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While the prices are high, keep in mind these are official prices — OEMs regularly receive bulk order discounts that make these chips much less expensive. The Intel integrated solutions on 8th-generation and 6th-generation chips are much faster than the older Haswell graphics solutions, and particularly the 7th-gen chip, which includes a 64MB EDRAM cache. These new chips also support 4K displays, higher base clocks, and OpenGL 4.

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  • Jul 23, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. I was looking at those So in that scenario I'd be spending to add another monitor at p And also it only has sata ii, so the SSD would be slower. In order to get some good value out of upgrading, the benchmarks would need to be considerably higher. Then we're talking about 12 core machine for k. Can the video app s you are using make use of a GPU for processing?

    Real world comparison of 2012 vs 2014

    I'm new to being concerned about specs if you couldn't tell. I've only just begun doing video editing, before only concerned myself with Photoshop which was easy using one screen and a decent computer. Jul 24, AM in response to mattd In response to mattd This is kind of disturbing. This is a benchmark comparison of my Mac Mini and a base model Mac Pro.

    The Mac Mini set me back The Mac Pro is I guess I know why they discontinued the quad core i7 Mac Mini If only it had a better GPU Jul 24, AM.

    Mac Mini Late (2014) Vs (2012) ! Worth the upgrade ?

    Refresh my memory but the Mini dropped the true 4-core i7's, have used lower power units - not designed for running hours on end at full stress load - things Xeon processors are designed for and love. Jul 24, AM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. I somewhat agree.

    All Mac models

    The only thing that concerns me is when Apple will stop supporting them and I will no longer be able to update it. It's already 5 years old.

    MacBook Air (Retina)

    I feel like the new Mac Pros are somewhat of a rip off. They are great, but upgrading them is expensive as crap. You can't kill off the and that is what you are saying. Heck, can't really kill off 's so far for the willing. How about making SATA 3. Does it really matter? I was told that the models can't update to Yosemite.

    Which Mac Mini? vs. vs. | MacRumors Forums

    Maybe that's different than not getting security patches, though. I guess if the older Mac Pro will perform similar to the machine I have now- without getting this hot, and supporting dual p monitors, I'd be okay as long as it's not like 2, bucks. Otherwise I ought to just suck it up and deal with one p display. The performance of this Mac Mini is pretty awesome, especially for how cheap it was.

    Macmini Benchmarks

    But it certainly has some limitations that are starting to get on my nerves. You said " I was told that the models can't update to Yosemite. Jul 24, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass. I could get a refurb from Apple for about the same price with tax savings from an out of state retailer brand new. Even still, the price is steep.

    Not the upgrade we were hoping for: The 2014 Mac Mini reviewed

    I'm considering building a computer instead. Jul 24, PM. More Less.