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The Sims Medieval Cheats - Money & Quests for PC or Mac

Sorry to be so stupid, but how do you make the damned thing editable? Not resource points, but like, you know, rocks for the Blacksmith etc. I'm sorry to be stupid, but I can't seem to edit that. I had the same problem, but Rick helped me out! Good Luck! NONE of these cheats work for me For those asking about where to install mods: If you download Rick's NoIntro mod, that contains a "resource. Drop both of those into the folder your game is installed in the "The Sims Medieval" folder Then you can add any additional mods.

There's more than one version of the "resource. At least, until we get script mods, then maybe we'll need something like that ;. I have done all the steps to edit the file and everything but after I save the Commands file it says it has to be burned to disk. Is that okay to do? Im not sure since it hasnt been mentioned at all, or if this is just a dumb question. Thanks again! I have a major problem. Thank you! The correct cheat code is "disableclothingfilter on", not disablecostumefilter - so make sure you're typing in the right one.

If you have the core hack to enable cheats, how does one use the cheats "aging" and "ageuptonpc"?

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Is it possible to use them to age up the unplayable characters and what do you type to specify the intended sim? Or do you include the awarded titles? Or does this not work at all and are there another cheat with my desired effect in that case? Questions, questons - all help is heartily welcome! How works the "ageuptonpc" cheat? And how turn on this cheat?

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I've got debuger and testingcheats enabled. What should I write after this code in console? Somone's name or smth? I made my little prince selectable and tried to write "ageuptonpc".

The Sims Medieval Testing Cheats Help!

I shift-clicked on him and selected a hero-career and he became this deformed So it does not seem to work the way I would have wished I tried to uncheck read only but it said that the access was refused, what can I do? Does anyone know if there's a command that lets you delete objects placed in "buydebug" mode? If you place something, like say a window, and decide you don't want it later, it says "Can't Delete" and there doesn't seem to be a way to remove the object.

Is there a command that allows you to delete these items once they have been placed? I tried killobject, moveobjects, and builddebug to no avail. Help, please! Okay, okay, I brought it upon myself. At least I was finally able to change her clothes. Of course, her head is now floating above her body and it seems my suspicion regarding generic Sim children faces is confirmed by the default face she has I think this may be a clue how "aging" is supposed to work in TSM one day.

Every life stage might be connected to your profession rank. Hero children would start out as "Princess", "Lil' Troubadour" etc. Makes sense? Heh, it does to me. But maybe I'm simply seeing things. Either way, I need an option to reset that poor kid, and fast! I have copied this commands file to my desktop and still, it wont let me save the new changes : I use windows 7. I have copied this commands file to my desktop and still, it wont let me save the new changes : I use windows 7 Have you right-clicked on it, and unticked the Read Only box?

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That's what I had to do in order to edit and save the changes in Notepad Mine wouldn't save either. Save it to My Documents folder on your computer if using PC and then just drag it into the same exact place the original Commands. Ini is. It'll ask you to replace it, say yes.. Its a way of getting away EA's block. Open a new notepad Paste Text Save text as Commands. If it didn't work trying saving the file under a different name in your My Documents Delete EA's so yours in the only one. Have you right-clicked on it, and unticked the Read Only box? But I finally figuered it out!

The Sims Medieval Cheats List (plus testingcheats)

Hello, MTS-community! Firstly I was pretty disappointed that the Sims Medieval didn't appear to have a cameraman mode which is very important to make machinimas, but now I found out that you can activate it with "testingcheats" enabled and the cheat "videoMakerModeenabled true" and it works! I mean there MUST be a way, cause otherwise lerpduration wouldn't be there, would it? I did this and was able to add as many RPs as I wanted. I was then able to add my Spy and Wizard Heros. I noticed that when I was finished, the monarch's reknown points went up as well.

Where dos one get the core cheat thing to get the debug codes to work? The cheat will not work on the cheat autocompletequest.

Rick says on page one of this thread Game commands, debug: Can't enable these without a core hack. Where do I get a core hack? Are you typing them right? See if that works. Some codes need that switch typed in. If I'm reading this right, I can't use the enabler yet. The version of my game is 1. Can somebody please tell me where I can get the updates? And can you move the update from PC to PC? You'll have to change your account type first. When you see your user icon, make sure it says you're the Administrator.

If not, then choose Change Your Account Type. Also, you might need to turn off UAC controls too, but I'm not sure. Let me know if that works. I just discovered this community now cause I got the game and was in search of help. I am running out of questpoints, only got six left, hehe and just realised I can only boost them up through acchievements which I don't really care about. The setQP mentioned in your post doesn't work, "unknown command setQP", wonder what I am doing wrong, looks like this cheat doesn't work.

What do I do if I don't have any qps left? Thanks for your help :. I'm not sure why it didn't work for you. I've done it several times now and it's working for me. Are you sure testingcheatsenabled is actually enabled? Yeah I have. I also noticed I didn't get any medals eithers. Got all buildings and nothing happened. Weird, everything is quite buggy.