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Please note that as of October, , this software is no longer supported by the author. You can download or upload files from the server, control the server's mouse and keyboard, look at the server's screen, restart it, and more Mac2Mac is comprised of two applications: a server which must be installed on the machine you want to control, and the client which you will use to control the remote Mac.

If you use Mac2MacFor secure purposes, it is recommended that you use it on machines which use dynamic IPs. Mac2Mac is completely free, and source code is available under an open source license. It requires Mac OS 7 or later.

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The interface is easy to configure and playing is very realistic, coupled with sound effects and the ability to chat with your opponents from all around the globe. Beware: the game is highly addictive and the hours just fly by. Net-Print is a really handy system extension that allows you to print or save a section--or collection of sections--from a document or Web page without having to print or save the whole shebang.

Version 8. A line printer client from Brown University that allows you to print to a networked printer via a line printer daemon. University of Melbourne Department of Computer Science produces some interesting and unique products that allow AppleTalk packets to be routed over an IP network. AutoShare is an add-on for the Eudora Internet Mail Server that adds many features, including several listserver functions.

For complete release notes, check the AutoShare online version history. The configuration is straightforward, if slightly complex, and adds very nice list management and auto-reply functions to AIMS. I hope the configuration becomes more Mac-like and the need for a separate AutoShare Admin program is removed; otherwise, a worthwhile tool!

Vintage Mac Software Library

An add-on for the Eudora Internet Mail Server that "adds functionality to handle many domains on one single machine. Apart from assigning mailboxes to each user on the different domains, MailRouter can also redirect mail based on account or domain names, handle subdomains, divide users on a big domain to a set of servers and handle unregistered addresses.

It allows wild card characters and popgating where every account entered for a domain is forwarded to one address. It is very fast, takes up only K, and doesn't require additional resources. It configures via a text file, and is fairly straightforward. The docs are adequate, but fairly perfunctory. Summary: Works great, I'd recommend it to anyone. It sets up a central email address book that a group of users can access from within their own email programs. Note: version 1. An unsupported update 1. The online release notes have more details.

Superseded by Interarchy. It runs as a background only application and answers queries to those services. All I do is use it as a place for Vremya users inside our LAN to check our router for the right time. Hasn't caused any trouble that I've noticed : " —Matthew Hall. An extremely simple, OpenTransport-based freeware web server program. Version 0. Actually, there's very little to it; just tell it your WWW folder and it will only access that folder. It won't follow aliases out of that folder--it will stay there. It's pretty quick and runs in the background nicely. Granted, I didn't use it to run a site the size of Apple's on it, but it worked nicely serving my personal pages off a But that's fine; it works nicely for personal servers.

I've only used it once, but it served my purpose for the afternoon. The other serves I have tried, including Web Server 4D, seem to run faster. It is simple, does just one thing, and that is why it is so useful. This is almost too good to be true--a free X Window server for Power Macs. It's a great tool to have in our computer lab to connect to the workstation for one of our research projects. I noted a few minor bugs with screen redrawing when using the backing store but on first impression this seems to be a useful and usable X-server. Currently using it on a 9.

But in general, is this the DNS server for most organizations to use. I had it up and running in 10 minutes. Stuck at version 2. It is easy to configure. The log is easily accessible. But the multihoming feature, added in the previous Beta, still does not function. Also, graphics do not function when added to customized error pages. Although it's no longer under development, the source code is available. This package comes with a portmapper extension.

Most links on the web are outdated it seems. Still not bad for its age. VNC is platform-independent, and the client-server system allows many people to share views of the same desktop at one time. But the client portion is problem free, all the way up to OS 9. Take that, Timbuktu! Much better value than Timbuktu or the overpriced Apple Network Assistant. Used in conjunction with a proxy router such as the Vicom Internet Gateway, and mail mapping from you ISP, you can route all mail addressed to your subdomain to individual internal accounts using only a single IP address.

MailRetriever will even handle incoming mail from a list server, routing the mail to one or more internal users. Stairways Software, who produces high quality Mac shareware products such as Interarchy, developed NetPresenz in the late s. It's a bit on the sluggish side, though, since it relies on the Mac's built-in file sharing scheme to determine which items may be accessed by remote users. NetPresenz requires Mac OS 7. It is not needed on Mac OS X.

NetPresenz was originally shareware, but Stairways is now releasing it for free. Before our school was wired, the BBS would dial up to exchange mail and news over a phone line. Well Pancake does that and a whole bunch more!! The multichat area is a little bare, but with ResEdit and a few hours it will be a great chat area. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a stable Macintosh BBS server. Together with a correctly configured router, SOCKS can reduce the possible methods of attack by crackers on the Internet. From the Info-Mac abstract file: ShadowBot.

ShadowBot includes channel mode protection, is very configurable, scriptable, can act as a DCC server, and much, much more. It works great!! This is indeed an "EGG drop bot" for Mac users. No more Unix bot stuff. Thanks, ShadowBot! It has been re-released as free Open Source software.

Source code is available. NuSpectra produces SiteCam, a high-performance "webcam" program for putting live images and time-lapse movies on the Internet. Version 6. Also known as SIMS, this free mail server software - still available but no longer under development - comes from the company who brought us the CommuniGate series of commercial Internet products.

It's capable, and worth a look if you're in the market for an inexpensive read: free mail server tool. A staple of every Unix box in existence, the idea behind syslogd is to create a central log of information relating to all instances of system activity - logins, programs starting and stopping, errors, failures, and other such data - that is useful for tracking computer usage and in the analysis of problems.

All properly written Unix programs report necessary and relevant information to syslogd for logging, so this works very well on Unix systems. But syslogd is not a standard feature of the Mac OS, so Mac users have lacked this capability. But in order for syslogd to be useful, programs have to be written to take advantage of it. As of late , very few Macintosh Classic applications had been designed to use syslogd.

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  4. Syslogd requires any Power Macintosh running at least System 7. Syslogd Admin requires Appearance Manager 1. Network support is optional, but if enabled requires OpenTransport 1. Note that an older x0 version is still available , free of charge. A license for unlimited distribution of the TeleFinder clients and 3 concurrent users is included with the package. The upgrade is free to purchasers of version 5. Purity Software, Inc. From the WebiToome home page: "WebiToome is an application that allows you to receive files directly from your web page. It acts as a small personal server, allowing others to send selected files off their computers straight to your computer via your normal web page.

    WebiToome does not replace your web host - it is not a web server but, rather, a file receiver that works in conjunction with your normal web host, allowing you to host on whatever platform you wish, while receiving submitted files directly on your Mac. Further it can be configured as a font server or set up to use a remote font server. For added compatibility, XTen now uses Open Transport as a default, but Tenon's high-performance, multi-link TCP protocol stack is included as an option. It also comes with a nifty lpr utility that enables you to send files to a printer.

    FileFone is a "phone" for sending and receiving files over the Internet. It allows you to "ring up" another FileFone user by his IP address to send a file. FileFone features:. From the SockeToome home page: "SockeToome is an application to send files to other users, directly, person-to-person. It involves no central server, and can be used by people with both static and dynamic IP addresses. It works at the sender's convenience, queueing files for transmission to other users, and holding them in a queue until successfully sent.

    If you regularly exchange files with other people, SockeToome can simplify your life. People interested in a somewhat simpler implementation of this idea might want to take a look at FileFone, above, also from Black Diamond Products. Comet combines a Telnet client and a tn client in one program.

    It's getting a bit long in the tooth, since it was written primarily with black-and-white Macs in mind. But if you want a single application that will automatically choose the proper type of terminal emulation without you having to think about it, Comet may be for you. Everything I needed was already in Comet. Vinton Palazzolo. Powerlan USA, Inc. Providing only SSH2 support, the program also borrows elements from the Unix lsh client.

    Carnation Software, Inc. MacToPic Plus is a terminal emulation and data transfer program allowing a Macintosh to be used as a terminal connected to a host computer directly, by modem, or over the Internet. Esprit III color is also supported in Wyse mode. Version 9. NCSA was once the standard telnet tool for the Macintosh. Many newer versions of telnet have come along that are based upon NCSA's work, however.

    You can check them all out on the page you're reading right now. It's a bit more reliable than 2. The source code for beta 5 is available, though, as is an unofficial, compiled working version. It calls the telnet helper app you have designated with InternetConfig, and it works flawlessly. A truly nice, fast, small Telnet application that supports Kerberos authentication. If you only need telnet, plain and simple, this is great stuff. Since it includes encryption technology, you will have to visit the home page and press an "agreement button" to download it. I think it's a great lean package, but it sure has a lot of features, no mistake.

    It supports encrypted sessions, via Kerberos ticketing, you can choose any mono-spaced font in your system, and it saves settings pretty well. It always connects for me. What else could you ask for I like its preferences setup much better than NCSA's, and it's very quick. It does pretty much everything I ever need from a telnet client. I find I like NiftyTelnet enough to work around the first issue. I keep NCSA around mainly for the second feature. I'm running an ' and the responsiveness is outstanding!

    I need something that runs quickly, connects quickly, and it very responsive. This code is one of the best kept secrets on the net, especially if you are using an older Mac.

    Classic Mac OS Downloads and Updates | Low End Mac

    As a previous reviewer has stated, the responsiveness is so good, you'd think you were sitting at the console. NiftyTelnet is very fast and responsive - the Porsche of the Telnet community. Sand Castle Systems, Inc. Please contact info SandCastleSystems. NLynx Systems, Inc. InterNews is a reasonably good newsreader that supports multithreading that is no longer under development, but quite functional nonetheless.

    InterNews uses a three-paned window and allows you to keep multiple sets of group lists in a single user file. It's slower and less feature-filled than the various NewsWatchers, however. It is a stable and fast-working program. The architecture is simple but fine, except that one cannot have the option of viewing the authors as well as the article subjects.

    Welcome to Low End Mac

    I prefer to know "who" wrote what, before the file loads into the InterNews window. It doesn't permit you to send a copy of your replies to the author as well as the group, and I've recently had trouble getting it to rebuild its news group listing. The author has written to me to say that he has ceased development, so this is, unfortunately, a dead product.

    MacSlurp is an offline newsreading facilitator. It requires other applications to read the news once it completes its job of downloading the articles. Marconi is a shareware Hypercard-based offline newsreader. It allows you to fetch news, reply offline, and archive news postings. It's useful for downloading many Usenet groups for use with a BBS, but it can also be used to read news offline.

    NewsWatcher is a fabulous newsreader by the estimable John Norstad. It's powerful, easy-to-use, reliable, and extremely fast. This documentation is not only well-written--it's stunningly informative, with exhaustive and lucid information on everything from the most advanced aspects of NewsWatcher to a superbly organized section of information on the Usenet itself. If you're just starting out in the world of Macintosh newsreading, there isn't a better newsreader to begin exploring with. And when you're ready for more power, you can "upgrade" to one of NewsWatcher's more powerful variants also available on this page that add sophisticated features such as filtering that serious news junkies just can't live without.

    NewsWatcher like its variants is freeware, and very much worth a look. The interactivity we all wished was on the Web is really on NewsWatcher. A powerful once popular, but now no longer under development free newsreader. It offers a hierarchical full group listing and a novel interface.

    It's now no longer supported, so use at your peril!! The Power Mac version I used had a habit of crashing rather too frequently for my liking but still less often than Netscape 2. A shareware UUCP -based newsreader. If you know what UUCP news is, and you still have a need for an application of this type, then is the only remaining Mac-native option, although it is obviously no longer under development. Since John Norstad releases the source code to the free NewsWatcher program for people to change, there are three variants of the program that add many features.

    Back after a long retirement, YA-NW, as it is popularly known, is from one of the original authors of VA-NW, but it goes way beyond the original with a vastly different user interface, many more preferences, automatic FAQ retrieval, and hundreds of other small features too numerous to mention here.

    YA-NW is absolutely unparalleled in its feature set and customizability. Version 3. It is targeted for Mac OS 9, but will include 8. It will run on OS 8. Until December it is still in development, but it is definitely the best. This is in case it crashes that has only happened once for me.

    Submit another review! Although this implementation of Lynx hasn't been updated since , it's still a worthwhile download, especially for testing out web pages in a text-only environment on "Classic" Mac OS, which doesn't have a text-based, command line browser otherwise readily available. It is great. In a nutshell:. On a 68K machine, that's important. This is an unfortunate legacy of Lynx's development on Unix machines.

    Among the options you can only set by editing this file are your home page URL, the width and height of the text window, and the use of PlainTalk. It's a lot quicker, especially if the bandwidth-consuming graphics don't interest you. I use no other browser except when I must use https. If there were no MacLynx, I would be telnetting to a shell account every time I websurfed.

    I have been using Lynx since its beginning and am happy to optimize my web pages for it. The Mac version is no exception [in] its excellence and pure and sweet elegance like honey! If you're running a black-and-white or memory-limited Mac, this is the Web browser for you. It's quite old, but it's reasonably powerful though it's no match for "modern" browsers like IE or Netscape and quite fast even when used on older machines.

    MacWeb was the most advanced browser. It is sometimes faster than Netscape, but I would only recommend this browser for computers such as the Classic or Mac II series. In fact, the browser approximates Lynx in its barebones text window. The key here is speed. Not a little bit faster than Netscape, but much, much quicker. Try MacWeb in this mode and see for yourself! Mosaic is the Web browser that started it all. This version does an awful lot, and does it reasonably well. But it's located here mostly for nostalgia purposes - you'd be much better off running one of the other fine browsers on this page for genuine surfing.

    I used Netscape 3. This is a very useful thing. Alas, this final beta is replete with bugs. But it will give you a good idea where things were going before NCSA pulled the plug on this project. For you history buffs, the first version of beta 4 "Phear" , released on a Friday the 13th and no longer available, had an interesting splash screen. They solved two main problems since 2. The older application preferences dialog was clunky and complex. And aesthetically and sociologically, it's a pleasure to use - simply a WWW browser, with no dreams of world domination, for free.

    The inline hotlists are intuitive and flexible for a range of uses. Online help is a marvel of clarity. Quietly but definitely the killer app of the mid-decade. It's nicely designed, and is completely free. WannaBe is a nice text-only Web browser that is currently being developed much more heavily than MacLynx, above. It renders URLs in underlined blue, and it works with Internet Config to spawn helper applications when necessary.

    It's still in the alpha stages of development right now, but it works very well. The speed of going back a page is done literally within the blink of an eye! This is the kind of response you could only dream of in a full graphical browser on whatever speed of connection. It's described as alpha software but this is only in recognition of the lack of features. In terms of stability, it's rock solid. From the Info-Mac abstract: WebChecker is a utility program designed to help you manage Web pages you check frequently. It will check to see if a Web page has been modified, and will notify you - or even automatically launch your favorite Web browser - when it detects any changes.

    WebChecker then monitors the Web pages you visit with your browser, and marks them as "Visited" if they're part of WebChecker's list. While this browser will primarily be of interest to Web designers, it deserves inclusion here because it is a fully-featured browser, and a widely used one at that.

    It's even got a simulated remote control - very cute - that turns out to give you a good feel for how your site works from WebTV's somewhat quirky interface. If you've ever designed a page, you owe it to yourself to view it in this browser. WebWasher is a proxy server application that sits between your Web browser an the Web to filter out undesirable content that you specify, including ads, animations, scripts and more. It is free for home and educational users. But if you are switching to browsers from time to time with less cookie control, this is great to have.

    The authors, too, are very responsive to suggestons. Simple as can be to use; works great up through OS 9. Blue Squirrel produces the WebWhacker offline web browser for "Classic" Mac OS that enables you to download entire websites to your computer and take them with you, reading them offline without an Internet connection. Also, if you have an older Mac, be sure to check out the "Classic" applications page for more options.

    No, I don't accept reviews anymore for these older applications. With the creation of this page in the Orchard's late redesign, I only accept reviews for currently-developed applications that work on Mac OS X or later Select a program Chat Current Version: 2. User Reviews "[Chat is] a really a great way to keep in touch with people. Gangi "Chat is excellent and fairly easy to use, with a nice interface. Maven Current Version: 2.

    User Reviews "Maven is great fun!! User Reviews "McPoker is an excellent online poker client; I can only believe it can get better from here on. Netscape CoolTalk Current Version: 1. User Reviews "CoolTalk 1. Swirl Current Version: 1.

    Sources: Mac OS 9.1 lost weight

    Talk Current Version: 1. User Reviews "This is an outstanding release of FreePPP; if you add the very small control panel you can place a connect menu in the Finder's menu. MacPoET Commercial. MacTCP 2. MacTCP Switcher. Open Transport. User Reviews "I have been using Open Transport 1.

    Open Transport PPP. Benninghoff "This is the most significant improvement my Performa machine has ever had related to connectivity. Open Transport Updater. Simple PPP. User Reviews "This is a great little application. Baton Mail. Combadge Current Version: 1. Mail Drop. Mail Stop Current Version: 1. Microsoft Outlook Express. EasyTransfer Current Version: 3. FreeTP Current Version: 1. NiftyTelnet SSH.

    User Reviews "It rocks. BinHex Freeware. Compact Pro Shareware. Intel Indeo Video Freeware. MPack Freeware. MacBinary II Freeware. MacGzip Freeware. MacTar Freeware. MacZIP Freeware. Saving Face Freeware. Sparkle Freeware. StUU Freeware. UnZip Freeware. User Reviews "MUDDweller is fairly stable and works under OT most of the time it takes a minute after a connection is closed before you can open another one.

    BB Client. Finger Current Version: 1.

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    6. User Reviews "Peter Lewis strikes again. ICMP Logger. User Reviews "Works great for what it does, with one annoying quirk: it sometimes won't quit when it's told to, espectially on shutdown of the computer. MacsBug and e[scape]s[hell] is an essential addon :- " —Stefan Jeglinski "Small footprint, quiet co-existence with EIMS, QuickDNS; only concern at this point which led me to look for later version, was freezing computer on quitting this utility. Mac Ph Current Version: 1. MacPing Freeware. MacTraceroute Current Version: 1. Network Time Current Version: 2.

      User Reviews "Anyone who is a time hobbyist or just wants to have the most accurate time possible will enjoy this Control Panel. Thompson, Ph. Network Toolbox. PingReporter Current Version: 1. User Reviews "Vremya is a great little app! CommFigure Current Version: 1. Internet Config. User Reviews "This game by far is the most entertaining way to spend a few hours on the Net playing Backgammon.

      A Remote Network Server Freeware. Avalonia MailRouter. User Reviews "MailRouter allows any type of one to one, many to one, and one to many email routing. Daemon Current Version: 1. User Reviews "Um. User Reviews "Although it was not as easy to configure as come commercial X server software, I was connecting to our UNIX server relatively effortlessly.

      User Reviews "This 2. User Reviews "Hard to find! User Reviews "This is an excellent program. NetPresenz Freeware. User Reviews "I have been using ShadowBot for nearly a month. Web access to Client Hosts and Blacklisted address sets is implemented. OpenTransport 1. The White-Hole processing is implemented. The SMTP "initial prompt" time-out has been increased from 1 to 2 minutes. The SpamTrap anti-spam method is implemented. The BlackListed and Client Host lists can be specified with comments. Comments are accepted, but not stored.

      A comment can be placed on a separate line or after an address or address range. An empty line is processed as a comment line. Bug Fix: generating return receipts could crash the server. Bug Fix: server could crash if the local account name was too long. Minor user interface cleanups. Support for PowerKey tm and Rebound! The "Treat Authenticated as Clients" option can be disabled now. Multiple RBL servers are supported. Custom messages can be sent to addresses blocked by black lists.

      Although now classed as abandonware , as development on it has ended, it is still in use by those who cannot upgrade to OS X due to hardware limitations or prefer it to OS X. Mac OS 9 is also a popular choice for retrocomputing hobbyists. Aside from Apple-branded hardware that is still maintained and operated, Mac OS 9 can be operated in other environments such as Windows and Unix.

      Updates to Mac OS 9 include 9. While Mac OS 9. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the ninth release of the classic Mac OS. For version For other uses, see OS9 disambiguation. Mac OS X Main article: Classic Environment. Retrieved Archived from the original on PearPC Developers. Archived from the original on 17 January Retrieved 24 December Archived from the original on 11 March Retrieved 3 May Apple Inc.

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