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A lofi melancholic beat i started before Mac Miller passed away. I was loving his music and his positive vibe. Slo Mo - Grade A feat. Mac Miller - Turkey Love prod. Download: www. Mac Miller - Piffsburgh backupmusic 3 months ago. Mac Miller - BOO! Mac Miller - America Ft. Casey Veggies Joey Badass 3nkae 6 years ago. Mac Miller - Tony's Drums backupmusic 3 months ago. Mac Miller - Just A Kid backupmusic 3 months ago. Choo Jackson - Fried 2. In an attempt to attract some sort in investors or minority owners move this is Muslim the project puts forth.

Well two Major League Baseball into any future investors I don't know how many infusion on how investors they actually ended with this proposal perk. Yeah it's a proposal that basically Sears were each of the next four years you'll make a profit from your investment right now. There is more to come out and burial is working on matters is that this was only partly five part series on this. Soul but I had some of these in taking the baseball stuff out of him. And the emotion out of it which is hard to do if you're listening to us right now. But taking the emotional in the UK lately to seeing from Wall Street.


RK don't get emotional about money you know OK don't get emotional about stocks. Don't get emotional about this right now but you look at. Jeter's play in is absolutely.

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A joke. It is laughable. Ticket sales if you are not no more people aren't going to show up correct OK let's record player doesn't matter how away there's nothing that Matt now know when the next couple seasons now. No way to that's bad. Corporate sponsorships. Go to art coming area nobody is going to see your sponsorships. In your signage hell they still don't even have a name for Marlins park. And the business people. Oh no. The perception of this team among Iranians. Her gun on the rise it's it's on the decline once again it's on the clock so why would you put your money that is it correct to say it'll all you want your calls into your right.

Right when I can be associated with a winner and a and it seemed that people. Have eight billion. OK next thing on the west we go right on the line here local TV deal. Executive industry genius here but it would. Pay their one of the worst TV markets and in only Orton. Okay that goes back to lack of interest and fans almost afraid Sackett. It is now with Disney and it is usually pale come road whereas the competition for. Somebody to outbid you for the rights to all these all these markets move so there's no so they're going to get. Basically what they bring in which is not much you know so that's over it's overstated.

Is near by in the box regional body and right correct couldn't talk sports Florida right not to and his technical and yeah there's no that's a bit dizzy don't know everything yet and I'll bet against anybody yeah right so it's like you'll take what I did you read so just the Dodgers are gonna get more than the Marlins got them but they're still there's still no.

There's no yield big huge OK it's not yet not Disney it's not like load if we don't get it is Disney now boxers gonna take right is no competition Russia. I mean again I don't know how me if you got any investors on this but if I am looking at this proposal. I'm laughing at a like this is how we use it this is how do you expect to. Two may. Mean money if I invest in your company OK so where are the winners the fall back on this.

None of those things are going to happen in my mind who so then what do you do. You do what you just did then all of a sudden you'd just say. Just keep selling off players and selling owners and eventually. Eventually they usually you're on the job Florida win right woman this allegedly rolled around to get Major League Baseball will figure beyond the red you're gonna knock eventually it'll it'll it'll turn right.

Put yet elegant like Jeter. I does this keep you can't honestly think that this is going to happen in this market immediately especially after the moves that they just made out with the day. I don't know where his his advice came. From I'm way out of my league to a win you're talking millions and all that kind of stuff however.

This just does the does seems to be some and listening to be something that you know you put in the trade machine right you say whoa. You know we have we gave Cleveland gore on drug agent assigned could we get LeBron. That's what the seem to be like to me that. It is just something that somebody just bought up and it sounded good and and now you just take it out there and Natalie.

I am sure that he had some. Financial experts working on this you know this isn't just the Derek Jeter planned but. And it just seems unrealistic seems. Out of a kind way to put this cap I mean it it seems. The word to describe this should start with the bull. Like far fetched that was my guns injustice and don't mean this is it you're expecting good. Jump in attendance over the days like each of the next four years. I mean he's. A CEO. Dave Hernandez and John Carlos the current act like a do you just stripped right down.

Like why why are people military don't see the steam and bigger not give away free beer let them so easily like what. What is going to get more people that port this year a million more people the year well I wouldn't say the year after that maybe you'd hit on some been this year to get more people in the park this year. Like even even if you go by a hundred. How many more people are you gonna have. I don't know per I mean x. You know I've again I'm sure he had some competent thumb for nationals working on this day. This wasn't just Jeter's drawing out some numbers on on a wet cut don't have to wait him apart and.

I can sit here and tell you. Dig itself are going to go up corporate sponsorships are going well that's I agree I agree I agree. I mean all these things are not going to happen I don't mean. This is what would what would suggest to me what would suggest that all we're gonna sell off. Are all of our all star players and most likely be the worst team in the National League and you are tenets is gonna go up just because Jeffrey Loria is not only with him to more than is that there's little reason to dig up I don't know the Pentagon is reader if you Jeter's name is is right is now on the man and I mean that's.

A first look at it tepid if they aren't like significantly lowering ticket prices there have been some. Freebies or I will I did I really don't know how you're going to increase butts in the seat in ticket revenue I idol. It doesn't seem realistic at all not at all. Thought I don't know I don't know what he's linked in here. Hum well actually I know what he's thinking I don't know if somebody invested in this team based on project Wolverine I don't know what they're. The dieters Brington I gotta get some investors and get some spending money. If somebody ambassador based on this document right and the only way we're going to ball.

A yes exactly of one of the one of the main reasons it is all this is going down his that's what this thing okay whatever your investment is that to say round number fifty million dollars. Euro were to give us give Jeter and brochure for the million dollar. We will not call you for margin calls or or anything else this is it right and that's what this is all about yeah. So Jeter and I guess they're damn talking about it getting millions of but you know bonus if he keeps under mean this is this is.

How is this plan. Is what you wanna like we don't. How is this and this not rooted out by Major League Baseball more thoroughly. Where it says hey this is a shady business plan and B this is it an unrealistic business plan to begin with. As Major League Baseball ever done. I don't know I don't know that any leave having had. I what's about to stop it reminds you don't know stop the once you have the team that the bill as planned but but but rob Manfred and Major League Baseball had two of the league that the talked all these owners or must all those do right now that money the rough bombs all those all those jokers.

They put it did so did those did do you think that. Not good draw deepening man Rick saw. Project Wolverine orgy just. General league figures come in and say what how can make it work yet but do you think he saw keeping Jeter gave some general figures or Syria. All right we had a moment I mean. The more you have to you have to know how you make baseball work well where's your capital coming from where your all these things are gonna get it turned around okay about the slash payroll for first appears okay but after that we're gonna go.

Leg that all of those things you're inviting them into your club.

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You want this market to work and you're not going to thoroughly you know it's like pretty good deal from money just after that it's okay great you have a billion dollar. Yet the finest and now what. How we we're we're now what's your business model like we don't get down to the the exact decimal but Julie's gonna have some sort of playing. You play you know play if I'm if you rob different I just told you pay. If you're if you're looking at what you're what you got six I Jerome what's. Yeah I know I I hear you but if if your Manfred you might just be linked in 91 point two billion take the money and running there Jeter there you go.

We got to run the 5 o'clock our enemies around the corner and we'll get the headlines Johnson and on the ticket. Morning it was happening in the NFL. Professor know. Sponsored by in the dark green action attorneys have been in this accident. I'm sure you call eight hundreds of reports of criticism hundreds of record Curtis Stinson and Chris Perkins.

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We'll bump up against the 5 o'clock hour Adam Beasley is gonna join us on the other side of headlines realize text to get to. Follow through so it's That's how you can. Text the show we invite any. Urgent text messages That's Fort all text and drive. One is a busy Wednesday afternoon we'll get into. The dolphins and their press covers are they without gays and Chris speer in my ten and bomb. And I'm no shortage of topics here as the off season is upon us so wall all. Did these these point of view coming up here on the other side before we get to that let's get to 5 o'clock headlines.

Miami Heat host Detroit tonight at He currently nineteen and seventeen in seventh place in the Eastern Conference playoff picture DO waiters and justice Winslow out tonight James Johnson is questionable sales loan Tommy tie did you go with the pregame show at right here.

The ticket. And coach Adam gays had few answers for their disappointing six and ten finish today. As they face the media in a season ending press conference gay city thinks quarterback Jay Cutler was the right choice after soccer starter Ryan CNN he'll win bailed. Yeah he's also hint it it's unlikely Cutler returns and Dalton's next season. Our lead Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter according to documents obtained by the Miami Herald plans on the team making big profits or the next war years largely due to slashing payroll.

A onetime payout for Major League Baseball though teens. A new TV deal and increased attendance. The project manager Ned Jeter conducted here was named project wolverines. Bo is you're hit. It's texture rights and project wolverines seems like a business plan that you making college for all hypotheticals. And no realistic numbers doesn't seem legit yet so that summing I didn't.

Micro economics. Where we were designing widgets that's what the odds of Wolverine seems negatives we get out of their rivals and downs as you may as opposed assigned there truly says beyond convenience. What with the dolphins project be this offseason what with the name ruby project cocaine platter well it's little things very. For the Miami Dolphins project paid Jarvis. Or there are honest I. The drug did B bees it it would it would also have to be project Wolverine because Steve Ross went to Michigan right.

And Beasley from the Miami Herald is with those who by the way out of my height on the man. Oh well what may happen though that. Like club is that we're at that as a project may have met says that sound like no doubt that it so.

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Big deal that may have let dysfunction that there are you got this send data. There are three people that podium UQ I went back and look at the pictures that out yet are a my goodness there are long piece that the retirement and crack a smile on a record. Oh at all it's no. It's our viewers this idea that we're pretty solemn day 82 but I took. Appreciate you pretty calm all these and not be really well right even here and they know that there were cut out pork yeah.

Meant it was. It was definitely Graham that blue dog killing playing it out I'll just say this did you refer to it in the first hour so basically. General manager Chris Greer was talking about the team's desire to get back on top. And I think we probably got audio here do we have it lulls where second but it will get in December but basically. So the story though because you're absolutely Chris Greer when I was talking about how bad lead people wanna win there. And he probably crossed the line when he see it this. Again everyone was six content you know we've got to get better so that's not acceptable moral ultra competitive appeared in your arsenal you know in.

Kill zone dog do we go to some global so. As far as him he's now as well. That's that's. At the end of the day we'll do whatever revealed rose for a young corps that's what we don't Chris Grigory a lot of prestige. Guys that would that was kind of a highlight was going to be easy he still more that one statement until a bone did like five or six. Yeah yeah there is there's who'd they call. If it and end. Called the critical of the troop gap that gap yeah. Yet look and yeah no doubt it pretty you might help her you know you know or not that Lori McNeil yes yes.

Here's a bit. Well I still born because I think Lauren got Ryan involved in this being at Texas they knew him where they both went to school about. Allegedly they were experimenting und und dogs against massed near a make whatever idiots chemicals but yeah I don't think Lawrence in Neil Orion will would have would have cracked a smile left of that remark but idea Urquhart. Protect it because you want like Andrew young and yes. Buddy buddy but that was that was one of the things that I give Ryan credit here because I know he was saying it sound strange works.

You assault about his son last year when when his son Steele was born and he was talking about playing with a mini.

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It's like having a dog a lean more on or something like that. I I agree with the it is it is poorly worded but you know I. Read with a someone at Boca dog an Islamic art all a lot of work this. That's and that's stating that the New England but the but the sun will take care of you when you're in your seventies the dog thinks so we you know Australia the only good use and obviously they're.

You're gonna get like review he's written a quarter recorder or write your it's your turn spider owner hole. It's beyond beautiful good luck and you intensity units and I'm sure about that affect our. Oh who had to pull the plug on it for roster standpoint. Just like we expect not to be back on OJ color he's he's he's not coming back Julie Thomas Reilly who's the guys you can kind of acts off that roster immediately.

All the masterful Segway well but yeah political and at euthanasia current roster earlier. The there's. Yeah you mentioned immediately Ewan purely common color won't be back in my trunk I am cries that he's back next year on the offensive side of football idol aren't immune to that no go even if you had. On a law on conduct occurred because he's an you didn't inquire witnessed and contract bad combination so. He'll be gone. I in the secondary and the electoral and be back. You know there might be some reserve is not think of Michael pumped Mexican guy used. I think Michael promised here's persona is a lot bigger than an impact yes he's early to our team player.

And certainly what he does in the community off them I mean you know really generally good due. What you back in you'll have a huge impact it you can not I doubt that our. Review might be upset but apart matter I don't I don't think so so yeah. Grant the request that that the true story on results these are this. Bryant you know actually help is it'll all all these set the date is that come true as he goes through this spring. Who are participating that he. Get the week on health because you stand up. The rigor and RC and eat at it ought to quite an and an a year happened.

Has had Berkshire audit can he get there is eaten and Peta seem quarterback you'll lap at That's the big story line. I think doesn't it though is Darvish Landry part of this team long comp plan. And and you saw his reaction out you have that now to what artist did on Sunday losing your mind. Like getting ejected after both I guess unnecessary roughness now we're going after Iran. I did through the wouldn't get these talks are strongly about a player that plant can help because he thought that strongly about it guy I he was gone within days. I'm not saying it that would Jarvis if the monitor.

Enemies of the Miami Herald joins us here's what I'm gays had to say about czarist I think this last game was prize in. Private boom I think that was the pinnacle of what I've ever seen. With him during game I know there's been times where you know some of those guys kind of got in the mix a little bit but I I don't think ever seeing. It gets old level where it was extremely. Mad like last game that was about as embarrassing news. I've seen in a long time this is something that we can't have happen. Jarvis won't be part of the team next year I I just kind of here. That one incident was about as embarrassing as I've seen in a long time to what you hear these do you hear ominous words for Jarvis Landry their.

Well I can't Google was somebody follow you met later. What will that last scheme. The determining factor of order not to back and anti market counted and won't know we're gonna look at the body work or game force these and but here's the thing Harvard is. Condit back and yet it was Lee who lost their mind. What they're looking guy at Saturday's fire that was barker co. He's that expecting to hear the city where they'll ball screen. Was cheeky and I didn't know yet affordable even the ground you Bil went right in on.

On the guy character by yet scammer is but but a lot of it. So yeah I won game one incident not come upon a career but it certainly at that data point and I and a broader. Narrative surrounding Gerber angry that he he can play at a control and got to control Annika look argument got thirteen port metric million dollar year.

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You can't patent to get a game because it is so important here all. Knows the questions they were still in that game say what you want about you know did that game of the day they were they saw the chance with the time in the score and and everything else to be to be buffalo. I'll move but let's think this is we got into the Jarvis think like he's going to be on the team next year no matter what correct. Oh no matter what now I think it's all combat power I don't think it.

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You are I think Arctic you know dollar target number is you. Look what you are yet Bjorn what you or he. Yes the ball the ball is in the dolphins court so they want him back they will they have the ability to bring him back. Did you see him walking out that letting him walk for nothing like ray let me.

Let me offer this bees do you think that they kind of the dolphins don't have Bassett. And transition tags him part and somebody else mentions that the Dalton's back compensate when we weren't gonna pay him that much more ED -- is that a possibility. Well I think kind of responsibility I think pretty good likely and I think that's I think that's far more likely that. That it that it franchise tag or you let another team do the negotiation or you're a market truly.

That its shelves you know what is value it is true value not all the cellular pupil. That you got Burke last year and they didn't really get into too much but I had it all about that they. That make you rethink your philosophy Yes you reward your own. But what caught me and I I cried I crunched the numbers that your million dollar contract by acquire.

Players are charged owned. Andre branch. And he still call on bill and keep it McDonnell of those by you that one or more in one what will be your regular four liked XP well kitty the open. McDonnell listen up the season well you don't lose yet. But what he came back with your world beater would he had been at record no terror suspect is that I think they may have been around a little bit Nate they may or one of the big storyline go to salt cedar elderly re calibrate. Others are valuation of their own players because yes you're going to make good faith effort.

The key player that you right by you. What you could not do it so hamstring yourself go for you one of those five player will cost more off their he doubt he's an audit. So all five of those players remember I'm all out. An NBA's the one other thing that we couldn't ask today because it's just not the right format you're gonna get the right answer but. But once again does Adam gays have as much. Roster of slashed personnel control. This all season as he did last off season or just tandem moment or Greer take a little bit of that roster control weight problem I think that's one of those lead the story lines of this offseason.

Also and and again today wasn't the right. Date or more meant to ask it but. Does cases credibility take a little bit of a hit in the eyes of Steve Ross Chris Greer and my tembo. Yet he ordered the answer quite cute girl he brought on grant take away that power. And we got a per about ninety seconds on a card and lock on Sunday. That right.

Bork that Greek and I'll poultry were coming back. What were the next time we get Ross's owners meetings in March from Leo yeah. Yeah and that now probably too late because all these little bit maybe they are trapped and and that it matter what happens. So yeah no you're right Chris I don't know what the right. Right spot at that is maybe it is that the combined when when you see and could come early what all we don't really eat some candidate.

Regular Reilly the next ball probably. There I'm sure they and I yet crude it like ritualized they have no idea they abilities to shake loose side. According to go to come by you have pretty good you'll ladle at. And who that might be a good time to go in either privately or publicly ask Aqua. Aren't out I'm always a pleasure thank you very much go play were your dog and your kid or both at noon where everyone would do burned.

Yeah adapt what one thing for sure. Here which from our current debt but an error or ordered back earnings suggest that's nice that's nice but you Cruz Maria thanks yeah. Yeah of course and it's often. This is killing his dog we do is here now on allowed just one more time there that this was the greatest hits of of the dolphins it was ridiculous that I thought it was funny I mean I guess of your. You don't take it literally I thought it was funny. Hello again everyone was six intense you know we've got to get better so that's not acceptable world of competitive out there immediately.

You know he. Kill zone dog attitude he goes to rule it out so. As far as him he's got now isn't well. But that's that's. But at the end of the day. Do whatever review restaurants for happy young corps who is that that it bumps there that the. Yeah what did I did Dubow. And really that was at about that all day so laughs that's acting days and it got eleven dog yes just beyond just sold just read a standard everything you are right our desire to be here. I thought it was. And that was what they aren't well OK okay.

I mean you're not take it literally I mean as a very eyes of the very strange course of a local of words that came out that man's mouth that's all there was it was unfortunate and inappropriate but it's not close to a liberal seeing so I don't know wide on I. You're one thing LSU the other side here. The longer six intent and whether in in a big bind here moving forward yes or no. Moving in his offseason are their hands tied behind their back we'll get to that area the question as well as it relates to a Beasley had to say that we get that next year a 79 to take it.

Don't the. Pick out. No more ago it joined the ticket and Schwarzenegger wants the last game of the college football season. Jittery day on Monday night. Try sport Grossman is special broken wings and drink specials for that much in front of an accident attorneys. Call wanting hundreds of imports of free that's Courtesy of birth which you glad to be a part of it with us got thousand on the assembly last week text messages.

There Rolen and I don't know.

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Alarming rate here what's gonna work at for the post resolve on attacks on which you'll what do we got cooking up over here. Well there's there's a lot of people that are that's that are wondering about some. Whether whether the dolphins need to draft a quarterback based on the tendons heal injuries. I say they need to draft a quarterback. Just because they need to start. Grooming somebody. It meant more is okay but clearly gay sudden trust meant more I would like somebody with more upside than David bills and Brandon dowdy.

I'm starting to come around who they need to draft a quarterback high. Jordan hot there yeah well and and that means when properly AM yeah yep means. Maybe the first round then eleven hit that's tough that that's real sapa still attitude about that amount on come really coming around and it is that since mid season that I'm coming around today. Because I used to say look. You do you don't need a quarterback now I'm definitely still not a draft a quarterback every year got that yes because it takes you two years' supply and ought to be in place so you're gonna be.

Like we don't know dowdy who played we don't know ails him play because it's gonna take two years and you can and I went back hello waksal who is going to propel well. As far as but as ours the drafting a quarterback hide the doesn't make sense to draft somebody in the fourth or mid round and cross your fingers and say well and he'll blows out his knee. Made me be weeping room this guy we got on the cheap. Into a starter. You get that you get you know like cooking right you start with the best ingredients like OK here let me let me let's rewind for a second here.

When I say job toward labor and god that you would like. Told you like a guy and he's sitting there and portal take. If you like guys in there in the six shall take them. So until that work if you really think this guy can do summit now you go through an odds if you it'll give you have the number one pick you're not doing all that nonsense alleged. If you go through and the guys that you like art there. Then you don't draft a quarterback you're that's fine over the yeah mark there's some benefits round.

And you ministers got out of sugar sugar sugar Jacob I don't care what your roster looks like I don't care who's in front of all I don't care what did you take and that's why the majors have Tom Brady because the scouts stood up there and it I want to take this guy take this guy. And they got a lot does a lot of little stories in there so. Yes just take got in eventually. You're gonna find a guy there and if he doesn't play for you that you can look for Jaffray because there was quarterbacks are this video Riley it's all right. Humility is being asked as possible there's nobody around city in the in the NFL and the quality quarterback one answer this question though the news relates to what I asked Beasley are right and I understand their cap situation.


They were six and ten this year and I asked them who who's gone. Meaning for God's. Soul and I zillow doesn't quarterback and a couple other guys at all because of the back. I get letters like that despite an accident than an arrow or individually we're hearing usually is Thomason and Iran and drum bush rod all the sudden your your bracket playoff fizzles against.

Well the play and the way it seems right now is you've you've got to improve from would then so. Guy is such says Dovonte Parker and Jessie Davis. And canyon Drake and from. Trolls here is Andre branch Kiko Alonso. Portray tankers and they've got power plant. Well I have to bring it you don't have money to get three agents and you always want a draft and develop so that's but.

You do you have a lot of guys from the last two drafts were contributors this year. Now the problem is. They were key contributors on a six and ten team. And so that doesn't speak well of the object of your returning to Alan and that's kind of good this situation that jury and right now is that. You are going to dude the draft and develop clean and you're going to do it probably as well as you've done it over the last decade.

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