal gray area—ironic, considering such actions are necessitated by the studios' attempts to crack down on criminals.

Is there a region free DVD software for OS X?

Lastly, there is a nuclear option of sorts. You can try installing third-party firmware on your laptop's DVD drive that disables its region locking. Such firmware is available online, but if you don't know what you're doing, this brings the very real possibility of causing serious damage to your machine, and it will almost certainly void your warranty.

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How to play a DVD with VLC on a Mac

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Free DVD Player for Mac - Play Multi Region DVD on Mac OS X

However, the first five DVD's can be from any region, then the drive locks onto the region of the fifth dvd. Mia Xia.

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