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Create new account. Receipts 1. Smart document collection. Download Now. Version 1. Requirements for Receipts OS X Play Video. The automatic recognition of amounts, date and other values as well as the self-learning classification according to contacts and categories make the work much easier.

The program understands all common formats like PDF, images, mails, websites but also offers excellent support for scanners. Please enter a search term. Most important features Autonomous recognition of contents such as amount, date, taxes and bank data Self-learning assignment of documents to contacts and categories Automatic conversion of foreign currencies Support for scanners and document scanners Built-in text recognition OCR Direct payment of invoices from within the app Entry of sales tax values and preparation for tax declarations Flexible exports and reports Powerful search and filters Extensive data evaluations Protection of privacy through local storage of data Storage of documents in original and PDF format Flexible settings Multilingual.

This can truly help with preparing to file your taxes and simply monitoring your expenses, whether individual or business.


It may be the most reliable electronic product that you have purchased in years. You can likewise scan to the cloud utilizing services like dropbox and Evernote. Or on the other hand you can utilize the ScanSnap application on your cell phone, tablet, or Kindle. The high speed sensor scans paper automatically using its auto feed feature. So its pretty useful scanner buyer can try this one. It is a Japanese product. This scanner has a intelligent multi-feed function for efficiently scanning overlapped documents like taped receipts. Light and delicate looking scanner — The light and delicate looking scanner is light on weight and easy on space and budget as well which makes this scanner different from the other scanner.

So this scanner provides durability to the buyer. The fiZ also offers versatile paper handling, including the ability to scan small cards or extra long documents. Its a pretty much versatile scanner as it offers many features to the buyers.

You can send out the majority of your receipt information to these services seamlessly. Warranty — It offer a one-year limited warranty on the DSD and stand behind your purchase with phone support for the life of your product. Whether you have a product question or a technical issue, Brother is always at your side. Simple to scan multiple page document — It is simple to scan a multi-page document, you just keep feeding pages until you cancel additional scanning, and Acrobat puts all scanned pages into one document.

It works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is simple to scan a multi-page document. It will be great choice those who wants to scan multiple page. The scanner offers flexibility to start instant scans as long as paper is inserted without a computer. The photo quality is very good considering the size of this scanner. The scanner has an optical resolution of dpi and will scan color at 48 bits and gray at 16 bits. The photo quality of this scanner is pretty good considering the size of the scanner.

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Avision IS25 is really great scanner which will really scan the page on a quality basis. There are few things which you have to notice before selecting a quality receipts scanner for you So long as a scanner can plainly recreate documents, more things are possible with the computerized documents.

Different record designs have distinctive functionalities.

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People should search for scanners that can export scanned documents in the files they utilize, for example, Excel, PDF, or extra programming devices. Basic scanners will just recreate records as pictures, but advanced gadgets will send out in these and numerous different organizations. Software programming included with singular scanners are the essential methods for interfacing one has with their scanned reports. Great programs are adaptable and as often as possible refreshed to give the most utility to people with a ton of documents to oversee.

Genius scan will make your life easier and for yourself or if you have accounting people then it will help you to your accounting department.

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It offers many features to it such as detecting edges of a document, colors, perspective correction etc. With CamScanner, you are able to digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. You can easily upload documents to cloud like Dropbox, Google Doc, Box. Camscanner avilable for both android and ios platforms.

Scan any papers, ranging from a receipt to multi-page documents. Versatility is the name of the game here. Receipt scanners are useful in both the home and the office. Scanners can help increase the efficiency of your business. You can quickly create accurate digital records for inventory, sales and more. At home, these scanners help you easily digitize family photos. Even better, software can automatically color correct photos by removing yellowing and other signs of age. You can see old photos in a whole new, clearer way. Scanners are an environmentally-friendly choice, too.

Digitizing documents helps reduce paper consumption. Sending documents digitally instead of shipping by post also consumes fewer resources.