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She keeps fucking up her career, she has no one to blame but herself. At least wait 'til you have a career before you act like a scunt all over twitter. She has some real bad problems with light skin people, I'm not feeling that at all.

Azealia Banks-Dark Red Lipstick (Verse)

I see why this flop hasn't gone anywhere. She is an idiot. For the amount of money a superproducer charges, she just paid big bucks to shat on her own funds.

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That's like paying K for a new, decked-to-the-gills S-Class and then shatting on Mercedes' name, lol. It's your money, Toots Azealia downfall, yes she already had one given her album still hasn't come out is her own doing. There's just no saving Azealia. Why can't she understand that you can't put folks on blast like that!? Of course we all know much of the industry is phony and shady as hell.

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Everyone in it has gotten the same treatment at some point I'm sure but it's best to shut your mouth and keep it moving. Continue to work on your craft and they will be begging to work with you again. Bottom line you don't get anywhere with a stank attitude always popping off at the mouth publicly.

She makes me so angry because she's letting that little fake ass white girl Iggy take all the buzz she had. I need for people who only listen to music on the radio to stop rolling up in threads talking about, who? Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Tags: azealia banks. Sep 2, 1. Sep 2, 2. She looks cute, especially in the scenes in the blazer.

Her weave is on point and her lipstick actually looks good on her. Sep 2, 3. Sep 2, 4. Sep 2, 5. I'm waiting for my Esta Noche video. Sep 2, 6. I like this girl Sep 2, 7.

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Sep 2, 8. I was fucking around with Kanye and she was sitting there, chilling and eating dinner. I freaked out. And I realized she saw me being a dummy and I started crying.

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Then I saw her expression, like, "Girl, get your shit together. And if I meet her again someday, I'll probably cry again. Search this site:. In other magazines Here are the highlights: What does having a signature lipstick mean to you as an artist? Azealia recently revealed that she's shooting a video for "Esta Noche.

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View the discussion thread. Great another female rapper who claims their bi, and as soon as they become famous they flip to straight. Just be honest. Login to post comments. Wish I could've seen Beys face lol. I work for Universal records and everyone in the industry know that Bey is the greatest now even if they don't talk about it. Omg Azealia actually likes somebody?!!!

I wasn't surprised however when she said she liked Aaliyah, because you can tell she tried to channel her a lil in the music video with her hair. Not cute at all I dont get Azelia Banks but I guess thats the point. I saw her video the other day and I was actually astonished at how horrible it is.

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It reminded me of that bootleg BET movie that lil kim and lisa raye did. Im from harlem too, and have never heard anybody use the term cunt like that but whatever. Mos Def, or whatever his name is today Rappers too busy posing to actually rap anymore. I love Mos Def. Azealia is talented. I just hope that going forward, she remains humble. I'm really feelin this girl! I like her style and she's a breath of fresh air in the industry.