Drupal install drush on mac

Can someone tell me how to do this right? Pim Pim 1 1 gold badge 7 7 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. I got drush working in the way you outline above with drush-launcher , but I also need a "global" install, one of the reasons being our devs use different site aliases.


I'll take a look at your link. You should add site alias files into the project and not have them live globally.

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Yours seem to be the appropriate one, thanks. Can i leave the drush 9. You should uninstall it. This will install the current version of Drush. But note that with drupal 8, you cannot download modules with Drush anymore, you need to use Composer to download modules now. The poster is asking specifically about Drupal Regarding uninstalling the Drush that was installed using Composer - read drupal.

So no matter what you do, just remove the global Drush. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. As shown in the screenshot. Finally we need the MySQL.

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Also this is dependent on the stack being used. See previous screenshot. Depending on the settings of the terminal it can also be sufficient to open a new screen. I am using Nano, other people will use Vim or TextEdit. For Nano you only need to enter 'nano', followed by the file name in the terminal : nano.

As example for simply changing PHP versions I have added the name of this folder as a separate variable. You will now get a warning if you want to write, press enter to confirm. Enter sudo su - followed by the admin password and execute the steps again. Once the lines have been added and saved, all the open terminals need to be closed or refresh source.

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