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Tweets by macstrategy via fetchrss. Java can also be found on web sites where "applet" code downloaded from the web site server will run locally on your computer via a web browser plug-in.

Java (Security) For macOS / OS X / Mac OS X

There are different installations of Java depending on your usage requirement e. The most common installation is the Standard Edition SE which is for general users. Java is now owned and maintained by Oracle. Apple's Safari v12 and later September - macOS Java on a Mac consists of two primary software components: An internet plug-in used to run Java "applets" via the internet in a web browser e. NOTE : As of September most major browsers no longer support browser plug-ins so even if you install Java you may not be able to use the plug-in component.

Install Java (JRE) | Mac OS 10.7 and later

A "Runtime Environment" RE that also allows you to run Java "applications" directly within the operating system. Which version of Java do you recommend? If you don't need Java don't install it. So if you are running: OS X OS X If none are listed you do not have Java installed. The last update produced by Apple is Java SE v6 v1.

If you need a secure version of Java and you have: OS X How many people in this world does not visit or use an internet bank or retirement fund site from time to time?

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Well, they all need Java if Apple likes it or not. I need it a lot and is left out in the cold once again by Apple. Why does Apple again think very differently they shall decide which software I need to use; why do they again believe they know better about MY security and MY private affairs? How can a bank ever use Java or Flash or any other plug-in?

java - Why is Jar Bundler gone in Mac OS X Mountain Lion - Stack Overflow

A bank should be all about security, so they should use any plug-ins. Using plug-ins in a browsers was the most stupid idea ever. Not only is it a bad idea because of the security risks, but also because of compatibility. A website should work on every device, no matter what operating system or browser is being used.

Java, Flash and Silverlight are the most used plugins. None of them are available for iOS luckily! Even if I made my own operating system and browser I should still be able to use every website. Fallbacks often require Flash btw. The persons making html5 slightly useable all derive from the Flash community, like mr. The real reason Flash was banned on ios is that the appstore would be redundant otherwise. I recently updated to ML and tried to download Java using both methods you describe. The update could not be expanded, and may have been corrupted during downloading.

The update will be downloaded and checked again the next time that Software Update runs.

Any thoughts? Does this mean I do have java? Downloading 1. Apparently nobody knows why just yet — 1. Do you have any thoughts or recommendations for good resources on this topic?

Why you shouldn’t use Java

If you have the oracle java jdk installed, mt lion it will still be available after an update from lion. Double clicking on the X11 app will point you at an Apple knowledgebase article which will in turn point you to the XQuartz website to download X11 for the Mac. So, wait for OS X I actually triggered the installation by clicking the Java Preferences in the Other Launchpad folder. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

All Rights Reserved. And downloading something and entering their password seems trivial to them. I would just like to be aware of what to look for and whats currently out there; of course one cannot predict the future. I have read the release notes but not getting a clear picture of any security related fixes that may have been done. Any idea if the update affects the above guide and steps you describe?

Any chance to uninstall all elements of java should I decide to give up. See New unpatched Java vulnerability discovered! I am a new Mac Book Air user. Based upon your Tech Corner, I disabled Java. There is also a tab in preferences that allows you to disable javascript.

What is the difference between Java and Javscript? Should I disable both? Java and JavaScript are, despite the names, unrelated. You can leave JavaScript turned on. In fact, if you disable it, many websites will stop functioning properly or at all. My version of the Java Preferences App is After installing the latest Oracle version, version 7 does not show up in the Java Preferences App, even after a restart. Am I using an obsolete version of the application? Running OS X Like Scott above , I am also confused by the identification of the installed version s of Java.

I am running Mac OS Unfortunately, I have not used Java personally in a couple years, so I cannot help with these kinds of specifics. How can I disable it or uninstall it if I want Java 7 from oracle to be my primary Java version?

If you want to install Java 7, you simply install Java 7. No need to uninstall or disable Java 6 first. Search for:. How to use Java if you need to If you have to use Java, or if you just really, really want to, there are two things you need to do. Update On October 15, , Oracle finally fixed a vulnerability in Java that had been there for quite some time. August 10, at pm. Thomas says:. Jay says:.