Musical keyboard for mac computer

If you don't have a USB input on your computer, you can buy an adapter online. USB: If you have a USB A-to-B cable connected directly to your keyboard, you can connect the other end of the cable directly to a free port on your computer. Turn the keyboard on.

Getting Started

Once your keyboard is connected to your computer, power it on. Download the MIDI drivers for your keyboard. Use the following steps to download the latest drivers for your Yamaha keyboard. Click the purple button to download the zip file. Click the zip file in your Downloads folder or in your web browser to extract the files.

Open the "umx64" folder in the extracted folder. Double click the Setup file and follow the onscreen instructions. Open the ummx in the extracted folder. Select your keyboard or audio interface in your sound settings.

Garageband Keyboard

Use the following instructions to select your keyboard or audio interface in Windows and Mac. Windows: Click the Windows Start menu. Click System in Window Settings. Click Sound in sidebar to the left.

#31: The Free Software I Highly Recommend To All My Students: MIDIculous

Select your keyboard or audio interface in the "Input" drop-down menu. Mac: Click the Apple icon in the upper-left corner. Click System Preferences in the drop-down menu. Click the Sound icon in the System Preferences menu.

How to Connect MIDI Keyboard Into Garageband - Garageband Professional

Click the Input tab at the top. Click your keyboard or audio interface. Open your digital audio workstation. In order to record with a Yamaha keyboard, you need digital audio workstation DAW software. Many digital interfaces come with their own DAW. If you do not have a DAW, Reaper offers an unlimited free trial.

Audacity is another free recording program. Add a new audio or MIDI track.

Using Musical Typing

The way this is done is different from one DAW to another. If you use a music keyboard to play software instruments, you can increase the keyboard sensitivity so that playing softer produces higher velocity levels, or decrease the keyboard sensitivity so that higher velocity levels require playing harder. If you have a device with a Touch Bar, you can play the software instrument on the selected software instrument track using the Keyboard screen and play drum kits and percussion instruments on the selected Drummer track using the Drum Pads screen. The Musical Typing window appears, showing the layout of keys used for playing notes and changing controller information.

Play the software instrument using the keys on your computer keyboard. Use the other keys shown in the window to perform the following actions:. Change the modulation mod wheel value: Press 4 through 8, or press 3 to turn off modulation. Bend the pitch down or up: Press 1 or 2. The pitch is bent for as long as you press the key.

The Musical Typing window appears. This will take the stereo output of the keyboard and split it into two mono channels — left and right — on your interface.

Record Your Keyboard or Piano On Your Computer Step-By-Step

Step 5: Recording Software Do not get too hung up about the recording software at this stage. Make sure you get the hardware right first see steps Chances are, the audio interface will ship with some recording software that you can use to record. OR there are plenty of free or inexpensive apps. On a Mac or Windows Laptop or computer, you can use Audacity. This is free — and excellent. And easy to use.

Or on a Mac you can use Garageband. Garageband is great for Apple products. Not too pleased with the sound? Read our in-depth guide to digital audio recording.

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You may be making fundamental recording mistakes that can be easily corrected with a little more knowledge. Step 6: Listen To The Results When you record through an audio interface you will usually listen to your recordings back through the interface. The exception would be if you have a recording interface that does not have outputs. If you want to record the actual sound of your keyboard on your computer then you need to connect the line out or headphone out if no line out from your keyboard up to your pc, mac or ipad.

The way you do this really depends on your budget.

Tickling the ivories is easier than ever before

Up until relatively recently, most people had a computer or laptop with a separate microphone port, and it was possible to simply connect an audio cable from the audio output of the keyboard to the mic port on the computer — and if you have this port available then you will find this method documented in my complete FREE video course on how to record your keyboard. I suggest you buy an external sound adapter that has a separate headphone and mic port and simply connects to a USB port.

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Although this is not the most high quality way of recording your keyboard, it is definitely the cheapest. The disadvantage.. Nothing more. So it does one job well. But if you are looking for a more complete home recording studio set-up then read on ….

Why that one? So you can record the sound of your keyboard, but you can also make a MIDI connection. And it is cross platform. If you go to the complete video course on how to record your keyboard , then look at the videos which show you how to record using a professional audio interface.