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Reputation: 9. Not with Android. This then begs the question, what is the right way to get a Micro SD properly formatted and set up using my Macintosh? Just read a few of the threads I posted in today. For Linux images it's easy, get f3, check your card and when it's ok, use dd to burn the image. And there's always a great chance to corrupt the data you write to your card 'on the fly' when you use the 'wrong' USB card reader.

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But this issue can also be detected by f3. IMO it's time for the Pine64 folks to overthink the state of documentation since the forums are full of complaints from users wasting hours of their lives since they are simply not aware what's needed. As far as i can tell. GoZone Member. Joined: Dec Now insert the micro SD card in your Amlogic device and power on. You will be able to enter into recovery and the firmware will be flashed automatically.

Next, follow the regular procedure and flash back to your stock firmware if this was from another Amlogic device, everything should be back to normal now. Mentions: - You can simply use this method also just to update your Amlogic device firmware. Enjoy, share is love! My Vigica C90T is now back to life now!

To unbrick Rockchip devices please read this article! Keep trying.

Creating bootable SD card on Mac OS X

Version kot49h. Hi I have Megatron full rom is there anyway to change this I have um-m8 box Ian looking for another firmware hope you can help.

Gravando SD CARD para atualização de ROM em TVBOX amlogic - Burn Card Maker

Please help me out. Hallo, it works not for Vigica CS. Relax people and stop freaking out about where uboot is………take bootloader. The Stock Firmware I got from your site S does not have u-boot. How do I mount this img to get the files inside?

Apr 6, 2015

The u-boot. IMG file and rename u-boot.

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Had to try several different combinations of sd cards and readers to get the bootmaker to find my sdcard. The box is good only no decryption. What can I do? Hi need help can we get a fix for the MXQ pro 4k Still having problems with the google store app.

Download Amlogic Burn Card Maker and How to use it

My mxq pro 4K amlogic s tv box got damaged by electric power surge such that it no longer function. I discovered the CPU has been affected. What steps should I take to have the box repaired. When program freeze i need to go all the way downstairs to turn the device off and on again. Hi guys, i brick my Qbox xs, i also tried this but nothing. After do this operation my tv box cant detect hdmi they have not signal.

What can i do please help me. I have a bricked H96 Pro Plus box and need to flash it.