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The user interface looks quite different from the older versions, and it takes some adjustment. For example, splitting a window to get additional views is no longer done by right-clicking at arbitrary locations on the border of the view.

iMovie Stop Motion animation

Instead, you have to drag the corner by the little triangle. Although I'm writing these notes mainly for myself, I would highly recommend Blender for its excellent video and image export capabilities, even if you do not use it for anything else. The keyboard shortcuts in Blender were always a big obstacle for newcomers, but in new versions it's getting easier to find actions in the many pop-up menus without having to remember keyboard shortcuts.

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When you start up Blender, the default view shows a 3D cube see the screenshot on the right. We won't need to do anything with this, but you will already notice the panel called "Render" on the right. The slower the frame rate, the more jerky the animation will be. Most video cameras record at 60 frames per second fps while a cinema film will run at 24 fps.

Television is broadcasted at For stop motion animation, a frame rate of 15 frames per second is a good place to start and can then be adjusted upward or downward to get the desired smoothness. The frame rate has one more important effect on your final stop motion animation: the speed.

A faster frame rate will speed up the action while a slower frame rate can make things appear in slow motion. Fortunately, the speed is also decided by the number of images you have. Any time you change the frame rate or the images in the folder, you will have to start back at Step 2. Once you've figured out your sequence and frame rate, the final step is to export from QuickTime Pro to a rendered video clip. From this menu, you have a variety of options but also a number of presets. Unless you know what you are doing, select a preset for how you plan to use your video.

How to import an image sequence in Adobe After Effects CC 2017

If you've made it this far you now know a simple way to create stop motion animation on your computer! Once you understand the basics, you'll be able to branch out and start making some pretty great effects. All that was necessary to create the lasers themselves was to open the images in paint and draw a green glow before importing. You don't need any fancy software to create amazing stop motion video. Just get out, play around, and be creative!

As an aside, the one downside to this method of stop motion video is the requirement for QuickTime Pro. Almost every computer these days has the more limited QuickTime Player. But if you want to do more than just watch. Fortunately there are some other useful capabilities added when you upgrade to QuickTime Pro. It is extremely useful to have a quick way to cut off the beginning and end of a clips.

2. Define an area for export

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This is my first time doing stop action animation and this site has really helped me out. Ausyeda, have fun with it! It all depends on how long you want the video to be, and how smooth you want the animation. Feature films like Coraline that are completely stop motion are 24 frames per second. But you can probably get by with 10 or Meaning 3, - 4, for a 5 minute video.

iMovie Stop Motion animation

Second of all, I didn't realize how easy it was to make stop motion animation videos! Wow, you have opened up a whole new world Cool article for a newbie like me in this stopic I started to think I should learn how to do stop motion vids on the better way.. Thanks for sharing :. Thanks for the comment, JCO!

Convert Video to Image Files on Mac

The ideal way to create time-lapse video is to shoot it that way in the camera. However, not all cameras can record time-lapse video, though most can shoot time-lapse still images. However, QuickTime 7 is still currently sold and supported by Apple, and it easily creates movie files from individual image sequences.

An image sequence is a group of still images, each sharing the same filename, but a different number at the end. Notice that the file names are identical, except for the sequence number at the end. This image sequence can be created anywhere. Generally, though, these sequences are created in a still camera that is programmed to take an image every X seconds. Once the images are recorded, store them all in the same folder. The numbers in the file name indicate the order in which the images will be combined into a movie.

You must use QuickTime Player 7 Pro to convert image sequences into a movie. This is the magical part. A dialog pops up allowing you to choose the frame rate you want to assign to these images. As you move higher in the list, the images flash past more quickly. Select the frame rate that best represents the time-lapse speed you want. When you import the movie into your video editor, it will render this file to the correct frame rate, while maintaining the playback speed you select here. Almost instantly, these individual images are built into a movie file, in the order in which they were numbered in the folder.

The last step is to save the movie file. This QuickTime movie stores your images in the same format you saved them.

This easy workaround allows you to turn your image sequences into playable video clips within FCPX.

In my example, they are saved in Apple PNG format, which is not really a video format but really high-quality. NOTE : Once the image sequence is imported into your editing software, you can still make speed changes to the clip. Thanks for the expert advice! My question here is how would I import photos from a folder tree.