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Also added a small amount of wind movement on the leaves.

It does not raise again when the pages are then collected, until it catches up to the effective level. The effective level still maxes out at 7.

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You now need to beat this mode as well in order to unlock the final hidden mode it will need to be unlocked again for tho se who unlocked it in v0. The game should in theory run a lot better now. It's still a little higher than v0. Right mouse click still turns on and off the flahslight.

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Now instead of sprinting, the shift key w ill jog, moving just a slight bit faster than your walk speed. Being shocked when it plays the dramatic sound allows you to sprint for about 10 seconds, moving very quickly but draining stamina much faster. Jogging does not affect maximum stamina at all. Please let me know if this negatively affe cts framerate by much for you.

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By Vanessa Gama. By daniel hernandez. By Jahiem Santos. By IDK]Sir. Version 1.

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