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It's nice that I'm getting something out this year. It's a devastating track that I put to Mac, who admits he didn't know what he thought when he made it.

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He's sceptical about playing it live, but admits that it will be fun to see the reactions. I sense that he's a little nervous about people hearing the track. Before the release of 'Salad Days' you said that you were exhausted going into the sessions. What kind of mind frame were you in going into 'Another One'?

I think 'Salad Days' is my grumpy album. But at the same time, the whole idea of that album was to go into it feeling like that and come out thinking, 'Oh yeah, I remember why I do this! I've learnt to count my blessings a little bit better compared to before. I have no real complaints about what I do. I'm just generally a pretty happy guy these days.

At the end of 'Another One', you give out the details of your home address with an invitation to come around for coffee.

Hear You Calling Me (Ft. Mat. McHugh) | Kid Mac

I guess I'll find out. I think the kids that listen to my music — at least, the ones who make themselves apparent to me — are nothing I need to be worried about. I trust them, and I like them. Maybe someone will send me a letter bomb, but hopefully not. I don't know why anyone would have a reason to do that. I think if anybody takes the time to train all the way out here, they deserve a cup of coffee.

Mac - Can I Ball Lyrics

You're working with different narrative voices and viewpoints in some of the new songs. Do you think you're working in a more mature or sophisticated sphere now? I've grown up a little bit, and my songs have grown up too.

Maybe it's not as goofy as the stuff I've written in the past. Yeah, I like that album, and I like Paul a lot, so thank you. People seem to categorise you as a slacker, which seems unfair given the amount of tours and records you've completed in the past three years.

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They call me goofy and a slacker. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. The funny thing about labels and descriptions that you get from journalists is that they do it because the have to quantify a weird thing to them. I'm a try my best not to let these niggas bring me out there They know you beefing with the? Now can i ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can i ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall.

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Now soulja slim, my nigga, my nerve, my partner, my wootay, My round My ace, my dog, i was down even when you was on that ground You camoflauged uptown that was some shit to see So when they locked you up i continue the legacy Now all these niggas claiming soulja is you bout that ball Would you die for me if a nigga pull up in that tinted car I think you niggas sitting around waiting on my fall Let a nigga ball, nigga let a nigga ball. Can i ball yall or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck all yall, if yall was waiting on my fall Can i ball niggas or do they wanna see me crawl Man fuck yall niggas, if yall was waiting on my fall Ya heard me, woah.

Now yall understand. Now you understand. Macadon and soulja slim. In the process of b-o-o-cing, ballin out of control. So uh look, i'm a tell these niggas like this here.

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We bout to go get these motherfuckin rolexes shined up nigga.