How to make wave symbol on mac

That is the ascii value of that character.

Typing the tilde ~ character in DOS - Stack Overflow

This actually worked. Learn more about Teams. It's only the DOS prompt that won't recognize that key is what gets me the most though. It's possible the font you're using doesn't display that character, though the defaults shouldn't have that problem. RichieHindle RichieHindle k 40 40 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. I guess whatever's stopping the key from working is also stopping Alt from working.

Sorry, I don't have any more suggestions. On Spanish keyboards you can press " Alt Gr " and " 4 ". MathKey is a Mac app specifically developed to write complex equations in academic papers and math documents. Instead of composing dozens of obscure symbols together, the app allows you to hand-write the equation using your trackpad or mouse and output perfect LaTeX or MathML, ready for publication. So there are a lot of things your Mac is capable of that you might have not even considered before. With regards to symbols and characters, what you see on the keyboard is just a tiny slice compared to the total amount available.

Using Mac symbols properly will enrich your communication, making it clear and efficient, especially if you get used to creating snippets with Rocket Typist, transferring math equations with MathKey, and keeping everything at the tips of your fingers with Lacona. Best of all, the apps mentioned above are available to you on a free trial through Setapp , a platform of more than specific Mac apps that are designed to make your days more productive and fun. Switch to other languages on Mac Sometimes, the Mac keyboard symbols you need are only available in another language — say, they could be Cyrillic-based.

Extra tip: typing emoji on iPhone is much easier if you add an emoji keyboard layout to your languages.

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Digitize complex math expressions If your studies or line of work require the use of complex math, you might be spending too much time crafting LaTeX and MathML expressions by hand. Get Setapp.

How to create the ~ symbol

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Or your old PC style keyboard? Tom Gewecke Tom Gewecke I'm used to the PC formats which do as you suggested without the extra space , but it's not the case on my Mac. ThomasAhle What is the name of the Input Source you are using? That's the one. On Sierra.

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I also tried all other English qwerty layouts with similar luck. Eventually I found out the button between shift and Z works. Sergei Sergei 8 8 silver badges 13 13 bronze badges. There is no need to do that. I've tried what you said, but even the U. It's probably on the key that located between Shift and Z.

How to use special characters, symbols, emojis and accents on Mac - Apple Training

Make sure you have "Show Input menu in the Menu bar" selected, and open Keyboard viewer from the menu bar to see you keyboard. Micer Micer 4 4 silver badges 7 7 bronze badges.

Where is the tilde key on the keyboard?

Plus your answer is already covered by the one from Sergei. Leon Bartz 3 2 2 bronze badges. Harri Harri 21 1 1 bronze badge.