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Untick read-only. On any OS, you can now open the file with notepad. Note the warning EA placed in the configuration file. You can mess up your game, but I'm sure you're a very responsible cheater, right? Here are some of the more interesting commands found there. To see them all, type help.

Sims Medieval Cheat Codes

Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake cheat listed above. If you know other secrets, hints, glitches or level guides, then please Submit your Cheats and share your insights with other players.

Stuck in this game? Set a specific, clearly defined question and let other gamers answer your question or view answers to previously asked questions. If you think you are an expert then please try to help others with their questions. Fri, 11 Oct Game Codes. PC Games. Testing mode for Mac Go into your applications, then go into the Sims Medieval folder. MMStick, Jul 8, Cheat Mode.

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It also did not unlock profession-related headwear, such as the crown. Well, I didn't know other parts of the script system could add commands now, but disableclothingfilter is the only one of note that I didn't list. I used it to move a Sim. For some reason "moveObjects" and DisabelClothingFilter" don't work for me It's so frustrating when you want to change the outfit of another Sim, there's so little options!

Actually, the easiest way is to right click on it, select properties, then uncheck the read-only box then click ok. I've enabled testing cheats for my game; I don't know if that's why. Oh, I see Yes, I altered my "commands. I'm not sure if those cheats will work any other way, at the moment. Yes, why not, I can always make a backup ; OK, I'll scroll up for the instructions, I think I've seen them somewhere in a previous post. Yeah, the instructions are somewhere above. It involves changing a line in commands. Apologies if any of that's incorrect, but you can find them elsewhere if need be.

You might need to copy the commands. If you can't get it to work for any reason, I can send you my edited file. And yes, I checked, and the disable does work for editing another Sim's oufit. I just changed my build master to wear a priest robe. Yep, it works, thanks! Glad it worked! I have no clue why the hairs don't unlock along with the clothes, but hopefully someone will find a way to make that happen.

TS3 does it via "unlockoutfits", so maybe someone can find a way to do that for TSM via a mod. Someone want to give a breakdown? Like, first download file and put in applicable folder, second change commands. Obviously I know steps one and two haha, but then I'm befuddled. This is all amazing, by the way. Instructions depends on what you're trying to do. There are certain cheats available in the game without any modification; then, there are others which only unlock when you have enabled testing cheats things like moveobjects on.

I don't know the full list of cheats which become unlocked, but I believe a list of those available by default can be found earlier in the thread. Using an unlocked cheat: If you wanted a cheat such as "moveobjects on", you would need to first alter your commands. To my knowledge, cheats work pretty much the same way as they do in Sims 3, if you're familiar with using those. By and large, installation of files shouldn't be required for cheats, only mods, which are slightly different and have their own, stickied thread at the top of this forum. Does this help? You could use showAllQuests.

That's what I mean, they are present.

The Sims Medieval Cheats, Cheat Codes PC

Thanks for the information. I'll update my post here and on my website. I have already edited the ini file and you can get it and the step by step instructions on my web site. Back up your game first. How to install Mod 1. Download Commands. Create a folder on your desktop and give it a name you will remember. I call mine TMS ini Safe files. Click on Commands. Now extract the modified Commands. Then move it to the Ini Folder you left open after moving the unmodified Commands.

This may not be the case with lower versions. Everything's much brighter in game. I haven't tested most of these and some of them are for stuff that doesn't even exist lifetimehappiness? Note to mods, I'm not requesting, just asking if they exist. Could not agree more : Is there a working cheat for more RP? I have testingcheatsenabled on in my game through the Commands file don't know if you need that or not , but I was able to get more RP by typing 'set RP ' in the console window, and was able to put down my buildings. The number can be anything you want, I believe and you can do it however many times you like ;.

Thanks Enjoji : I also went along and downloaded Ricks debug enabler, and lo and behold! There was a "Place All Buildings" cheat available! I have TCE to 1 in commands. I don't know why Shift-Click is not working. Please excuse my English. Ok what do i type in the console to enable cheats?

MetalMysterE, you don't need to type testingcheatsenabled in your cheat window if you've already altered your commands.

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Changing that file lets you use a variety of testing cheats, which you have to type into the window instead. Yes i'm using TestingCheatsEnabled and it's not working am i typing it in worng?. It means in order to enable those commands, you need to edit GameplaySystems. Okay, I downloaded your "debugenable" mod. What I understood from the path was to put the resource files in the main "The Sims Medieval" folder, and then I made a new folder called "Mods" and put the packages in there.

Did I do that right? Please help, and thank you!! Yes, it goes in your game directory. I'm sure I left a directory structure in the mod zip. Can someone explain what this core hack is or how to enable it?

The Sims Medieval Cheats - Money & Quests for PC or Mac

How about a "Sims Medieval cheatcodes and how actually be able to enable and use them for dummies and people of non-english languages ", pretty please! Oh okay, so i did do it right!! When I try, emacs tells me that the buffer is read-only. Sorry to be so stupid, but how do you make the damned thing editable?

Tutorial: Getting TESTINGCHEATSENABLED to work - The Sims Medieval Community

Not resource points, but like, you know, rocks for the Blacksmith etc. I'm sorry to be stupid, but I can't seem to edit that. I had the same problem, but Rick helped me out! Good Luck! NONE of these cheats work for me For those asking about where to install mods: If you download Rick's NoIntro mod, that contains a "resource. Drop both of those into the folder your game is installed in the "The Sims Medieval" folder Then you can add any additional mods.

There's more than one version of the "resource. At least, until we get script mods, then maybe we'll need something like that ;. I have done all the steps to edit the file and everything but after I save the Commands file it says it has to be burned to disk. Is that okay to do? Im not sure since it hasnt been mentioned at all, or if this is just a dumb question. Thanks again! I have a major problem. Thank you! The correct cheat code is "disableclothingfilter on", not disablecostumefilter - so make sure you're typing in the right one.

If you have the core hack to enable cheats, how does one use the cheats "aging" and "ageuptonpc"? Is it possible to use them to age up the unplayable characters and what do you type to specify the intended sim? Or do you include the awarded titles? Or does this not work at all and are there another cheat with my desired effect in that case?

Questions, questons - all help is heartily welcome! How works the "ageuptonpc" cheat? And how turn on this cheat? I've got debuger and testingcheats enabled. What should I write after this code in console? Somone's name or smth? I made my little prince selectable and tried to write "ageuptonpc". I shift-clicked on him and selected a hero-career and he became this deformed So it does not seem to work the way I would have wished I tried to uncheck read only but it said that the access was refused, what can I do?

Does anyone know if there's a command that lets you delete objects placed in "buydebug" mode? If you place something, like say a window, and decide you don't want it later, it says "Can't Delete" and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the object. Is there a command that allows you to delete these items once they have been placed? I tried killobject, moveobjects, and builddebug to no avail.

Help, please! Okay, okay, I brought it upon myself. At least I was finally able to change her clothes. Of course, her head is now floating above her body and it seems my suspicion regarding generic Sim children faces is confirmed by the default face she has I think this may be a clue how "aging" is supposed to work in TSM one day. Every life stage might be connected to your profession rank. Hero children would start out as "Princess", "Lil' Troubadour" etc. Makes sense?

How to enable testing cheats on PC and Mac

Heh, it does to me. But maybe I'm simply seeing things. Either way, I need an option to reset that poor kid, and fast!