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One of the most compelling reasons to switch to a Windows machine right now is that many of them look great, and Microsoft and its manufacturing partners are trying some truly interesting and potentially innovative things with PC designs. Apple, on the other hand, has not updated the designs of many of its computers in years, and the ones it has updated have been met with complaints, or lawsuits.

The computer swivels from a traditional desktop setup down to a near-flat position to make drawing easy. The company also introduced new iterations of its fabric-covered Surface Laptop and Surface Pro tablet. Both run full versions of Windows and can do just about anything a desktop would—save, perhaps, playing super detailed video games—but in easily portable form factors.

Other manufacturers have put out some truly impressive Windows hardware recently, as well. Also things just crash for no reason:. And the fact that Microsoft has relatively frequent operating system updates that bug you into submission to install, and the fact that you really have to use and pay for antivirus software to protect yourself on a Windows machine. But there are some legitimate benefits over macOS, too. If you have an Android phone, the Your Phone app now basically turns your computer into an extension of your phone , and is a really impressive and useful experience.

And Dynamic Lock, which connects your phone to your computer over Bluetooth, will automatically lock your machine if you wander away from it with your phone. Windows has not won my heart, but I very much accept it as a passable operating system after the better part of two decades on Mac computers.

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For a long time I thought it was the best choice of platform simply because purchasing a Mac seemed to be extortionately expensive compared with buying a PC desktop or laptop. I was wrong. The machine was ready to go out of the box, which is a nice change from setting up a Windows PC. The applications that are bundled with Mavericks are pretty fantastic, Mail and Calendar work great. Messages integration with iMessage is perfect — especially if you have an iPhone — as is the Notes application and Reminders, which all work well together.

Spotlight search is extremely powerful and gives you access to everything on the computer in a second. Spaces are literally changing the way I work on my laptop, too.

How Apple Boot Camp Works

I keep one open with Mail, Twitter and other social networks and others for work and just switch between them as required. Being able to separate work applications from personal ones is powerful for helping focus on the task at hand. In my very unscientific tests, I was able to install Civilization V in a Parallels virtual machine and play at full graphics quality without any issues with frame rate, which was impressive. AirPlay is especially powerful and works perfectly if you have other Apple devices like an Apple TV for quickly duplicating the screen with the TV for watching a movie.

Other simple touches in OS X, such as having a centralised contacts directory that other applications can access makes using other applications seamless. There are some oddities that are painful at first. Now I use Mac for all my work and it works perfectly fine.

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I would say that Mac is a great device indeed. Even the build quality of Mac is excellent. After using mac there is no way I am switching back to Windows again. Mac may be expensive but it is worth it. I accept that when I started using Mac for the first time, I went through some teething troubles to get used to it; there were a lot of questions in my mind. Why does this system behave in a way that is completely different from Windows computer? I had used Windows since I was in primary school, so it was not unlikely for me to ask such questions.

There are almost all the features I like. But after using a MacBook, I feel an ultimate user experience. Speed: The Biggest difference between Windows and Apple is speed.

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MacBook gives me 2x faster speed than Windows. And this never happens in MacOS. The battery in my MacBook is three times powerful and faster than Windows computer. And this helps me a lot while I am on a long journey. While editing video or Image, it gives me Perfection and Batter Quality. Custom Application: Apple has a long list of custom created applications for various purposes. And it empowers the users. The combination of these features and uniqueness provides the best ever User Experience.

For all computer users, Apple has created a killer system by combining the best software and hardware. Whether it is a pro-user or a common user, Mac becomes the first choice given its extremely unique features and specifications. Confessions of Some Mac Users.

New MacBook Pro after 48 Hours: Switching from Windows

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